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A brochure on the Highgate care home

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Brochure highgate-care-home opt

  1. 1. T H E H I G H G AT E N U R S I N G H O M E , L O N D O NPROFESSIONAL, EXPERTC A R E WITH TH E I N D IVI D UA LIN MIND The Highgate is a purpose-built nursing home, in one of London’s most exclusive residential areas. It offers long and short-stay for residents who require nursing care.
  2. 2. W E L C O M E TOT H E H I G H G AT EA well equipped home to suit every needThe Highgate, originally a convent, is situated in anexclusive residential area on the edge of Highgate village,perfect for exploring the capital and has the advantageof being close to shops and transport.The home has high quality facilities, including largelandscaped gardens, a vegetable garden and a car park.All the rooms are well furnished and there are fourlounges where residents like to watch television, relax,chat or entertain visitors. The sunny dining room andconservatory offers lovely garden views. For brighterdays there’s a furnished patio with a shaded area.We provide a variety of long-term general nursing,residential and convalescence care. We also offer respite,palliative care and nursing care for over 18 year oldswith physical disabilities.Fitzwarren House, within the same grounds, offers anumber of Bupa Assisted Living properties, which provideprivacy and independence, with the reassurance of helpand company close to hand from the nursing home.We believe that residents should be cared for with dignityand respect. Our aim is to provide them with the higheststandards of care and service at all times.The HighgateView from Hornsey Lane
  4. 4. T he best care ,whenever it ’ sneededAlways a warm welcomeAt The Highgate, we want residents to feel at home withus whether their stay is long or short. So we keep rules Individual care thatand regulations to a minimum and aim to create a friendly,caring environment. We know it’s very important meets YOUR needsto strike a balance between providing care when it’sneeded and helping the resident to be as independentas possible.The Highgate maintains the highest standards of careand hygiene, so all the rooms are cleaned daily andthere’s an on-site laundry where all the residents’ clothesare washed and ironed. Care based on understandingWe believe in creating a comfortable and homely We operate a unique care documentation system calledenvironment with the reassurance of fully trained Quest. This assesses all our residents’ health needs andspecialist nurses and care staff on hand day and night. personal preferences. It reflects the person’s lifeAll bedrooms have a 24-hour call system along with experiences, their likes, dislikes, and choices. We gathertelephone points and smoke detectors. Our homes all the relevant information from health and social careare designed to encourage mobility in a safe and professionals as well as family and friends, and wesupportive environment. encourage them to participate in their ongoing care.Valuing individualityAt The Highgate, we talk to residents and familiesabout individual likes and dislikes, habits and feelings.On this basis we create a tailor made personal careplan, along with a key carer or named nurse for everyresident. We take the time to listen, which meanswe’re better able to meet residents emotional andphysical needs.
  5. 5. E veryone ’ sdifferentE veryone ’ suni q ueAt The Highgate we provide a wide range of long andshort-term care. We offer frail elderly nursing care24 hours a day, supported by a team of qualifiedregistered nurses.We believe in the importance of flexible care, withboth respite and convalescence care available, toprovide support for residents recovering from anilln ess o r o p e ratio n . Th e H ighgate also provid e spalliative care and a full holistic package is available,offering practical and emotional support with fullytrained specialist nurses and carers on hand.This home also offers nursing care for over 18 year oldswith physical disabilities. Sharing memories. Enjoying moments
