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Twitter for business the ultimate B2B guide


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Twitter for business the ultimate B2B guide

  1. 1. ®Marketing inBusiness:Twitter for Real TimeThe Ultimate B2B Guide
  2. 2. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B Guide Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B Guide Table of Contents: 3  Twitter in the Business World 4  Using Twitter as a B2B Marketing Channel 5  How B2B Companies Can Build Customer Relationships Using Twitter 8  The Six Steps to Building a Successful Twitter Strategy 13  Getting Started with Twitter 15  Seven Keys to a Successful Twitter Campaign 17  Conclusion 2 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify®
  3. 3. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B GuideTwitter in the Business WorldEvery day millions of people and businesses use Twitter to create, discover and share ideas with each other.Twitter helps businesses stay connected to their customers, enabling them to quickly share information and valu-able offers with existing customers or prospects, gather real-time marketing intelligence and feedback, and buildrelationships with customers, partners and other people who care about the company.If you are coming to Twitter as a businessperson, you are no doubt wondering how Twitter can generate moreleads.This guide is designed to help Business to Business (B2B) companies What is Twitter?use Twitter for lead generation by addressing: Launched in 2007, Twitter »»Key reasons your company should use Twitter started off with just a small »»Unique ways in which Twitter provides value to businesses following of die-hard users, but within just the past few years, its »»Practical steps you can take to start driving leads and increasing popularity has grown exponen- revenue through Twitter today. tially. Like other forms of social media, Twitter is comprised of user-generated content—inReal-time communication is a groundbreaking new arena for customers this case, short text messagesand businesses alike and Twitter is arguably the chief tool in the real-time limited to 140 characters. Thesemarketing universe. Twitter messages are brief, easy to read, viewable messages or tweets are sent byby the public, and can be created and received on a variety of devices. Twitter users to a group of inter- ested recipients, called followers.Moreover, Twitter messages are really every marketer’s dream because A Twitter username, also knownthey are opt-in by their very nature—users only receive tweets if they have as a Twitter handle, is denotedchosen to follow a certain Twitter account. by the @ symbol. For example, Optify is @optify.While many may dismiss Twitter as a passing fad or a communicationchannel used primarily by adolescents (akin to the early stages of SMS ortext messages), Twitter is in fact a broad, proven communication medium that has been embraced by a range ofusers. While teenagers and celebrities have flocked to Twitter, so have renowned corporations from JetBlue andStarbucks to Intel and Boeing. Businesses have already begun to devote the time and resources to supportingtheir social media efforts, including Twitter, and for good reason as we’ll see in the following sections. Twitter in the Business World 3 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
  4. 4. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B GuideUsing Twitter as a B2B Marketing Channel Twitter Lingo: TweetNo one can dispute the traction that Twitter has gained in the business world. A tweet is a message sentBut, can it be a cost-effective marketing channel that actually generates rev- via Twitter of up to 140enue for a B2B organization? The short answer is “yes,” and here’s why. characters in length. SMS (i.e. texting on your phone)The unique characteristics of the Twitter platform enable B2B marketers to: limits each message to 160 »»Market to prospects and customers in innovative ways: As mentioned characters. Twitter takes that earlier, Twitter is an opt-in communication channel by its very nature. limit and reserves 20 char- acters for your username, As such, companies can be sure that they’re only talking with people leaving you 140 characters. that are interested in what they have to say. Moreover, the brevity, Users refer to an individual frequent and conversational tone of Twitter updates let B2B companies message as a tweet, as in, “I build relationships with prospects and customers in a unique way just sent out a tweet about our new weekend promo- »»Drive more traffic to websites. URLs are still the primary calls to action tion.” People use it as a of Twitter updates. Thanks to URL shortening sites such as verb, too, as in, “I tweeted bit.ly and ow.ly, it’s easy for marketers to include and track landing page about the stimulus package this morning.” Alternatives URLs in their Twitter updates just as they would in e-mail or paid search include “post,” “message” campaigns. and “update.” »»Measure the impact and effectiveness of social media as a marketing channel. Just as they do with any other channel, marketers can now measure the effectiveness of Twitter as a marketing channel using a variety of technologies and tools that we’ll discuss in more detail later on. »»Promote new products (even pre-product release) and receive immediate, real-time feedback from users; Also, marketers