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An overview of the statistics in the Social world. Fa

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Social Media Stats

  1. 1. Social Media Statistics
  2. 2. Background: 2011 Facebook Statistics2009 Facebook Statistics• 150 million users,• More than 200 million people visiting Facebook • More than 750 million active users monthly. • 50% of active users log on to• 1 in 5 people in the world that are on the internet Facebook in any given day. People visiting Facebook. spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.2010 Facebook Statistics • More than 2.5 million websites• Facebook more than doubled in size,• More than 350 million registered users. have integrated with Facebook,• By late 2010, almost half the number of people including over 80 of comScores U.S. who use the Internet visited Facebook. Top 100 websites and over half of• 175 million Facebook users were logging in comScores Global Top 100 websites." directly on a daily basis
  3. 3. Statistics
  4. 4. Global Breakdown: Number of Users Country wise (except-India), 2011
  5. 5. Global Breakdown: Number of Users, continent wise,2012
  6. 6. • Facebook: Top 5 Countries • The major chunk of users on FB is from these 5 countries.• 2.7B Likes everyday• Worldwide, 57% Female are on FB compared to India’s 25%• Majority of users visit FB on mobile (approx 40%)
  7. 7. Year 2012,Global Breakdown: Number ofUsers, detailed Country wise Global Breakdown: Number of Users Fastest growing, Oct 2012
  8. 8. Facebook India Insights,2012 HIGHLIGHTS, 2012 • India has more than 60M users on Facebook • India has the second fastest developing number on Facebook, next to Brazil. • India has the 3rd highest number of FB users. • India has the 2nd highest number of FB users after US
  9. 9. • An average user has a reach of 130 friends• He/She has liked close to 80 Brand pages on Facebook • The number of users in India are: • 74.3% Male • 25.7% Female • 67% of the users fall in the age group of 18-24 • 11.5% of the users fall in the age group of 16-17 • 10.1% of the users fall in the age group of
  10. 10. Surprising Facts
  11. 11. Facebook Statistics 2012:Highlights:• More than 70% of all Facebook users are outside the United States.• More than 250 million people access Facebook over a mobile device, and they are twice as active on Facebook as desktop and lap top users.• An average Facebook user has 130 friends and likes 80 pages• 56% of consumer say that they are more likely recommend a brand after becoming a fan• Each week on Facebook more than 3.2 billion pieces of• content are shared Campaigns on Facebook: FB Ads
  12. 12. Statistics
  13. 13. Twitter Statistics 2012:Highlights:• There are over 500 million Twitter accounts• Twitter is growing at a rate of 11 accounts per second• On a busy day, twitter sees about 175 million tweets• The global average of accounts that are active (or those that have tweeted at least once in three months) is only 27% – which would indicate that less than a third of Twitter’s total accounts actually actively use the service• 30% of twitter users have an income over $100,000
  14. 14. Twitter Statistics 2012:Highlights:• The US has 107.7 million Twitter accounts, Brazil has 33.3 million and Japan 29.9 million. • This means that the US represents 28.1 percent of all Twitter users.• The Netherlands is the most active country on Twitter – 33% of accounts located in the Netherlands posted at least one publicly visible tweet between September 1 2011 and November 30 2011 – Japan was second with 30%, Spain third with 29% and the US made a four-way tie with Indonesia, Cenezuela and Canada at 28%.
  15. 15. Breakup:• Over 465 Million accounts worldwide• Number of tweets in India is over 16M everyday with over 16M users accessing the platform.• Thus 1 in every 75 Indians is on Twitter.
  16. 16. • Facebook vs Twitter Numbers (2011)• The number Breakup: in 2012, FB crossed the 1B mark whereas Twitter crossed Over 500 Million accounts• Looking at the growth matrix Twitter is rapidly chasing FB numbers.
  17. 17. Twitter activity:For top 20 countries
  18. 18. Statistics
  19. 19. Youtube Statistics 2012:Highlights:Major audience is from US, which forms 22% of thetotal Youtube numbersYoutube is the 3rd most visited site after Google andFacebook. India stands at 3rd position in tie with Germany with 4.8% Youtube numbers
  20. 20. Youtube Statistics 2012:Highlights:• Youtube forms 10% of the total internet traffic • Which means that 1 out of 10 internet users opens Youtube. • Average time user spends on Youtube is 900 seconds
  21. 21. Facts:
  22. 22. Female vs Male Numbers : Time spent watching videos
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