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Cablecos and Big Data Delivery


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Because of their reliable high-speed networks, abundant cloud computing services, and much more, cablecos increasingly are the provider of choice for companies intent on harnessing the advantages that big data has to offer. As the amount of big data grows at unprecedented rates, companies are presented with countless opportunities to gain a competitive edge in the market. Whether companies are predicting trends, managing their financial futures, or developing products, choosing the right vendor has never been more important.

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Cablecos and Big Data Delivery

  1. 1. Cablecos and Big Data Delivery From the dawn of civilization until 2003, humankind generated five exabytes of data. Now we produce five exabytes every two days…and the pace is accelerating. ~ Eric Schmidt Executive Chairman, Google Big data used to be something that could barely be processed and used quickly enough due to the lack of technology. Today, technology has evolved to bring all of this data together, and big data now is able to be analyzed. The big data FACTORS Speed The rate of how fast new data is produced and analyzed. Quantity The huge amounts of data produced per second. Usability How processed data is applicable to business processes. Assortment The various kinds and sources of data entering the database. Dependability The credibility and relevance of available data. Big data is changing business $31 billion 29.6% forecasted global spending on big data by organizations by the end of 2013. forecasted compound annual growth rate at which big data spending will grow between 2013 and 2018. $114 billion forecasted global spending on big data by organizations in 2018. Those who leverage big data Predict, analyze, and forecast trends. Gain immeasurable advantages in marketing, product development, financial planning, and more. Discover new information. Steps for success in big data delivery Understanding process flows from data collection to management Sound business planning with stakeholders: everyone should understand how each big data project can impact the entire organization Access to the best technologies that make the most out of big data such as storage, processors, connectivity, cloud allocations, & big data platforms Building a dedicated project team for implementation & governance Long-term implementation planning using best practices, which includes testing, measuring, analysis, & process improvements Employing the right vendor with the right solutions —one that can help provide all of the above & more How cablecos help businesses harness big data Data collection Data management Data processing Data tracking & measurement Data storage & deployment Data analysis & visualization These benefits result from cablecos having all the right technologies that are most capable of delivering big data benefits. High-speed networks Abundant storage facilities Extensive cloud computing services Data security & privacy tools Big data platforms Powerful cluster programming techniques Deployment capabilities Automated analysis With these technologies, cablecos are most adept in granting businesses the ability to discern, gather, store, & analyze big data. Time Warner Cable Business Class’ utilization of big data Managed Hosting via NaviSite Modern data centers Secure networking & cloud technologies High-speed internet & extra bandwidth Sophisticated big data platforms The bottom line is: Through its big data technology, Time Warner Cable Business Class enables its business clients to become better service providers around the world. Sources:,_Business_Analytics_and_Beyond An infographic presented by