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UnRiddle Pardot By Sugandha Atrey


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UnRiddle Pardot By Sugandha Atrey

Published in: Software
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UnRiddle Pardot By Sugandha Atrey

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  2. 2. Name: Sugandha Atrey Role :Senior CRM developer Company: Amazon @Sugandha_atrey UnRiddle Pardot
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  4. 4. @sfdgblr #blrdevx 1. What is Pardot ? 2. Why use Pardot ? 3. Marketing cloud vs Pardot 4. Sync with Salesforce 5. Api 6. Product overview 7. Q&A
  5. 5. @sfdgblr #blrdevx Pardot is ….  Salesforce B2B marketing tool  Personalized Communication: Engage with prospects at the right time  A sophisticated way to nurture and prioritize leads  Platform to enable reporting on activity . Pardot is not…  Just an email sending tool  A replacement for a marketing executive  Marketing sending tool  Platform native(currently)..
  6. 6. @sfdgblr #blrdevx  Pardot customers have seen sales revenue increase by 34% and marketing effectiveness increase by 37%, on average.  Grow faster with smarter engagement  Generate high-quality leads  Calculate marketing ROI
  7. 7. @sfdgblr #blrdevx 1. Marketing cloud is used for B2C where Pardot is basically for B2B 2. Nurturing of lead and lead qualifications are the emphasis in Pardot where as in marketing cloud its more towards the complex transactional data and social media.(Ecommerce sites) 3. Better integration with other systems is present in marketing cloud. Eg . Pardot for selling /buying a house.( longer purchases)
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  12. 12. Happy to answer. @Sugandha_atrey