can leverage their users’ suggestions for innovation and build new products based on these ideas. Just what is Twitter? Twitter is… An active Twitter program can… • A listening opportunity • Increase visibility of your company, brands, products and services • A content syndication platform • Increase your connection to people (aka followers) interested in your content, products and services • A real time search utility • Increase number and quality of links to your website • A content source for Google and Bing • Increase targeted keyword rankings • A major way to stay connected with your audience • Increase pre-qualified visits to your website • A growing communication medium Twitter has: 370,000 new sign ups daily | 95,000,000 Tweets per day | 175,000,000 registered users http://business.twitter.com/basics/what-is-twitter Using Twitter as a B2B Marketing Channel 4 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
  5. 5. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B GuideHow B2B Companies Can Build Customer Relationships Using TwitterOne of the primary distinctions between a consumer purchase and a business purchase is that the latter almostalways requires that a strong relationship exist between the company and the prospect before a purchase occurs.Because B2B purchases often have large price tags and may requirean investment in various resources, people want to make sure they aremaking the right decision before “pulling the trigger.” Consequently, B2B Twitter Lingo: Hashtag #sales cycles are long, and during this period, companies must do their A hashtag is the # symbol fol- ​best to earn the trust and respect of their prospects in order to make the lowed by a term describing or naming a specific topic. Whensale. Therefore, it’s important to stay in the forefront of your prospect’s hashtags are added to posts thismind with fresh content and an active Twitter stream. is a way of saying, “This mes- sage is about the same topic asB2B marketers can use Twitter effectively in 3 key ways: other messages that include the 1. By listening to what is being said about the company same hashtag.” When somebody searches for that hashtag they’ll 2. By engaging with customers and the public get all of the related messages. 3. By contributing and sharing their expertise and thought leadership If enough people use the same hashtag at once, the term will ap-Listening pear in Twitter’s “Trending Topics.” Companies often use hashtagsAs with any relationship, listening is essential to strengthening your as part of a product launch (e.g.company’s relationship with its prospects and customers. Just as you #GiletteMach3), or conferenceswould take the time to have a phone or in-person conversation with an and events (e.g. #SES).interested prospect, using Twitter as a communication vehicle in this wayshould be no different.Listening via social media (such as with Twitter) can be used by B2B marketers to... »»Educate themselves on conversations and trends occurring in the industry, including tweets by competitors. »»Find the key influencers, thought leaders and players in their specific markets. »»Find new customers by searching tweets for specific keywords. »»Leverage word-of-mouth. »»Learn what people say about their brand and products. »»Identify problems, unsatisfied customers or issues with their brand.To easily listen in on what is being said about your company, you can use Twitter’s search function whether ornot you have an account. Listening can help you quickly learn what people are saying about your company, andit will also give you a feel for the flow of conversations on Twitter. In addition, listening can give you insight intohow other companies handle Twitter exchanges. Know what your customers and prospects are saying about yourcompany, both positive and negative feedback, so that you can provide a public or private response and maintainthat relationship, as well as demonstrate to others the kind of quality customer service you provide. Rememberthat you’re not the only one listening to conversations about your company on Twitter, so is everyone else. How B2B Companies Can Build Customer Relationships Using Twitter 5 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
  6. 6. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B GuideTo listen in on the conversations happening right now, search Twitter for thename of your company, product or brand. If you have a Twitter account al- Twitter Lingo: Followingready, your homepage has a handy search box on the right side. If you don’t To receive messages on Twitter,yet have an account, go to search.twitter.com. Once you have an account you follow other people andset up, you can also save a series of searches so they are easy to find. companies you’re interested in—which means their mes-Once you’ve got a handle on the different searches that might matter to your sages as they post (put anothercompany, start following those accounts that regularly tweet about the things way, their messages show up inthat matter to your company. This helps you educate yourself on the conver- your incoming timeline on your Twitter home page. Conversely,sations that are going on in the marketplace, reveals what your competitors people get your messages byare up to, and lets you see the trends and issues that face your company or following you.the industry at large. Within a short span of time, you will