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Simple present tense questıon form


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Simple present tense questıon form

  1. 1. Do you make your bed in the morning? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.Does he make his bed in the morning? Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t.
  2. 2. SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE• Yes/No Questions:• Do I get up late at weekends?• Do you go to school everyday?• Do we study homework every afternoon?• Do they watch film every evening.• Does he play football on Sundays?• Does she go to cinema every Sunday?• Does it swim with you in the sea?
  3. 3. Auxiliary Subject VerbDO I, YOU, WE, sing a song? THEYDOES HE, SHE, IT sing a song?
  4. 4. Statement Yes/no question WH- question I sing Do I sing? What do I sing?You fight Do you fight? When do have a lunch?He lives Does he live? Where does he live?
  5. 5. Exercise 21. Where ___ you ____ (live) ?2. When ___ your brother ___ (get) up in the morning?3. ____ your brother ____ (like) eating vegetables?4. My sister and brother _________(not like) eating cakes.5. I ___________ (not sleep) in the afternoon.6. Peter and Mary __________ (not forgive) each other.
  6. 6. MATCH THE QUESTIONS WITH THE ANSWERS 1. When do you go to school? 2. Do you play basketball? 3. What does your mother do in the mornings?4. Where does your brother go at the weekends? a. He goes to swimming pool at the weekends. b. No, I dont. c. She has breakfast. d. At 8:30.