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TTEd SIG Summary 2012

  2. 2. TTED SIG• The IATEFL TTEd SIG aims to serve and represent the interests of teacher trainers and educators all over the world in order to enhance their professional development. It achieves these aims by organising various events, establishing contact with teacher trainers and educators in their own contexts and internationally, producing newsletters and providing the Gillian Porter Ladousse IATEFL Conference Scholarship Fund.• The TTEd SIG committee welcomes news, suggestions and offers to organise events with IATEFL’s help and support.
  3. 3. TTED SIG COmmITTEE• TTEd SIG Coordinator•• Prof. Birsen Tütünis received her PhD from University of Sussex. She has been working in the field of ELT as an English instructor, as a lecturer and as an administrator for years. She has written articles and books on different issues related to our field. Her recent interest lies on Teacher/ Learner Training on Learner Autonomy.• She has been the coordinator of Teacher Training and Education Committee (TTEd SIG) of IATEFL since 2011. She has been the key note speaker and given presentations at different international ELT Conferences. She is the Honorary Member of AzETA in Azerbaijan. 
  4. 4. TTED SIG COmmITTTEEE mEmBERSDr. Kalyan Chattopadhyay: Web MasterDr. Kalyan Chattopadhyay is an Assistant Professor (Senior) at BankimSardar College, University ofCalcutta, India. His research interests include New Literacies studies, Web-based learning design, Mobile-basedlearning and interaction design, and Workplace Communication. He is currently Vice-president of IndiaCALL(an IATEFL Associate), EC member of AsiaCALL and IALLT Council Member. He has got BA Honours in Englishfrom the University of Calcutta, an MA in English language and Literature, an MA TESOL & ICT from theUniversity of Leeds(UK), and a PhD. He trains teachers both at the private and statesectors in India. He alsoworks as an Academic Advisor to WiziQ, and as a training consultant to OUP, India.Gabriel Diaz Maggioli: Newsletter EditorGabriel Diaz Maggioli is an ESL/EFL teacher who applies the lessons learned in the classroom to his roles asteacher educator, educational administrator as well as to his research and writing. He has 30 years experienceas a language teacher of which 23 he has spent as a teacher educator and professional development specialist.Gabriel is a frequent presenter at international conferences and was a member of the Board of Directors forTESOL, a global association, for four years. He is delighted to be working with IATEFL colleagues and honoredto have been appointed Newsletter Editor for the TTEdSIG. He hopes to be able to strengthen the TTEdcommunity by bringing a multitude of voices to the SIG newsletter.Burcu Tezcan-Ünal: Events, Publicity & Membership OfficerBurcu Tezcan-Unal has been teaching EFL for over two decades and training teachers for about fifteen years. Ihold a COTE – RSA from Cambridge University, Aston MSc in TESOL and training certificates from BC andPilgrims. Burcu has been involved in TE& TD more seriously since 2008 when she participated in theworkshops of EAQUALS in Lisbon. In the institution she is currently working for, she co-founded BILGI TDCentre in 2009. One thing she is really proud of is that there is now an established system of teacher trainingand development for both novice and more experienced members of the staff. Burcu has a blog which is mainlyon Professional Development in ELT. She is working on increasing the popularity ofTTEd SIG and the number of (young) members. She set up the facebook group and page for TTEd SIG as wellas a Blog for the TTEd SIG events www.ttedsigevents.edublogs.orgGospel Ikpeme: Discussion List Moderator
  5. 5. TTED ACTIVITIESThe Newsletter•Our Newsletter serves theprofessionals who value theperiodic receipt of articles,worldwide news aboutprofessional developmentopportunities and the links toresources.•All the articles in ourNewsletters voice a concernwith the state of affairs in ourprofession while offering ideas,caveats and options which mayhelp us “ move on and moveup”.
  6. 6. PCE PRE- CONFERENCE EVENTS• Every year, we organize a Pre- Conference Event (PCE) where we have distinguished speakers who give plenary talks and do workshops. Participants take home plenty of new ideas to be implemented to their contexts.
  7. 7. PCE 2009
  8. 8. PCE 2011Morion Williams Briony Beaven Russel Stannard
  9. 9. TTEd SIG PCE Event Program 10:00-10:15 Opening Remarks Prof. Dr. Birsen Tütüniş (SIG Coordinator)mARCH 19, 2012, GLASGOW 10:15-11:15 Plenary 1 Prof. Dr. Peter Medgyes“TEACHER TRAINING AND (Cambridge ESOL)EDUCATION WORLDWIDE: SHARING 11:15-11:45 COFFEE BREAK 11:45-13:00 WorkshopEXPERIENCES” Prof. Dr. Peter Medgyes 13:00-14:00 LUNCH■Training the trainers, 14:00-15:00 Plenary 2 Tim Philips■Distance training (The British Council)■Mentoring, 15:00-15:30 COFFEE BREAK 15:30-16:45 Participants’ Voices■Internationalization of TTEd, 16:45-17:15 Feedback■Teacher development for senior teachers,■Teacher Training and Education data basis,■Teacher cognition and training,■Assessment on Teacher Training
  10. 10. PCE 2012- PLENARy 1Why won’t the little beasts behave? Prof. Peter MedgyesAfter nearly twenty years, I returned to theclassroom to teach a group of 16-year-olds. Iheld out for two years before the kids hadmade mincemeat of me. Why was I unableto cope? Are the kids any worse today thantheir predecessors were? Anyway, what isclassroom discipline? How do you judge the„train → disobey → punish → obey”paradigm? If without discipline there is noeffective teaching, why do ELT authors stillgive this problem short shrift? And whydon’t teachers discuss it either? By the way,to which category of teacher do you belong:that of the strict and scary, the firm but fun,or the soft and shaky teacher? How does thereflective teacher view classroom disciplineand the problems relating to it?
