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Case study and client testimonials

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Client References, Client Testimonials, Client Case Studies

  1. 1.   Bullseye Testimonials | 877-988-9808 | 877-988-9808
  2. 2.   Table of ContentsEducation Testimonial page 3 and 4Technology Testimonial page 5Healthcare Testimonial page 6Staffing Services Testimonial page 7Video Testimonials page 8About Bullseye page 9 | 877-988-9808
  3. 3.  BullseyePerformance Higher Education Testimonial | 877-988-9808
  4. 4.   MEDIA RELEASETexas Southern University Partners with BullseyeEvaluation to Better Identify Top Performers.BullseyeEvaluation’s SaaS Performance Management Solution for Higher Education.Houston, TX – April 20th, 2012 – BullseyeEvaluation today announced that Texas SouthernUniversity, founded as a leading institution of higher education in 1927, has selectedBullseyeEvaluation for Performance Dashboards, after a successful deployment andonboarding of BullseyeEvaluation Performance Management System.“BullseyeEvaluation continues to add-on functionality that meets the unique needs ofuniversities and our diverse workforce of faculty and staff. As an institution of HigherEducation, we use BullseyeEvaluation to identify star performers, track progress againstgoals, and foster collaboration and communication,” commented Brian K. Dickens, ExecutiveDirector of Human Resources & Payroll Services, Texas Southern University.Why BullseyeEvaluationTSU (Texas Southern University) wanted a configurable solution that met their uniquedocumentation needs, and also that delivered performance management dashboards andkey performance indicators in a simplified and accessible user interface for senior staff.About Texas Southern UniversityTexas Southern University was founded in 1927 and became a state institution in 1947. Texas Southern possesses animpressive array of undergraduate and graduate programs, a diverse faculty, more than 80 student organizations, and analumni network comprised of educators, entrepreneurs, public servants, lawyers, pilots, artists, and more, many of whomare change agents on the local, national and international stage. Nestled upon a sprawling 150-acre campus, TexasSouthern has served as a cornerstone for developing the greatest potential in leaders from various socioeconomic, cultural,and racial backgrounds. Texas Southern is located in the heart of the city, giving its students and faculty easy access to theMuseum District, neighboring educational institutions, the Texas Medical Center, downtown Houston, two major airportsand all of the city’s major freeways. More than 9,487 students, along with 1,200 faculty and staff comprise the University’scommunity making it one of the nation’s largest Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s). For more information,visit Bullseye Contact: Louis Posthauer, Director Business Development, 713-554-0909 | | 877-988-9808
  5. 5.  BullseyePerformance Technology Testimonials"3PD has been very pleased with Bullseye’s functionality and ease of use! Employees and Management Team found it user friendly and intuitive. Thegraphics are very well designed and easy to understand. The evaluation process went smoothly and Bullseye support team was exceptional. 3PD is glad tohave partnered with Bullseye Evaluation!" MariaElena CEBS, SPHR Director, Human Resources 3PD"I purchased the BullseyeEvaluation system for our company after seeing the demonstration in the Bullseye office. I have to say it performed as promisedand the support is excellent! The installation was seamless and was completed ahead of schedule! All of our managers commented that the product waseasy to use and manage! I have recommended it to others in my H.R. network!" Anthony Holmes Director of H.R. Alimak Hek, Inc | 877-988-9808
  6. 6.  BullseyePerformance Healthcare Testimonials"Bullseye has helped us to streamline our evaluation process and eliminate inconsistencies and errors. The team has been great at helping tailor theproduct to our specific needs to maximize its benefits.” Amber Sevitts , SPHR VP - Human Resources HIT, Inc."Implementing Bullseye and going from a paper style evaluation process to a digital, organized flow has been a time saver and a money saver.The setup process is easy and straightforward; the Bullseye team doesn’t stop until you are satisfied with the results, and are always available for arefresher on your training to take advantage of some more advanced modules.The scheduling and flexibility of the system is really unique; with simple clicks you can set up a comprehensive evaluation that is fair and applies to eachunique role in the company.As