quickly discoverthe key players, influencers and thought leaders in your field.In addition, you can find new customers and leads by searching for tweets that pertain to the industries you serveor the products and/or services you provide. For example, let’s say you are a company that helps other companiesimplement customer resource management (CRM) systems. A CIO at a company sends out a tweet about how hisbusiness is having difficulty setting up its new CRM system, which says: “Struggling with our CRM system. Needhelp.” If you were to search under “CRM system,” you would find that tweet among others and could possiblyoffer your services to that CIO by retweeting (RT) his message with an invitation to talk.EngagingOnce you’ve mastered the listening aspect of Twitter, it’s time to start engaging with other users and contributingvaluable content that will help increase your followers.When marketers engage effectively using Twitter they are able to... »»Connect with influential individuals who can become advocates for their companies/products. »»Build a wide network that will help them to reach more people. »»Establish their company and brand as experts in their industry by buidling authority.One of Twitter’s key benefits is that its conversations tend to be casual and informative, enabling B2B marketersto communicate with prospects and customers in a very personal way. Even at the biggest corporations, there are“real” people behind most Twitter accounts, and users appreciate the candor and more personal conversationsthey can have in this environment. Unlike other forms of corporate communication that result in anonymous andimpersonal outreach (e.g. press releases), Twitter gives everyone a voice. As such, it becomes very easy to buildrelationships with customers, partners and other people important to your business who are using Twitter.Because Twitter connects you to your customers in real time, many B2B companies also use it as a sales andcustomer service channel. For example, let’s say you work for a global accounting firm. If you search for yourfirm’s name (or brand), you may find clients posting messages about their experiences with your firm. As aresponse, your sales team might choose to reach out to these individuals to share information and financial advicethat these customers might be interested in, which helps in cross- and up-sell activities. Some customers may How B2B Companies Can Build Customer Relationships Using Twitter 6 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
  7. 7. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B Guide Twitter Lingo: Direct Message Direct messages—or DMs—are Twitter’s private messaging channel. These tweets appear on your home page under the “Messages” tab, and if you have email notifications turned on, you’ll also get an email message when somebody DMs you. DMs don’t appear in either person’s public timeline or in search results. No one but you can see your DMs. With DMs, you can send them only to people who are following you. Conversely, you can receive them only from people you’re following. You can easily send DMs from the “Messages” tab by using the pull-down menu to choose a recipient and then typing in your note. To send a DM from your Twitter home page, start your message with “d username,” like this: “d Fast- CIO We’ve got a smartphone server you should try.” If you’re communicating with a customer about something potentially sensitive—including personal information, account numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses etc.— be sure to encourage them to DM or email you.also provide you with invaluable feedback that helps your company improve its products and services. Still othersmay send messages about issues with your firm’s customer service. Handling these types of tweets both quicklyand effectively can positively impact your company’s reputation. You can provide exclusive Twitter coupon codes,link to key posts on your blog, share tips for shopping online and announce specials at store locations. By listeningand engaging appropriately on Twitter, B2B companies can help create happier customers, passionate advocates,key product improvements and, in many cases, more sales.Contributing and SharingAs a communication platform, Twitter offers users the unique opportunity to dispense knowledge and opinions toa widespread audience and with great frequency. Because of this, Twitter makes it very easy for people to becomeinfluencers and thought leaders in their space.Marketers can use Twitter to influence others by: »»Becoming a thought leader, mentor or subject matter expert »»Helping customers learn more about their domain/industry »»Lead discussions in their industry »»Syndicate their own contentTwitter makes it easy for users to share their own expertise and knowledge. Because Twitter messages are only140 characters, this brevity forces users to distill their messages into only the most important, salient pieces. Asyou become a “regular” on Twitter and establish yourself or your company as an expert, readers will come toexpect valuable content with every tweet you do. Ultimately, your power to influence through Twitter will continueto grow as you or other members of your organization build thought leadership in your industry. How B2B Companies Can Build Customer Relationships Using Twitter 7 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