  11. 11. PCE 2012- PLENARy 2 English Teachers Finding Their Feet Tim Philips This talk will look at issues relating to the development of teachers of English in different contexts at the start of their careers. It will present research and thinking related to questions including what factors influence their attitudes to teaching and their development, how early training influences their development, and what support best helps them develop in these early years.
  12. 12. THURSDAy, mARCH 22, 2012
  14. 14. NAFLE CONFERENCE-CHINA, NOVEmBER 2011• The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) contributed to the 2011 NAFLE conference (04-06 November 2011) by offering a series of exciting and informative workshops and lectures by international and local trainers. This unique programme was a collaboration between three IATEFL Special Interest Groups:Young Learners & Teenagers, Testing and Assessment, Teacher Training & Education, together withthe Department of Foreign Languages of Beijing Normal University.• The speakers on this programme were all experienced teachers, teacher trainers and authors. This international collaborative programme allowed delegates to get a taste of the latest developments in the areas of Young Learners and Teenagers, Testing and Assessment and Teacher Training & Education• The TTEd SIG Cooridnator Prof Birsen Tutiniş had a workshop session called Learner training for EFL skills in collaboration with Dr Chen ZehangYoung Learners & Teenagers, Testing and Assessment, Teacher Training & Education, together withthe Department of Foreign Languages of Beijing Normal University.• The TTEd SIG Coordinator Prof Birsen Tutüniş had a workshop session called Learner training for EFL skills in collaboration with Dr Chen Zehang.• Burcu Tezcan-Unal, who recently became an IATEFL TTEd Committee member, also gave a session entitled “Moving beyond your teaching career” in NAFLE. She introduced the participants a framework that they use the institution she works for referring to the main components of the teaching profession.
  16. 16. TTED SymPOSIUm IN ISTANBUL 25.02.2012• Istanbul Aydın University hosted the event at its Bahçelievler Campus. The event was sponsored by the British Council Istanbul , IATEFL and Istanbul Aydın University. It was an international symposium with participants from Ukraine, Azerbeijan, Bulgaria and Iran. The plenary speakers were Blaine Ray, Evelyn Rothstein, Richard Smith and Tim Philips. The Theme was “ Researching Teachers: Exploring In- Service training and after”
  17. 17. TTED SymPOSIUm IN ISTANBUL25.02.2012
  18. 18. HyDERABAD, INDIA ASSESSING AND EVALUATING ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHER EDUCATION mARCH 3-5/• 2012 English Language Teachers Association in India organized this conference sponsored by the British Council and IATEFL. TTEd, TEA SIGs were involved.• TTEd webmaster, Kalyan Chattopadyay represented TTEd with a talk.• The British Council, English and Foreign Languages University (EFL-U), English Language Teachers’ Association of India (ELTAI), Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Special Interest Group (TEA SIG) and the Teacher Training and Education Special Interest Group (TTEd SIG), part of the International Association for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) have joined hands once again to host the 2nd International Conference for English Language Teacher Educators.• The theme this year is Assessment and Evaluation of English Language Teacher Education, Teaching and Learning. This theme is designed to focus on the importance of setting, achieving and maintaining standards which lead to better quality and more accountability, not just at the practitioner level, but also at the programme level.
  19. 19. TTED SIG -THE GILLIAN PORTER LADOUSSE- SCHOLARSHIP WINNERThe winner of TTEd SIG -theGillian Porter Ladousse-Scholarship is ShyamBahadur Pandey from Nepal.His affiliation is BrilliantMultiple Campus,Kathmandu, Nepal. “Its my GREAT pleasure to beCongratulations Shyam the winner of such a prestigious scholarship. Thanks to  everybody for your contribution which is an inspiring moment in my professional career. Looking forward to attend the Glasgow conference.” SHYAM PANDEY
  20. 20. Thursday, March 22, 2012
  21. 21. TTED SIG AND SOCIAL mEDIA PRESENCE* TTEd SIG is now on Facebook.Please join our group!/groups/IATEFL.TTEdSIG/Like our page!/pages/IATEFL-Teacher-Training-and-Educ  Invite colleagues in your Facebook accounts to join us.Open discussions, share ideas, resources and events.* TTEd SIG has a blog for the events.Follow the events you missed by going to our