a medical supply company that deals with ever changing regulations and insurance reimbursement highs and lows, having a well motivated and trainedstaff is the only way to stay ahead in this industry, Bullseye has been an integral tool to keep talent happy and motivated and providing a detailed view topossible shortcomings within the company down to the department level and pin point which employees are top performers and which need help.The statistics view, and historical trends is something we like and we can already start to see trends, spikes and drops in performance and can effectivelymake right decisions about: hiring new talent, revisiting training, termination and compensation. Because of a partnership relationship with Bullseyeinstead of a simple vendor/customer interaction there is more of a drive to work together to benefit the product and our use of it.We are extremely happy we made the choice of using Bullseye Evaluation instead of some overpriced/ over hyped platforms." Solara Medical Supplies Miguel Guillen Manager | 877-988-9808
  7. 7.  MEDIA RELEASEPartnership Announcement to Drive Global Workforce Solutions from Kelly Services &BullseyeEvaluation.Global Staffing Leader & SaaS Performance Management provider Partner to Deliver PerformanceDashboards to Worldwide Clients.Houston, TX – March 22nd 2012 – BullseyeEvaluation, LLC, today announced a strategicpartnership with Kelly Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: KELYA) to provide performance managementsolutions including its performance management dashboards to worldwide clients.BullseyeEvaluation®, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions provider enables the use of HR and workproducts tied to performance dashboards resulting in better employee management of performance.Kelly Services ®, building upon its success in creating customized workforce solutions for its globalcustomers, isworking with BullseyeEvaluation®, to deliver the solutions customers want in themarketplace."The rate of change in todays workplace and its impact on both workforce and product life cycles hasplaced demands on service companies, such as Kelly, to be more creative and deliver solutions to meetthe evolving needs of clients," said Rolf Kleiner, Kelly Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer.“Global workforces demand customized solutions that meet their unique needs” remarked Adeel Zaidi,founder of BullseyeEvaluation, LLC. “We deliver pre-configured country and industry solutions built on HRbest practices that are then configurable to an organization’s unique situation and requirements.”About Kelly Services, Inc.Kelly Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: KELYA) (NASDAQ: KELYB) is a leader in providing workforce solutions.Kelly offers a comprehensive array of outsourcing and consulting services as well as world-class staffingon a temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct-hire basis. Serving clients around the globe, Kelly providesemployment to 530,000 employees annually. Revenue in 2010 was $5 billion. Visit ww.kellyservices.comand connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter.Contact Information:Jane Stehney, APRSr. Manager, Public RelationsKelly Services, | 877-988-9808
  8. 8.  Bullseye’ Video Testimonials How Bullseye Bridges the Gap. Rolf Kleiner, SVP and Chief Innovation Officer Kelly Services Bullseye Performance Management connects employee management & operations management in a simple, streamlined solution for managers. Strategic Performance Management. Brian Dickens, SPHR, Texas Southern University Executive Director of Human Resources and Payroll Services Bullseye Performance Management enables strategic HR, employee engagement, and facilitates business outcomes. How Bullseye Solves Performance Management. Robert D. Remy, Attorney at Law Bullseye Performance Management is a profit center. The Future of Social Work. Paul Daoust, Non-Executive Chairman, High Roads, Inc Performance management for the worker. Intuitive. Bullseye videos: Bullseye Employee Management Product Demo Bullseye demo: Watch more videos online here: | 877-988-9808