  8. 8. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B GuideThe Six Steps to Building a Successful Twitter Strategy1. Establish goals Before setting up a Twitter account, begin by asking yourself what your primary objectives are for using Twitter (and, don’t just say “because other companies are using it”). Make sure that you have tangible business reasons for starting a Twitter account because as we’ll explore later on, Twitter should be as accountable and measurable as any other marketing channel. Do you want to use Twitter to promote your company as a thought leader? Or, do you want to focus on Twitter as a way to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and solicit feedback from prospects and customers? The real-time nature of Twitter communication makes it easy to reach people wherever they hap- pen to be and for messages to travel quickly (particularly through Twitter Tips Tricks the ability to retweet messages, simply by appending “RT” to a Incorporate Twitter into your tweet and distributing it through your own tweet update). If you daily routine. Listen regularly for want to use Twitter as a thought leadership distribution channel, comments about your company, you might start by establishing goals and milestones for specific brand and products. To make things even easier, go into Settings marketing content. If you’ve just launched a product and want user Notices and make sure that feedback, you might establish an objective of including at least “New Follower Emails” and “Direct one product-related Twitter update a day. Or, perhaps you want to Text Emails” are both checked, use Twitter as a customer service channel. If so, you can set up a so you receive automatic notifica- goal to answer customer-service-related issues within a few hours. tions of new followers and direct messages. Finally, be prepared to When people raise customer service issues on Twitter they gener- devote time to address concerns, ally expect a quick reply—within a day, if not within a few hours, offer customer service, or thank depending on the nature of your business. As such, keep an eye on people for praise or retweets of your @mentions or direct messages from your updates. For businesses, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye followers. on incoming @mentions because This is also a good time to ask yourself if your organization has they’re often sent by customers or potential customers who expect the resources and time to devote to maintaining a Twitter account. a reply. To reply easily from the Twitter thrives on real-time communication between its users, so Twitter website, mouse over a mes- your company should be prepared to devote at least part of every sage and click on the reply arrow day to maintaining a strong Twitter presence. to start a new message addressed to the original user.2. Decide on a frequency for updates Twitter has largely led the real-time marketing trend, and many who use Twitter send messages many times a day, if not hourly. However, “live” tweeting may not work for some resource-constrained companies. Similarly, some Twitter campaigns are more effective when they are set up as a regular stream of tweets over a set period of time. As a minimum, shoot for sending at least four tweets per day, spaced evenly throughout the day or focused primarily on key hours for businesspeople, such as the early morning and lunch hours. If possible, try to tweet whenever you have something interesting to share – research suggests that the “magic” number of Tweets per day is 24 – but make sure you keep a balance between promotional tweets and tweets about other people’s content. The Six Steps to Building a Successful Twitter Strategy 8 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
  9. 9. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B Guide If your tweets are not time sensitive, they can be added to a regular Twitter broadcast. When people employ Twitter to broadcast, they use the platform to make regular announcements or updates rather than using the platform as a two-way conversational tool. Regardless of which approach you choose, be sure to firmly establish how you want to use Twitter, so as not to confuse or alienate your followers. Moreover, be sensitive to timing from your followers’ perspectives. Without scheduling your tweets, you may be tempted to post multiple tweets whenever you have the chance, stacking several on top of each other. This may cause people to focus on your most recent tweet to the exclusion of the others, or worse, they may lose interest or even become annoyed. Twitter Tips Tricks3. Define and organize your subject matter Regularly creating interesting Twitter updates is key to keeping your Use the “Saved Searches” followers engaged, but what exactly should you post about? Start with feature to easily track men- your high-level goals (Key #1), such as building deeper relationships tions of your product, brand, with customers, getting on the radar of potential new customers or company and more. From your Twitter homepage, simply run a partners, providing more responsive and immediate customer ser- search, and then at the top of vice, or establishing thought leadership in your space. Try to think of your results page, click “Save this Twitter as you would your other marketing communication vehicles. search.” A link with your search An editorial calendar can help you decide when to