SEO 101 The Benefits of Doing SEO


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SEO 101 The Benefits of Doing SEO

  1. 1. ® SEO 101:The Benefits of Doing SEO
  2. 2. ® SEO 101: The Benefits of Doing SEO SEO 101: The Benefits of Doing SEO Table of Contents: 3  Introduction 4  First Page Search Results Can Yield More Traffic Than PPC 5  First Page Placement Results in Well Qualified Traffic 5  SEO Done Right Has Long-Term Durability; How to Achieve & Maintain a High Rank 7  Conclusion 2Optify, Inc. 710 2nd Ave, Suite 840 Seattle, WA 98104 1-877-2-OPTIFY © 2012 Optify, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. ® SEO 101: The Benefits of Doing SEOIntroductionThe Benefits of SEO: Why Ranking on the First SERP is So Important:Websites that enjoy high rankings from search engines enjoy the benefits of SEO. Internet users often believe thatthese results on the first Search Engine Result Page, or SERP, must be the best websites available hat match their tsearch. While in some cases this is true, usually websites have a high SERP ranking due to the skilled implemen-tation of an important web marketing technique known as SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving the ranking of a website on a search engine by using natural (also known as organic) methods vs. paid advertising. Although the actual method that big search engines like Google use to calculate webpage ranking is a top-secret affair, Internet experts agree that there are many elements involved in page ranking that remain unchanged over time, such as updating content regularly. Websites that have high page one rankings on search engine results reap the many benefits of SEO. In this whitepaper we’ll present the top three reasons why SEO is beneficial to businesses. The Benefits of SEO There are multiple reasons why implementing SEO is a good practice for any online business. However in this paper, we focus on the three frontrunners. They are: 1. Landing on the first SERP can drive more traffic than PPC placements 2. First page placement results in well qualified traffic 3. SEO, when done well, has a long-term impact on your site’s ability to be found To understand why we’ve arrived at these conclusions and what this means for your business we’ll explore each one. Introduction 3Optify, Inc. 710 2nd Ave, Suite 840 Seattle, WA 98104 1-877-2-OPTIFY © 2012 Optify, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. ® SEO 101: The Benefits of Doing SEOFirst Page Search Results Can Yield More Traffic Than PPCTypical search engine users will navigate to one of the websites listed on the first SERP because they perceive high SEO rankings as a strong indication that the websites listed first are the best ones available. Website owners benefit from high ranking SERP’s because this leads to more website traffic and greater revenue from ads on their website.According to an Organic CTR Curve study researchedand published in December 2010, the top three natural (unpaid) positions on page one of Googlesearch results receive 58.4 percent of all user visits,or clicks. The overall average click-thru results (alsoknown as CTR) for websites on the first Google SERPis 8.9 percent. For websites that appear on the secondGoogle SERP, the number of web users who actually visit one of these websites drops to only 1.5 percent.The reasons to achieve a page one SERP ranking areclear; over half of all search engine users visit one ofthe top three listings on page one of SERP. Visit our Blog to understand the value of ranking on page one. Keyword Basics In order to build your target keyword list, the first place to look is your own site. It is important to review the content carefully to see what words may be utilized as keywords. If you were searching for your own particu- lar product, ask yourself what it is that makes your product unique, original and different than other similar products? What word or words might be entered in a search engine by an individual in need of your product? How are people finding you now? What words are entered? Study those words. It is also important that you enter your brand names as they might be misspelled by searchers. Sound out the words phonetically and take note of the creative spellings that others might use. Products and names are frequently misspelled – this is a viable source of keywords. It is also important not to overuse keywords – often called keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing can actually result in a lowered search result ranking. Be safe, somewhat conservative and keep your keyword usage un- der 5%. Resist the temptation to overuse keywords. Write “organically” – or naturally – with rich, high-quality content. That, in combination with intelligent keyword use, will result in improved search engine rankings. First Page Search Results Can Yield More Traffic Than PPC 