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Media q 1


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Media q 1

  1. 1. When making my media products – the music video, print advert and CD case, I had tomake sure they were suitable for the genre.After researching some music videos, I picked up on different aspects in which theyfollowed. I noticed that in my chosen genre, the music videos were all very redundant tothe music. You saw what you expected from them. However, although music videos in thegenre are very redundant, our group decided to make our video have some entropicaspects to it. This was to give it a bit of originality and not follow the rules of the genre.In our music video, we had lyrics on pieces of paper throughout a lot of the video. Thelyrics matched what were being sung. We got this inspiration from All American Rejects intheir music video Dirty Little Secret, where they aren‟t holding up lyric cards as such, butholding up cards which say people‟s „dirty little secrets‟. We thought this was a cool ideawhich is entropic to the genre and made it seem more quirky. Also Bob Dylan‟sSubterranean Homesick Blues was another inspiration with the cards.
  2. 2. Audience research directed our creativity in that after we had created a first draft ofour music video we asked a small focus group (while recording) what they thoughtof our music video and how it could be improved. They told us that we needed moreperformance elements to our music video, we agreed as we knew we needed moreperformance for it to look redundant for the genre and more performance meant wewere promoting the artist more, which was another factor we needed to take intoaccount.We decided also to change our singer from Grace to Jess as Jess seemed moreappropriate for the part and she was more “quirky”. We also got back from ourfeedback for our music video that we needed more movement in the performanceelement. We acted upon this as well when re-recording for our final music video.I also referred back to the pitch and mood-boards from the start of my blog to tryand keep with the target audience and if they would approve of the designs ofproducts.I also did a questionnaire for a number of people to answer on my magazine advertand CD case, this allowed me to know what they thought about the products andhow I could improve them. But they also told me what was good about them andhow they suited my audience.
  3. 3. The products I created – the video, the print advert and the CD case were all made withstandard technologies, as we did not have the budget and technology that others have tomake an extremely professional music video.However, this was not a sufficient downfall for us, as our genre is all about vintage andquirky so the fact that we used “vintage” and “quirky” things in our music video and in myprint advert and CD case made it seem more effective for the genre.We didn‟t really do much editing to our music video, except for making it widescreeneffects, which made it look more stereotypical that way. We thought that the colours inthe video were necessary to keep in order to show off its “girly aspects”. In my printadvert and CD case I made my photos black and white, to give them the vintage feel butmade the writing girly, pastel colours to show off the girly side and the vintage side.The locations we used around Ludlow, of the coloured houses and door numbers, andthe drama studio in college made the video seem very effective for the genre. The“quiet, rural town” setting of Ludlow made the video very redundant and the drama studioI feel was quite an entropic feature as you have the bright backgrounds then her in a darkroom playing the guitar singing. The contrast of the two worked well together though.
  4. 4. We knew to make a good music video we would have to follow the stereotypical requirements of the genre.This meant that there would have to be a lot of redundant features as people want to see what they expect inthat genre.We followed this by having the location as Ludlow – as it is a very quirky, vintage town with the house coloursand old fashioned houses, the market, all aspects that seem quirky and suitable. We put our artist in clothingthat they could relate to, stuff that they would wear too as we want them to feel as though they could be herand the genre is not about glamour and bling, but all about the music. I followed this in my print advert andCD case too for the same reasons. She hasn‟t got a lot of money anyway, she is just dressed casual butstylish in a way that her audience can relate and love.Another redundant feature was her playing the guitar on the performance aspect of the music video. This isvery typical of the genre and the audience can connect with this. Again, with the writing on my print advert andCD case is very redundant, as it is in a bright bold font which draws the audience to look at it, but the coloursare very quirky and can link back the to music video, which makes it redundant again.However, we did add a fair amount of entropic features. We thought that this would give the music video anice twist in that it makes the audience feel “wow” which watching it. We had a lot of jumping fast shots in ourmusic video as we thought these make it seem fun and quirky. It wasn‟t a redundant feature of the genre but itstill suited it well. We also added still images, for example the glue stick. This is not really redundant to themusic video, but it makes it seem different and interesting.In my print advert and CD case, I would say that the fact that the pictures are in black and white aren‟t reallyentropic, but the contrast from the bright coloured fonts and the photos make them overall pretty entropic.The overall effect of using redundancy and entropy in our music video and in my print advert and CD casewas to draw the audience in and give them an interesting video/digi-pack to look at. I wanted them to bedrawn to these things and think “wow”. Not view it as the same as every other music video in that category.Steve Neale said that audiences take pleasure from genre because of „instances of repetition and difference‟.I think we followed this well with our music video because we had repetition throughout which the audiencecould relate to and feel close with but we also had difference throughout which the audience perhaps wouldn‟texpect.