  6. 6. S upport, friendshipand shared interestsVery much part of the community Get involvedThere’s plenty for our residents to enjoy at The Highgate At The Highgate we actively welcome feedback as itincluding gardening clubs, craft sessions and coffee allows us to provide the right care for every individual.mornings. Residents are encouraged to pursue their own We appreciate that while we provide round the clockhobbies and interests or maybe try something new. care, there will always be need for friends and family to be around. We encourage you to be involved with anyLocal entertainers drop by regularly to put on a show, part of your loved ones’ everyday life, including socialand we visit Hampstead Heath, London’s galleries and activities, and local community events. You’ll alwaysmuseums, or the coast in the summer. The on-site and have a choice of places to spend time with your friendsvisiting mobile library provide a selection of books and family and we make sure you have the privacyand we enjoy links with St Joseph’s Church, the local you need.synagogue, the Highgate Society and the adjoiningassisted living properties. Gardens that appeal to all the senses At The Highgate we have created a beautiful sensoryRemembering and appreciating the past garden. This unique project is run in conjunction withThe Map of Life is a unique way to help us get to know the national disability charity Thrive. Our sensorya resident’s background and history. It illustrates what garden is designed to appeal to all the senses throughthey’ve done and where they’ve been in a simple, the use of colour, texture, smell and sound. We growinteresting way. It also acts as a reminder for the perennials, sweet-smelling roses, fragrant grasses andresident of past times, and a guide to their interests aromatic herbs.and routine now. Many of our residents really enjoy helping with the gardening and the vegetable plots, and when it’s sunny, they can relax on the patio overlooking the ENCOURAGING RELATIVES TO BE beautiful grounds. PART OF OUR DAILY LIFE
  7. 7. I nsidethehighgateThe Highgate has recentlybeen refurbished toan exceptionally highstandard. All bedrooms All bedrooms have ensuite facilities, remote controlled television, telephones points, smoke detectors, 24-hour call system andhave glorious garden thermostatic radiators.views and most haveensuite facilities. A numberof the rooms have privatebalconies with views overthe beautiful gardens andacross London. They’rewell furnished anddecorated with flat screenTVs, telephone points,smoke detectors, a24-hour call system andthermostatic radiators. Dining areas are well equipped and spacious.We provide wheelchair,and full lift access.All new residents areencouraged to bring alongsome favourite ornaments,photos or small pieces offurniture, to make theirroom feel more homely. Lounge areas are comfortable with views overlooking the garden. The garden and patio area has plenty of seating areas for sunny days.
  8. 8. Variety andI nspirationSomething to enjoy every dayA t B u p a we k n ow t h a t p o p u l a r a c t i v i t i e s a n dstimulating interactions are a vital part of good nursingcare. It can also be a good opportunity for friendsand family to spend time with residents . Havingsomething interesting going on ever y day is veryimportant for a resident’s general well being as ithelps to keep their minds active, and improvestheir appetite. KEEPING RELATIVES INVOLVEDFriends and family are welcome to participate in any orall of the activities at any time. Why not come and getinvolved in one of our monthly seasonally themedevents? We’ve found our table gardening, yoga, danceand drama activities are particularly popular withour residents.
  9. 9. A C H O I C E O F D A I LY M E A L SCarefully chosen menus For residents who get hungry outside normal kitchenMealtimes are an important part of our residents’ day. hours, we provide a Night Bite menu that’s availableOur experienced chef creates balanced and nutritious between 6.30pm and 6.30am. This offers a range ofhomemade meals using the freshest ingredients. Soon snacks including fruit, sandwiches, cereals, yoghurts andafter residents arrive, a member of our catering team hot or cold drinks. We frequently serve homemademeets with them to discuss their personal food cakes with tea or coffee in the afternoon.preferences or specific dietary needs. There’s lots ofvariety and options available, whether it’s breakfast, Tailored requirementslunch or dinner, and all our menus are assessed for At The Highgate we know just how important it is thatnutritional value. each resident’s dietary needs are catered for. WhetherResidents can eat in their room if they prefer, or join it be concerns over weight gain or loss, cholesterol orothers in the dining room, and friends and relatives are food intolerances, we make sure menus are tailored toalways welcome to come along. Every day we show meet these needs whilst always being enjoyable andwhat’s on offer at every meal in large clear type on tasty. And, if a resident has difficulty chewing ordisplay boards in the dining room. swallowing, we prepare enriched or modified textured food to suit them.
