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Turn your Website into an Automatic Sales Machine


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The website sales funnel - it's what you might call "marketing", "sales", "SEO", "content marketing", "social media", "sales pipeline", "digital marketing strategy"...

The number 1 problem?

Your website's lack of structure, organization, process, planning.

For example, you drive traffic with SEO & PPC but then there's no plan to turn traffic into sales: you leave people with only 2 options... Buy Now, or Good Bye.

A funnel is what transforms your website into a selling machine, where Attraction, Interest, Desire and Action (A.I.D.A.) are put in place to take a complete stranger towards the sale.

In this presentation you will:

• Find out not 1, not 9, but 99 reasons why your website needs a funnel

• Take a look at the most successful website funnels

• Learn the 6-steps to build a sales funnel

Sounds like a plan?

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Turn your Website into an Automatic Sales Machine

  1. 1. Turn your Website into an Automatic Sales Machine
  2. 2. Reason #1: “the 99% rule” Digital Marketing has changed in the last 5 years. You can’t just buy MORE traffic and expect ROI. Your conversion rate will still be < 1% and 99% of your effort, time and $$$ will be wasted. #1 Priority: Fix website leaks. Build a “funnel”.
  3. 3. Reason #2: conversion rate 1 Sale (Conversion) every 100 Visitors (Impressions): 1% CR VS ● 100 Visitors ● 1 Sale plus ~7 Users “Captured” ● 1 Sale Now, 1 out of 7 Buys Later ● CR = 2% (+100%)
  4. 4. Reason #3: revenue 1 Sale every 100 Visitors: e.g. €500 (ROI) VS ● 100 Visitors ● 10 Opt-ins €0 ● 5 Buy €5 ● 2 Buy €50 ● 1 Buy €500 ● ROI = €625 (+25%)
  5. 5. Today’s & Past Events:
  6. 6. Rodolfo Melogli @RMelogli ~ Author ~ Digital Marketing Coach ~ WP/WooCommerce Expert Lego Bridges :) Concrete Bridges Digital Bridges
  7. 7. 99 Reasons Your Website Needs a “Funnel”
  8. 8. The funnel works. 4. Pull vs Push sale 5. Attract vs Wait for customers 6. E.g. first issue of 60-pieces collection: “Free”! 7. “Freemiums” e.g. EverNote: use it, love it, upgrade it 8. Ask the first stranger you meet to marry you? 9. Or, ask that “lead” to go for a drink with friends instead… (easier sale) 10. You’ve participated in many sales funnels without realizing it: bought products and services online that were sold to me via a sales process 11. Sales funnel isn’t just about money, it also makes you more competitive
  9. 9. The funnel helps. 12. People don’t buy until they know, like and trust you 13. You don’t leave people with only 2 options anymore... Buy Now, or Good Bye 14. Your website's lack of structure, organization, process, planning is fixed by a funnel 15. A funnel allows you to “create customers” vs “find customers” 16. Your website won’t have 99 holes every 100 visitors any longer 17. Even if your site is converting at a solid 2%, don’t forget this means that 98/100 people leave empty handed and are likely to never come back
  10. 10. The funnel gives you a system. 18. Companies without a defined funnel suffer against those that know their ROI/user 19. Most people have no idea who you are or why they need to pay attention. Help them discover those things through demand generation. 20. People don’t care about you. Not yet anyway! 21. Digital marketing is about finding and using a system that gets you results 22. It’s common to sell only one product or service online without any upsell… 23. Leverage each website visitor, turn them into leads and eventually buyers - by offering great value and content (help) 24. The real profit is in making repeat sales to those who already know and trust you
  11. 11. The funnel gives you hope. 25. You’re not Amazon. Amazon doesn’t need the same kind of sales funnel that you do, because people go there with the intention to buy 26. You’ve got to establish trust by convincing visitors to enter into one tiny little transaction with you, then massively over-deliver on value 27. You can't just upload a product or launch a new service and hope that sales happen 28. The majority of consumers research online before engaging to make a purchase 29. The need to build an effective ‘sales funnel’ is essential to attract & convert new customers 30. Marketing is about building a simple sales funnel. No matter which channel you’re working with, it all comes back to the funnel
  12. 12. The funnel makes sense. 31. The funnel helps you re-prioritise: content is generated based on the buyer’s journey 32. A funnel is what transforms your website into a selling machine, where Attraction, Interest, Desire and Action (A.I.D.A.) are put in place to take a complete stranger towards the sale 33. Even sales have a sales process (makes sense, right?) 34. What to Do When 99% Aren’t Ready to Buy? 35. 80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th step... 36. Lead in with a free bonus, then sell a book, then a more expensive product and so on… 37. People are much more likely to buy after enjoying free materials, which demonstrated the expertise of the author
  13. 13. You already have a funnel. 38. It’s not just for digital marketers… online or offline, eCommerce store or dry-cleaner, if you have a business and you have customers then you have some type of funnel (even if you call it something else) 39. You already have material. What strategy do you use to sell in person? How can you re-use those strategies for the online masses? 40. Even if your goal is to get your visitor to take a simple action - such as signing up for a free newsletter - you have a conversion funnel :) 41. Organises and gives structure to all your marketing: lead magnets, landing pages, webinars, content, ecommerce, products, consultations, services...