discuss specific term will appear on the right side of your page, and whenever you topics. For example, if you have a product launch happening next click it, you’ll get real-time results month, align your tweets with the timing of your launch-related for that query. To delete a search, activities. click “Remove this search.” As a general rule, only give your audience information that they need and can use. Such topics may include industry statistics, news or some form of educational content. When you send out a tweet make sure it will help your customers improve their businesses in some way. If a large volume of news and research may be interesting to your audience, try to pick out only the most interesting and action- able pieces to tweet about. And don’t forget – a lot of great tweets are often links to other content. Just be sure to give credit where credit is due by indicating a retweet (RT) when necessary.4. Decide on your follower-gaining tactics Like other social media platforms, Twitter relies on its users for generating content and interacting with each other. As such, gaining new followers should be a primary goal of your Twitter strategy. In addition, followers are the main way to extend the reach of your message and achieve the goals you’ve set in Step 1. In order to achieve those goals, you will need to align your follower-gaining tactics with those goals. For example, if your goal is to increase awareness to your brand, your follower-gaining tactics should be aimed at gaining as many followers as possible. Take on tactics that design to achieve that, like offering small rewards for following you, follow auto-followers, join lists and other similar tactics. But, if your goal is to better serve your customers and use Twitter as a customer service tool, your follower-gaining tactics should reflect that by following all your cus- tomers, adding your Twitter handle to all your customer service materials and advertising your Twitter handle in your marketing assets. The Six Steps to Building a Successful Twitter Strategy 9 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
  10. 10. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B Guide In general, try to build your Twitter following by posting messages that your followers will find compelling and that establish you and your company as a worthy source of content. Remember the value of search in Twitter; users will often search by keyword, so when possible include the keywords that matter to your business in your updates, as long as they’re relevant. Once your followers start appreciating your posts, the more likely they’ll be to retweet them and the larger your follower number will grow. Also remember that people can choose to un- follow you just as easily. Keep your tweets compelling and participate regularly with other Twitter conversations when appropriate. In addition to follower-gaining tactics, you will need to decide on your following policies. There are four main types of following policies and each can be tied back to your Twitter strategy: Reciprocal following (aka auto-follow), restrictive following, selective following and use-case following (follow customers, follow influencers, etc.) »»Reciprocal following (aka auto-follow): Follow anyone who follows you. Not a recommended policy, but can be effective in creating and sustaining a followers base at the beginning of your Twitter activity. »»Restrictive following: The other end of the following policy spectrum; follow a very small number of users, or don’t follow anyone at all. This policy is more suitable to celebrities and companies who can afford not to follow other users and will give you the halo effect of a celebrity (similarly to a scarcity strategy where you create an artificial demand). If you can pull this off – way to go! »»Selective following: The more common policy used by most “regular” users. Follow users who are relevant to your industry, business and products. Follow based on their contribution to the feed and to your goals. »»Use-case following: Similar to the previous policy, but based on use cases and not just relevancy. For example, based on this policy you will follow all your customers regardless of their contribution so they will follow you and enable the DM function to allow private tweeting between your company and that user. Make sure you distribute the appropriate policy to your company and make it clear internally, especially if you have several people using Twitter on behalf of your company.5. Manage Twitter Resources An important part of your Twitter strategy should be its integration with your existing internal processes. For instance, if you receive product feedback or questions on Twitter, how are you planning on connecting these people with your customer service team? Similarly, will one person or department be in charge of your com- pany’s Twitter updates, or will the responsibility be shared? If you don’t have a designated “social media” department, you should determine how Twitter would fit into your organization’s current processes as soon as possible. Down the line, you may also want to consider having separate Twitter accounts that focus exclusively on specific subjects or goals, such as providing customer service or offering deals that will move your inventory. Of course, this should be a later-stage consideration---Twitter works best for businesses when they start slow, devoting a few minutes a day to see whether and how it’s valuable to them and whether it’s worthy of further investment. (Note: There is more on the subject matter in our Getting Started section) The Six Steps to Building a Successful Twitter Strategy 10 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