4Optify, Inc. 710 2nd Ave, Suite 840 Seattle, WA 98104 1-877-2-OPTIFY © 2012 Optify, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. ® SEO 101: The Benefits of Doing SEOFirst Page Placement Results in Well Qualified TrafficEven a website of high quality is of no use unless it is seen by searchers. And searchers, of course, are the bestpotential customers. They are the pre-qualified clients and buyers who are already looking for the products andservices that you have to offer. They are the clients who sustain and create business growth through sales, wordof mouth referral, testimonials, and real-life advertising by product utilization, whether it is an item of clothing, asalad dressing or an automobile. Internet commerce is dependent in great part upon visibility.Unless a company is so well known that it does not need help from the Internet, visibility and exposure is alwaysof paramount importance. Additionally, even the most successful business will create and maintain a strong webpresence to improve and maintain its dominance in the marketplace. Keywords are at the heart of all the searchesthat lead visibility and exposure to your target audience. Peppering your site and content with strategically chosenkeywords is an important step to landing on the first SERP and leading the most highly desired visitors directly toyour site.SEO Done Right Has Long-Term Top 10 SEO Best PracticesDurability; How to Achieve & Maintain a High Rank 1. Identify your target keyword(s) for each pageGoogle’s changes to its algorithms aren’t new to the SEO 2. Use the target keyword in the page name/community, and seasoned SEOs have experienced several URLmajor algorithm changes over the last decade. Google actu-ally confirmed making on average at least one change per 3. Use the target keyword in the first four words of your title tagday to its search algorithms. If Google and other search en-gines are always changing, then won’t SEO be an exercise in 4. Keep your title tag to less than 65 charac- ters and make it uniquefutility? Not so. There are durable elements of SEO, based onGoogle’s statements and implicit motivations that will stand 5. Use a single <H1> style tag for your pagethe test of time. These are the four cardinal elements of SEO headlinethat will stay true regardless of search engines’ future 6. Include your target keyword in the <H1>“improvements” to their algorithms. tag 7. Make sure the body copy includes theDurable SEO Element #1: Basic Keyword target keywordSEO Rules 8. Write a unique, compelling meta descrip-What it is: The very basic SEO rules. See sidebar for list tion that includes the focus keywordsWhy it’s durable: Every game needs rules and the basic 9. Create a network of cross-linked pages wherever target keywords are usedkeyword SEO rules are easy to communicate (See GoogleWebmaster’s SEO guide) and easy to follow. They level the 10.Use alt-text and descriptive file names for your imagesplaying field and make Google seem like a “team player” andnot a game-dictator. If you follow these rules you will have abetter chance of being found by Google and others while being presented in a way that you would like pros-pects and customers to see you. First Page Placement Results in Well Qualified Traffic 5Optify, Inc. 710 2nd Ave, Suite 840 Seattle, WA 98104 1-877-2-OPTIFY © 2012 Optify, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. ® SEO 101: The Benefits of Doing SEOHow to use it: Make sure your pages are optimized for the basic SEO rules – include target keywords in your URLs, titles, meta tags, h1’s, etc. Track what pages rank for what keywords and “double-down” your efforts on these pages with these keywords (see our SEO campaign guide for more details). Durable SEO Element #2: Inbound (quality) LinksWhat it is: Inbound links are links from external websites to your website that tell Google that the content they arepointing to is relevant to the subject surrounding that link. Inbound links are presumed to be effective only whenthey are “follow” and not “nofollow” and have greater impact when they come from an authoritative source (seenext element – Authority).Why it’s durable: Getting quality inbound links is hard and it truly shows that your content is good enough for someone else to reference. In addition, this has been the SEO currency for years and is believed to be the mostimpactful element on ranking; moving away from this method is highly unlikely. How to use it: Keep building your inbound links (using white hat practices) through content syndication andpromotions, create unique content that people wouldwant to reference and link to, and build relationshipswith other web writers, so they will be aware ofyour content. Durable SEO Element #3: AuthorityWhat it is: Google PageRank, Social Media Authority.To date, Google has confirmed using only these twotypes of authority signals