  14. 14. It’s easy to build a funnel. 42. Sales funnels have been around forever, but now website software and email marketing make them easier to build 43. Since the introduction of a number of online marketing tools & methodologies they have become easier to scale and manage 44. You can literally create a sales funnel in one day, using content you already have, to sell more of the products you already sell. This does not take weeks to implement 45. "Funnel hacking": buy products from your competitors and see offers and sequences 46. Start with what's working (or as closely to it as possible), then innovate from there to make the funnel convert even better
  15. 15. Funnels make you $$$. 47. Increase AOV 48. Predict # customers 49. Grow LTV 50. Implement a value ladder 51. Avoid wasting PPC $ 52. Do SEO/Social on purpose 53. Maximise income 54. Increase repeat sales 55. 7x easier to sell to an existing customer :) 56. Beat your competition (they’re not doing this!) 57. Out-spend people who don’t have a funnel on advertising and promoting 58. Your cost-per-lead is much smaller 59. Sell MORE of what you already have (re- package, upsell, cross-sell, bundle)
  16. 16. Funnels save you time. 60. Static website vs Employee-website 61. Automation-friendly 62. Every decision based on the funnel 63. Visualise your sales process 64. Identify areas for improvement 65. Methodical approach with customers 66. Consistent process for ranking leads 67. Work with the right leads only 68. Talk to your leads in an orderly fashion 69. Make money on autopilot 70. New subs every day without extra work 71. Make money even after product launch... 72. ...without promoting, hustling all the time 73. There’s only so much time in a day
  17. 17. Funnels boost focus. 74. Funnel = Plan. Failing to plan is planning to… 75. Your business is measurable. AOV, LTV, CR, … 76. Know who is at what stage (segmentation) 77. Content creation: targeted at funnel steps 78. Social media: goal = send people to the funnel 79. Email marketing: know who you're talking to 80. PPC: You can calculate your CPA and therefore your ad budget. CPC out of the equation! 81. You can see where you are losing customers 82. Sales are just numbers e.g. 1% CR :) 83. Track ROI and work on customer retention 84. Fix “leaks” to get more loyal customers 85. It’s a great measure of your company’s health 86. “How do I get more sales - predictably?” 87. Prioritise marketing and sales resources
  18. 18. Funnels make buying easier. 88. Users take action more easily 89. Educate, rather than persuade the customer 90. Fill the top of the funnel with great content 91. Then, offer a freebie & move users down 92. Always add value – not what you think is valuable but what the customer finds valuable 93. Create fans who never even knew you existed 94. When they’re ready to buy, they’ll come to you 95. Simpler to take them from leads to customers 96. Helps you define a strategy for each step 97. No more high-priced offers to cold prospects 98. Asking for $7 converts better than $49. The $7 offer is a “Tripwire” 99. The freebie is a “Lead Magnet”, which converts better than a $7 offer!
  19. 19. Funnel Examples
  20. 20. “Free Book + Shipping” “Russell was making roughly $32 for every free book he gave away [..]” Q1) What’s Russell’s advertising budget, per user? Q2) Does $0 book convert better than a $20 one? Q3) Why isn’t shipping free?
  21. 21. “Free SaaS Trial” “At 3.75% of our Free Trials converted to Sales [2006]” Q1) What’s the strategy after “Try for Free”, IYO? Q2) Does “Free” convert better than €25/user/mo? Q3) Why are... “drug dealers” so successful?
  22. 22. “Freemium” EverNote: 150M users [2015]. 1%-4% updates to paid version Q1) What are the differences with the “Free Trial”? Q2) Will EverNote always be free? Why? Q3) How would you take users down the funnel?
  23. 23. “Free _______” e.g. Chiropractor “Now he has 2 full-time massage therapists who give free massages to get people in the door. [..] These therapists are trained [..] to upgrade the client to the adjustments” Q1) What is the main issue with services? Q2) What’s the cost of the “bait” and its ROI? Q3) What are your leads eager for (Lead Magnet)?
  24. 24. “Free Webinar” ● Class once/month ● Live: 100+ ● Then, evergreen Lead magnet ● Tool to attract users and promote bigger video series Q1) How do I decide topics (hint: it’s very easy)? Q2) Does it matter how many people show live? Q3) Why this “offer” is relevant to my funnel?
  25. 25. How to Build a Funnel
  26. 26. #1: Start at the End What do you want to sell more?
  27. 27. #2: Create a “Tripwire” “Once people have bought an inexpensive item from you, they are more likely to purchase something else”
  28. 28. #3: Create a “Lead Magnet” “An irresistible piece of free content offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information”
  29. 29. #4: Create a Landing Page for your Lead Magnet “A standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective”
  30. 30. #5: Create Email Sequence for Lead Magnet opt-ins “Automated pre- written emails that get sent to your subscribers in a sequential order”
  31. 31. #6: Drive Traffic to the Landing Page “Your landing pages cannot be successful at converting if no one sees them”
  32. 32. Recap
  33. 33. 1. There are 99+ reasons to create a website sales funnel 2. Successful websites use automated funnels. And they achieved scalability 3. Follow step 1-6 to build your funnel 4. Test, measure, improve, refine. It’s a process that needs attention
  34. 34. Thank you! Jul 13