  11. 11. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B Guide6. Metrics and Measurement Tools As with any other B2B marketing channel, it’s important for you to establish success metrics for your Twitter efforts. Success with Twitter is much more than the number of followers you have. Part of your success on Twitter depends on the quality of your engagement. The metrics you set should be a reflection of the goals you’ve set up for your Twitter strategy. The measurement tools you pick should be able to easily track and present those metrics, so you won’t have to spend time collecting and analyzing the data. Examples of success metrics with Twitter based on goals Goals Metrics Increase Brand Awareness • Reach (followers + RT * RT’s followers) • Followers • Branded Drive Traffic • Visits Generate Leads • Leads Nurture Leads • Visits and returning leads Improve customer service • Twitter conversations • Positive mentions • Changes in customer satisfaction polls Use as help channel • Number of Twitter conversations • Number of DM • Number of mentions of your help # • Change in visits to help section on your website The Six Steps to Building a Successful Twitter Strategy 11 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
  12. 12. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B GuideAs far as quantitative metrics go, Twitter lends itself to measure-ment in a few ways, especially if you’ve already defined your Twitter Twitter Lingo: ReTweet (RT)goals for the next three months, six months, one year and so on. To help share ideas and give praiseThe following points can help you assess your progress toward via Twitter, you can repost people’s messages and give them credit.meeting these goals: People call that retweeting (or RT), »»Keep a tally of questions answered, customer problems resolved and it usually looks something like and positive exchanges held on Twitter. Do the percentages this: “RT @Username: Original mes- sage (often with a link).” Retweeting measure the change over time? Is Twitter having a positive effect is common and it’s a form of conver- on your business? sation on Twitter. It’s also a powerful way to quickly spread messages and »»When you offer deals via Twitter use a unique coupon code, so ideas across Twitter. that you can tell how many people take you up on that Twitter- based promotion. If you have an online presence, you can set up a landing page for a promotion to track click-throughs and conversions. Third-party tools, such as Optify, can help determine how much traffic your website is receiving from Twitter. »»Track click-throughs on any link you post in a tweet. Some URL shortening services (such as bit.ly and tinyurl) let you track click-throughs. »»Make a chart that tabulates raw data like number of followers, number following, number of tweets, total tracked clicks on tweets and so on. »»Make a list of your top ten tweets based on clicks.As for measurement tools, there are plenty of tools that can provide you with tracking and measuring capabili-ties for the metrics you’ve decided on. Optify can fulfill most of your requirements and can track visits, leads,mentions, campaigns and gives you the data to calculate reach.Other tools include: »»TweetVolume: Helps you identify keywords you might use in a tweet and which are the most prevalent on Twitter. »»TwitterCounter: Provides charts to show Twitter follower growth. »»Twinfluence: Measures the combined influence of your Twitter account and fol- lowers, has definitions of key statistics and provides valuable benchmarks for B2B Twitter users to track The Six Steps to Building a Successful Twitter Strategy 12 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
  13. 13. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B GuideGetting Started with TwitterIf you’ve determined that starting a Twitter account is the right move for your company, it’s time to get started!1. Create your Twitter account Go to Twitter.com and fill out the four fields on the sign-up page. If you’re creating a company account, use the “Full name” field to Twitter Tips Tricks type in your company name. That will help people find your com- pany on Twitter (You can add your own name in the bio field, as Add your mobile phone to your described below). Twitter’s username is the handle by which you’ll account, so you can tweet from the road. Customers can also fol- be known on Twitter, such as ShareATT or JetBlueCheeps. Choose low you from their mobile phone by the shortest name that best describes your company or this particu- texting “follow @YourUsername” to lar account, and remember to stay true to your brand. Twitter does 40404. If you have a smart phone, not allow so-called name squatting, so if somebody who does not like an iPhone or a Blackberry, download any of the numerous work for your company is holding or using your brand name inap- Twitter clients for those platforms. propriately, contact Twitter to get it sorted out. After you’ve signed up, the site walks you through a couple of screens to help you find people on Twitter you know or might be interested