Teaching summit- OPS for teaching EPs


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Teaching summit- OPS for teaching EPs

  1. 1. OPS for Teaching EPs
  2. 2. Reintegrating with my home LC How to prepare for my internship? Being your country’s ambassador Internship Goals
  3. 3. Sample Agenda 1. Travel Preparations and Precautions • Checklist before accepting the TN • Acceptance Note (AN) • Budget and Expenses • Travel Documents • Visa Permits • Travel Warnings and Advises • Travel Health Insurance • General Precautions
  4. 4. Sample Agenda • Story Sharing from a realized EP 2. Ambassadorship and Integration • Role of an ambassadorship • Representing your AIESEC Entity • Cultural Shock • Integration in Host Country • Re-integration with AIESEC Local Chapters on return • Q&A Session
  5. 5. Expectation Settings (1) Before accepting the internship position:  Always make sure you are sure about all the details of your TN  If there are questions, do not hesitate to ask your TN Manager or employer  Always keep emails, just in case if something happened
  6. 6. Expectation Settings (2) In the case of ET TNs, EPs maybe required to:  Contact TN manager for preparation prior to travel  Contact TN manager for possible research or preparation for class  Prepare education materials for class  Contact supervisor to understand expectations from the teacher  Cultural elements like dress code, teaching styles etc.
  7. 7. Budget and Expenses • • • • • • • • • • Airfare Health Insurance Visa Passport Immunizations Special Equipment Room Food Entertainment Expenses Daily Travel Costs
  8. 8. Travel Documents • • • • • • Passport Visa TN Acceptance Note/ Acceptance Letter Health Insurance Card Prescription for medications Airplane Tickets
  9. 9. Role of an ambassador • Building brand of your country and culture • A window through which other people are looking at your country and culture • Activities and behaviors are verifying stereotypes through which other people are perceiving place from which you came
  10. 10. Representing your home entity to your students • • • • • • • Multimedia Presentation Postcards and Pictures Songs and Movies Local Dances Souvenirs for company and AIESECers Cultural dishes and Cooking Teaching your language etc.
  11. 11. Cultural Shock Curve
  12. 12. Goal setting For a successful internship
  13. 13. 1. What are my concerns/ fears about my exchange? 2. What do I hope to learn/ gain from this experience? 3. What type of support do I need from AIESEC home and host entity to make my exchange a success? 4. What responsibility am I willing to take to make my exchange a success? 5. What are my expectations for my exchange? 6. What kind of impact do I want to make through my exchange? 7. What do I want my students to remember about me? What do I want to be remembered for?
  14. 14. AIESEC Cultural Preparation Seminar for Teaching EPs
  15. 15. Things to keep in mind for preparing your EPs culturally 1. Have wikis that the EP can refer to for more information 2. Make sure you educate EPs on the AIESEC Values and how they need to demonstrate these while on exchange 3. Make cultural preparation a co-delivery activity, talk to your country partners, see how they can help you with preparing the EP 4. Have returned EPs share their stories 5. Create a platform where EPs can connect with other EPs abroad 6. Connect matched EPs to realized EPs from the same country/program to understand what it feels like to teach abroad