in their ranking algorithm.These authority signals determine how Google will treata domain and an inbound link from a different domainor a social signal (retweet, link within a tweet, Like) fora specific page in its ranking considerations.Why it’s durable: The World Wide Web by Google is ameritocracy and authority is the way to determine yourstanding, but as long as there’s an SEO game therewill always be people who will try to trick the system and advance not by their own merit. Google’s authority is oneof its main ways to deal with SEO fraud and the addition of social authority is another sign as to why authority willkeep being a crucial element in Google’s algorithm. To Read a full list of The Durable Elements of SEO visit our Blog. Durable Elements of SEO 6Optify, Inc. 710 2nd Ave, Suite 840 Seattle, WA 98104 1-877-2-OPTIFY © 2012 Optify, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. ® SEO 101: The Benefits of Doing SEOHow to use it: Build your authority by creating unique content and follow white-hat practices. Build relationshipswith high authority sites and pursue links from them to benefit from their authority.Durable SEO Element #4: User ExperienceWhat it is: Page load speed and low bounce rate are two measurable indications for good user experience (andwere also confirmed by Google to be used in its algorithm). Other immeasurable factors like good design, easynavigation and a solid UI (User Interface) increase user engagement and signal to search engines users havefound what they want. Therefore your site will benefit from a low bounce score.Why it’s durable: First rule in marketing – it’s all about the customer. Search engines aren’t any different than anyother business-to-consumer company; they want to satisfy users. Their goal is for you to have an engaging experi-ence where you find what you are looking for. It’s in their best interest to point you to compelling content so you’llbe inclined to use their search engine again.How to use it: Keep your site updated, measure your bounce rate and page load speed and create clear alignmentbetween the keywords you target, your content and the experience you’re creating for your visitors.These are the tried-and-true methods of website development that search engines like Google have always responded favorably to. For a brief review, they include: » Creating a target keyword list, and using it throughout the website. » Making the website compatible with new browsers and mobile web technology. » Using different ways to communicate information, including blogs, videos and images on a website. » Adding fresh, high-quality content to a website on a regular basis.ConclusionFor website owners looking to achieve a page one SERP, it is important to execute an SEO campaign that comprehensively addresses all the elements of search engine optimization. Getting your site onto a page oneSERP will pay off in spades but there is no quick fix or shortcut. Time and again, those who try to beat the systemlose. But, by using sound, durable SEO practices you will reap the benefits of having increased, sustained, andwell-qualified traffic head straight to your digital front door. Conclusion 7Optify, Inc. 710 2nd Ave, Suite 840 Seattle, WA 98104 1-877-2-OPTIFY © 2012 Optify, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. ® SEO 101: The Benefits of Doing SEOAbout Optify Optify delivers an integrated top-of-the-funnel solution for marketers responsible for fueling their company’sgrowth. Optify helps B2B marketers reach more buyers and generate more demand for their products or servicesmonth-after-month. The Optify Inbound Marketing Software Suite brings together the enterprise-class SEO and social marketing tools that marketers need to increase awareness of their business, influence buyers acrosssocial networks, and engage with prospects at the earliest point of their buyer’s journey.Optify’s Solution IncludesInbound Demand: create a sustainable flow of inbound leads into yourmarketing funnel with enterprise-class SEO and social marketing. INBOUND DEMANDSales Enablement: help sales reach prospects and engage with them Enterprise-class SEO andearly in the sales process with visitor intelligence and prospect alerts. social marketing to reach more buyers and generateTracking & Analytics: get more of the prospects you want with full more leads.insight into what influences your buyers and the path they take to find and evaluate you during their research process.Optify offers a fully-featured free trial; start your free trial now SALES ENABLEMENT Visitor intelligence and prospect alerts help sales reach prospects while they’re hot. TRACKING & ANALYTICS Insight into what influences your buyers so you can get more buyers into your funnel. About Optify 8Optify, Inc. 710 2nd Ave, Suite 840 Seattle, WA 98104 1-877-2-OPTIFY © 2012 Optify, Inc. All Rights Reserved.