in.2. Fill out your profile completely Before you do anything else, click Twitter’s “Settings” link to get a page where you can fill out a few more details to help people recognize your company. Most of the fields are self-explanatory. Pay special attention to the “Bio,” which lets you summarize who you are in 160 characters. If there are other people at your company on Twitter, you can list their @usernames here as well. Before you leave “Settings,” check out the picture tab, which is the place to add your company logo or your photo. On the design tab, you can upload a background image for your Twitter home page and tweak the page’s colors. Because the bio gives you just 160 characters, companies often use the background image to share additional contact info, and it serves as additional brand- ing for your business.3. Find highly relevant people and companies to follow Whether or not you chose to follow anyone in the sign-up process, now’s a good time to search for people and companies of specific interest to you. You can use the “Who to Follow” link at the top of the home page, or use the search box in order to find people who are talking about your company, brand and products. You can also use the search feature to discover people in your industry by plugging in keywords related to your industry or area of expertise. When you find interesting messages related to your space consider following those accounts. Don’t worry too much about the number of people you’re following—just follow a few whose updates you really want to read, introduce yourself and let your conversations grow organically. By default, when someone follows you you’ll get a notification email from Twitter outlining some basic information about this user. Anyone can turn off those notifications, though (under Settings Notices), so don’t assume people will know you’re on Twitter just because you’ve followed them. Getting Started with Twitter 13 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
  14. 14. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B Guide4. Post your first message On your Twitter homepage, in the box at the top, type in a message. As you type, the counter on the bottom- right corner of the box guides you down from 140 characters. When you’ve got a message ready to go, hit “Tweet” to post it. For a first message, consider trying something like, “Excited to start tweeting. Let us know what you want to hear about from us.” Once you’ve posted that first message, you could follow up with some “hello” mentions to people you know on Twitter, and perhaps post a link to an interesting news story about your industry. Remember to use a URL shortener such as bit.ly before posting the link in the update box. Twitter Tips Tricks Don’t spam people. Twitter’s following model means that you have to respect the interests and desires of other people on the service, or they’ll decide to no longer follow you. The most common way to run afoul of that understanding—and to appear like a spammer—is to send unsolicited @messages or DMs, particularly when you include a promotional link. Of course, if you run an account that focuses explicitly on sharing exclusive coupon codes or sale information, you’re probably OK posting promotions. But tread carefully, and consider explaining in your bio or background how your account works and its purpose. You can test the waters by sending just a few promos to start, and then continuing if and only when people show interest. To make sure you’re not spamming folks, we also suggest you avoid the following practices: »»Posting the same update throughout the day »»Posting the same update to multiple accounts »»Following and unfollowing the same people repeatedly, as well as following and unfollowing those who don’t follow back (these are both violations of Twitter’s terms of service). Getting Started with Twitter 14 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
  15. 15. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B GuideSeven Keys to a Successful Twitter CampaignTwitter campaigns organize your tweets around a specific event like a press release, product launch, webinar,conference or other event. We’re seeing tremendous interest by companies to use Twitter to promote their events,handle QA for live events like webinars and schedule tweets in advance for maximum effect.What’s the blueprint for a successful Twitter campaign and how do you measure success?1. Choose the right words The words you use in Twitter can have a big impact on your success in attracting attention. With the integration of Twitter feeds into Google and Bing, the words you use for Twitter should be words you expect your audience to search. For example, if your webinar is about online marketing, should you use the term Internet marketing, online marketing or web marketing? A quick look at the search volume on these terms will show you that internet marketing is used four times as often than the other two terms. Optify’s Keywords Application enables a quick start on this type of research. Make sure you’re consistent in your tone and style. Write a few drafts, send them around for people to comment on, verify your tone and style are aligned with who you’re and what your brand is all about. Your Twitter account is part of your brand. Treat it accordingly.2. Give the right (and useful) information Give accurate, true and reliable information about your