  9. 9.  About BullseyeEvaluation, LLCWHO BullseyeEvaluation is a web-based performance management solutions company that helps to optimize performance of companies, non-profits and academic institutions. We offer the only non-forms based solutions for both human capital and operational performance management. Due to mandates for performance documentation, employee engagement, and regulatory requirements for the workplace, organizations from around the world turn to BullseyePerformance® because our approach automates, simplifies, and facilitates social performance management. Bullseyes employee performance solution improves engagement by facilitating frequent communication and social feedback. Our business intelligence solutions display real-time information through innovative key performance indicator dashboards. Our products are user friendly, configurable and quickly deployed! For more information, see Bullseye creates a paradigm shift in work communications resulting in:  Employee engagement  Coaching & mentoring  Progress of cascading goals  Sense of belonging  Performance culture  Bottom-line KPIs.CLIENTS Our fans include enterprises replacing licensed server software, as well as first time adopters looking to automate employee reviews and drive performance. Services Non-Profits Industrial Technology Kelly Services North Texas Methodist Elastec Kenexa BizJet International Council on Accreditation Detroit Manufacturing Sys. Xora MetLife Singapore Community Trust Canada Mustang Cat Swish Data Hospitality Government Education Healthcare Bellagio Las Vegas Saudi Arabia HRDF Texas Southern Physicians United Sam’s Burgers The London Tube ThinkTank HIT Inc Port Royal Resort Central Valley Regional Center Experiencia Academy Dayton Physicians NetworkYou have to see it to appreciate how simple and intuitive we make work management.The Cost?Would you pay $5 per month to have engaged and aligned employees?The ROI on BullseyePerformance® is a matter of a few months! | 877-988-9808
  10. 10.  Fact SheetIntroduction: Bullseye is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)solutions provider of performance management solutions Why Bullseye?which result in better management and performance.  For managers: access performanceWith the formal launch of our SaaS dashboards at employee, team or corporateBullseyePerformance® in 2011, the company today hasclients worldwide. level to drive accountability.Leveraging modern technology, Bullseye offers a fresh  For employees: get social feedback asalternative to legacy server software and is compatible needed and self-manage job performanceacross all browsers, mobile phones, and tablets. SHRM and career development.HR professional standards come pre-loaded and industryconfigured solutions are readily available.  For companies: This SaaS solutionClients choose Bullseye because of our approach to automates employee reviews based ondriving a culture of performance. SHRM standards. Compatible with current systems as well as mobile phones and tablets.“I started Bullseye to bring passion and a  Global Capabilities: English, Arabic,results orientation to performance management.” Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese.– Adeel Zaidi, Founder  Footprint: Houston, Troy, Boston, London, Kuala Lumpur, and Moscow.  We matter because there is a growing mandate to document & drive performance.LEARN MORE AT:WEB /YOUTUBE VIDEOS Bullseye Contact: Louis Posthauer, Director Business Development, 713-554-0909 | | 877-988-9808
  11. 11.  MEDIA RELEASETake a Product Tour Online to See How SaaS Performance Management DrivesEmployee Engagement.BullseyeEvaluation’s SaaS Performance Management Product Spotlight on Cascading Goals.Houston, TX – March 10th 2012 – BullseyeEvaluation, has today, announced an onlineproduct tour of its SaaS Performance Management solution which competes againsttraditional license software and spreadsheets.The worldwide software market for Performance Management, the system for maintaining orimproving employee job performance through the use of performance assessment tools,coaching and counseling as well as providing continuous feedback, is greater than a $1Baccording to numerous analyst reports.The product tour of BullseyeEvaluation includes the benefits of a performance managementsolution integrated with goals, job, and career management coupled with performancedashboards as well as work tools to facilitate employee engagement, work collaboration, andcommunication of goals.“Using SaaS versus alternatives enables performance management to help drive employeeengagement and alignment of corporate objectives through the use of cascading goals,”remarked Adeel Zaidi, founder of BullseyeEvaluation.“Performance management drives accountability, and is the cornerstone of business when italigns the employee to the corporate goals,” remarked Mr. Adeel Zaidi. “As a manager, I wantedto create an alternative to spreadsheets and forms, and provide an intuitive solution that issuper simple to deploy, use, and facilitate work communications regarding progress againstgoals so that employees and managers always know how to respond.” Bullseye Contact: Louis Posthauer, Director Business Development, 713-554-0909 | | 877-988-9808