  10. 10. B upa peace of mindBupa care — for everyone Training and supporting our staffThere are over 300 Bupa care homes in the UK and you Bupa is proud to be one of the UK’s largest organisationsdon’t need to have Bupa health insurance to benefit from to gain the prestigious government backed Investorthe high standards of care and comfort that each of our In People (IIP) offer. In fact, over two-thirds of our residentsreceive some level of funding assistance. Help and advice on planning and financing careWe conduct an independent customer satisfaction Every resident is different as are his or her needs. So, oursurvey. This helps us to retain and improve standards in fees vary depending on the length of stay and the typeareas such as the level and type of care, activities, food of care required. Prices cover single private rooms withand accommodation. Bupa has the highest number 24-hour care, all meals and laundry. The home managerof highly rated Care Homes in England by the Care can give you full details of the terms and costs of aQuality Commission. resident’s stay. There are additional charges such as chiropody, physiotherapy, hairdressing, occupational therapy, aromatherapy and speech therapy.Specialist trainingAll our homes are run by experienced managers and How much you need to contribute to the overall cost willteams of qualified nurses and carers. We take training depend on the type of care needed, and the amount ofvery seriously and our carers have the highest NVQ capital available. And remember, you don’t need to haveachievement rate in the care sector. Bupa Health Insurance to be a Bupa care home resident.Because we know our customers prefer a personalised For further information on Bupa Care Homes and helpservice we have a unique Bupa Care Homes’ staff and advice on funding visit called ‘Personal Best’. It helps carers tounderstand how important it is to meet the needs andpreferences, to achieve our aim of ensuring that everyresident continues their daily lives with privacy anddignity in a safe, caring environment.We also run specific training programmes for staffwho care for people with dementia in partnership with YOU DON’T NEED BUPA HEALTHthe Alzheimer’s Society, Joseph Rowntree Foundationand Sunderland University. INSURANCE TO COME INTO OUR CARE HOMESWe appreciate that every person living with us is unique,with their own likes, dislikes, ways and habits.
  11. 11. H ome C hecklist Number of rooms Types of care Food 54 • Nursing • Night Bite menu • Respite • Fresh, homemade Daily cleaning meals for breakfast, Yes • Palliative lunch and dinner • Convalescence Onsite parking Religious services Yes Private rooms The Highgate has • 24-hour call system Additional therapies strong links with local • Ensuite facilities Yes (at further cost) churches, synagogues, • Tastefully decorated, charities and the Key features many enjoy beautiful garden views local community. • Purposefully extended from original convent • Television and telephone Visiting times building points At the convenience • Five tastefully furnished • Smoke detectors of the resident lounges • Thermostatic radiators • Spacious conservatory • Bed linen and towels with garden and terrace views Additional services • Own library • Hairdressing • On-site hair salon • Therapies not in care plan • Physiotherapy room • TV licence • Monthly events and (for residents under 75) regular days out • Telephone bills • Wheelchair and full lift access • Personal toiletries • Secure keypad entrance • Newspapers and magazines Ln Garden A1 sey s rn Ho The Highgate Crom well Ave Nursing Home, Par k 12 Hornsey Lane, Ar s ch rd en C wa B540 re Highgate, London ey el yR ss Ga m id ol N6 5LX d a Ch Fit k z e Rd n ar w a rr ll PB519 Th eB Phone: 0207 281 3511 d ha rR an k White ui m n Rd ds yL Th ns e la on Hor G ornsbury rt be ar H Sq d B519 wR A1 e rlo Hig at Dart hg W at Ar mou e ch H ill wa th Par Rdy H k Hi ll The Whittington Hospital A1 B519 e Av al a gd Ma Directions: Ho Archway ll o From Archway tube station, go up Highgate Hill towards Highgate village. wa yR d Just past St Joseph’s church on the left, turn right into Hornsey Lane. Turn right 100 yards down into Thornbury Square and immediately right again into the home’s car park. From Muswell Hill/Hampstead, turn left at the bottom of the village into Hornsey Lane. The home is 100 yards on the right. For further information about The Highgate, either contact the home manager directly or simply call in at any time.
  12. 12. Registered Office: Bridge House Outwood Lane Horsforth Leeds LS18 4UP tel: 0845 600 4622 Care homes Cash plans Dental insurance Health analytics Health assessments Health at work services Health centres Health coaching Health information Health insurance Home healthcare Hospitals International health insurance Personal medical alarms Retirement villages Travel insurance02022011