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Bullseye Performance Management Overview Presentation

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  • Our whole purpose is to stimulate a -frequent-productiveDialogue amongst employees that lends itself to a culture of feedback/coaching/mentoring.Alternative:Our whole purpose is to add value to our clients.
  • These three components cover anything you need to improve human capital performance in your organization.
  • Strategic Advantages Encourages Frequent Dialogue Creates Culture of Coaching/Mentoring Increases Employee Engagement Increases Employee RetentionIndustry ResearchEmployee Engagement  Organization PerformanceBullseye is unique in its ability to facilitate employee engagement
  • We want to help you insure that every employee in your organizationIs part of a continuous performance improvement process;>with an increasing level of personal engagement; insuring that their efforts are aligned with your corp objectives;And building capabilities valuable to not only them but the organization.
  • Bullseye Performance Management

    1. 1. January 25, 2013
    2. 2. BullseyePerformanceSocial Feedback for Employee Engagement System
    3. 3. Agenda Introductions The BullseyePerformance Value Proposition (5 Min) Live System Highlights (15 Min) → Performance Management Made Simple! → Social Feedback for Employee Engagement → Intuitive Business Intelligence Dashboards Questions & Discussion (open time) January 25, 2013
    4. 4. Bullseye ®Performance Management Made Simple! ©Solutions for Total Organization PerformanceBullseyePerformanceManagement©Social Feedback for Employee Engagement SystemBullseyeOPS™Operations Management System© BullseyeSurvey™Client/Student/Customer Satisfaction Survey©
    5. 5. BullseyePerformance  Appraisals  Feedback & Communications  Goals Management  Learning & Development  Competencies & Succession Planning  Training & Consulting SupportProduct Differentiators  Non-Form based solution – Performance and Operations Management in one simple integrated solution  Years ahead of competition – cutting edge technology  Shortest deployment & implementation time among enterprise systems  Simplest user interface  Compatible with all browsers  Affordable
    6. 6. Performance Management Solutions Goals Management Succession Planning Training Management Employee Evaluations Competency Management Key Performance Indicators The Bullseye Value Proposition: Ensuring the organization meets / exceeds strategic goals via systems and programs that enhance: Performance, Engagement, Alignment, & Capabilities.
    7. 7. BullseyePerformanceManagement®Made Simple! © To produce: Strategy Driven Performance ALIGNED Performance Management CAPABLE Learning & Growth Human Capital ENGAGED Value Proposition Talent Management 9 January 25, 2013
    8. 8. The ROI of Improved Engagement  500 employees  Average compensation of $50,000  Plus 28% benefits = $64,000 per Employee (EE)  = $ 32,000,000 payroll. Cost of partially engaged employees  Assume 35% (= 175 EE) somewhat engaged or disengaged (Level 1,2)  At their average performance level of 65%  = $3,920,000 overpayment, or lost ROI per year That’s over $250,000 PER MONTH What would you pay to reduce this by 50%? Plus add 5-10% to the bottom line!
    9. 9. Alimek Hek North Texas ConferenceArtistic Auto Physicians UnitedBizjet Detroit Manufacturing Port RoyalBellagio’s Elastec Rand Group HITBC Technical Sam’s Steamed Burgers IQ SolutionsCentral Valley Regional Solara Medical 3PDConcept Schools Kelly Services Transport for LondonCOA Kenexa Texas Southern UniversityCoaching for Change Mustang Cat TurbosquidDayton Physicians University of St Thomas Raving Fan Clients
    10. 10. Dubai Frankfurt Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur London Madrid Melbourne Mexico City Moscow Sao PauloAtlanta SingaporeBoston TorontoChicago ZurichDallasDetroitHoustonLos AngelesNew YorkTroy Global Footprint
    11. 11. Global Alliance Partners
    12. 12. Suite of Features Live System Introduction 2 Clicks Enable Alignment Historical Data Actionable Feedback
    13. 13. Thanks for Your Time Let’s talk next steps.