Current and emerging technologies in ict


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Current and emerging technologies in ict

  1. 1. Current and Emerging Technologies in ICT
  2. 2. • Virtual Reality – this is where a client can use a simulated environment online to sample a product or service. For example a online shoe store might include a interactive, rotating shoe which allows viewers to examine a shoe from several angles and change its features before buying online.• Can be used for website and mobile. However requires bandwidth so you need to mention this if speaking about mobiles particularly but also websites.
  3. 3. • Mobile Technologies – Web Developers need to create websites that can be viewed on a number of devices. That might include a button which allows users to go to a cut down version for a website. A website that has one column of information (no sidebars with ads and no side navigation)• This can be used in reverse, allowing mobile devices to click on full web versions if they need access to content not available on mobile site.• Explain why users may need a mobile version ie may need to find the nearest office or store etc.
  4. 4. • E-Commerce – online advertising and selling of goods and services has become a huge growth area.
  5. 5. • Video – The trend is for websites to include video in High Definition. This needs to be explained in context of the site. For example you should be able to explain “why” or how the video can be used. Discuss the option of lower resolution video options.• This can be used in mobile and website examples.
  6. 6. • GPS and Web 3Mobile device (tablet/phones) applications only. Remember you need to be able to link it into purpose and target audience. So obviously a gps function might help the user find store locations.Similarly on websites, IP addresses can help locate country user is in. Accessing of saved cookie information on websites can also help users customise their website experience.
  7. 7. • Carousel Navigation – this is used in website design to give the site a feeling of new and “state of the art”. Users might think think that the site was expensive and then relate that to what the site is selling. Newest, state of the art, professional. Mostly used on websites
  8. 8. • Google Maps – This is common now, where organisations use links to google maps to help users find stores. This can be used on websites and mobile devices.
  9. 9. • Web 2.0Integrating Web 2.0 into websites is a current technology. This might include Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr etc. This helps users to make other external links to the organisation for convenience or marketing reasons.
  10. 10. Live Feeds• This is a useful way to keep your users informed but also give them a feeling that your site is current and accurate.• It may include live feeds of stock market share prices, weather, Twitter Feeds, sports scores, RSS feeds of current news related to their organisation etc.