event. Check your links, check your landing page, make sure your landing page reflects what your tweet is saying and vice versa. Don’t forget to give the technical information – day, date, time and the appropriate link to all the information. Point links from Twitter directly to your registration page.3. Tweet frequently, but not obsessively Don’t over tweet about your event. A good frequency about an event is once a day in the days prior to the event. Frequency should be lower if your event is more than a week away. You want to build excitement, but not overdo it.4. Use a unique hashtag (#) Think of a unique hashtag for your event that will help people follow the traffic that is associated with your event and not get lost in the cluster of tweets about the subject of your event. Verify that your hashtag is not being used at the moment to avoid confusion. Make sure it’s related to your event. We endorse using a hashtag to flag questions and communicate during your event via Twitter. Followers of your followers will see your questions and answers, so you will potentially get a big impact from a few questions. Seven Keys to a Successful Twitter Campaign 15 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
  16. 16. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B Guide5. Plan and schedule your Twitter campaign Twitter is a real-time service, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t plan ahead. Optify enables you to schedule your Twitter campaign in advance. This means you can stay connected, even if you’re offline and you won’t be chained to your PC (or Mac). Optify’s Twitter for Business application enables you to schedule and automati- cally launch your campaign. Don’t forget to add a reminder on your schedule as well. A common and good practice is to drop a reminder on the day of the event and 30 minutes before the event starts.6. Point to a great landing page A great landing page is critical. There should be a logical link between your tweet and your landing page. It should be easy to read and understand and provide all the information right away. Don’t make anyone jump through hoops to get the info they need. If you’re us- ing a registration page, give enough details about the event so people will want to register. Make registration easy and fast. Note about webinars: If you’re using a hosted service like GoToWebinar, capture lead information on your site before sending them to a hosted page.7. Track g Monitor g Analyze g Repeat! Using Twitter for business can have a big impact generating leads for your business. The most important thing is to experiment and learn from your mistakes. Seven Keys to a Successful Twitter Campaign 16 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
  17. 17. ® Twitter for Business: The Ultimate B2B GuideConclusionTwitter has already proven its value as an innovative tool for B2B marketers. From its “opt-in” nature to thereal-time communication it supports, Twitter can be used to: »»Build relationships with prospects and customers in an informal, genuine way »»Drive increased traffic to your website and landing pages »»Serve as a thought leadership platform for your company and industry »»Measure the effectiveness of social media marketing campaignsAs with any other marketing strategy, using Twitter for B2B marketing campaigns requires goals, objectives, suc-cess metrics and commitment in order to ensure success. Once these are established, B2B marketers can useTwitter to accomplish their marketing objectives in new and innovative ways that drive leads and increase revenue. Twitter Resources 3rd Party Applications: Online Resources: »»TwitterFeed - Send your blog feed to Twitter »»The Newbie’s Guide to Twitter http://twitterfeed.com/ http://news.cnet.com/newbies-guide-to-twitter/ »»TwitPic - Photo Sharing for Twitter »»Mashable’s Guide to Twitter http://twitpic.com/ http://mashable.com/guidebook/twitter/ »»Bit.ly - A URL shortener http://bit.ly/ »»7 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid on Twitter http://www.imediaconnection.com/22655.asp »»Twiogle – Search Twitter and Google simultane- ously http://www.twiogle.com/ »»Olgivy’s Take on Twitter Best Practices http://blog.ogilvypr.com/2008/08/the-creation-of- »»Optify’s Twitter for Business application - A Twitter twitter-best-practices-round-1/ management application http://www.optify.net/twitter-for-business »»35 Twitter Tips from 35 Twitter Users http://www.problogger.net/archives/2008/01/25/35- »»TweetDeck - Connects to both your Twitter and twitter-tips-from-35-twitter-users/ Facebook networks http://www.tweetdeck.com/ »»137 Small Business Twitter Tips http://smallbiztrends.com/2009/07/137-small-busi- »»Echofon - Manages unread tweets ness-twitter-tips.html http://www.echofon.com/ »»Twitter Help Center »»UberTwitter - Twitter client for mobile devices http://support.twitter.com// http://www.ubertwitter.com/ »»Twitter 101 - A Special Guide http://business.twitter.com/twitter101 Books: »»Everything Twitter By Monica Jones »»Twitter: Free Social Networking for Businesses By Daniel Clark »»Twitter Power By Joel Comm »»Groundswell By Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff »»Twitter Marketing for Dummies By Kyle Lacy »»Twitter Marketing By Steve Weber Conclusion 17 © 2011 Optify, Inc. All rights reserved. www.optify.net 1-877-2-OPTIFY @optify ®
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