Five optimization tips to improve your performance on google product search an online marketing guide


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Five optimization tips to improve your performance on google product search an online marketing guide

  1. 1. Five Optimization Tips toImprove Your Performanceon Google Product SearchAn Online Marketing GuideAndrew DavisDavid
  2. 2. introductionCPC Strategy is a full-service comparison shopping engine (CSE) agency. We specializein shopping feed and merchant account optimization for niche retailers and InternetRetailer 500 merchants. Our comparison shopping studies and articles have appearedon blogs and industry publications such as Internet Retailer, Website Magazine,GetElastic, Amazon Seller Support, and Auction Bytes.If you’re interested in learning more about our full-service shopping engine managementsolution click here to speak with our Marketing Director, Andrew Davis. This whitepaper illuminates five important optimization techniques you can use to increasethe amount and quality of traffic from Google Product Search.TIP ONEOptimize your product_typeWe’ve seen traffic increases of over 100% with an optimized product_type column.Results like that aren’t typical, but the traffic increase that comes from optimizing thiscolumn is substantial.The product_type category is basically the category column for Google Product Search.If you have your own categories you can use them, but we only recommend this if youhave detailed categories for each individual product.Recently we wrote a blog post detailing the significance of this column and somemerchant best practices when submitting this attribute data. We cannot stress itsimportance enough.To get the most (and best) traffic use both top level and bottom level categories.For example, Furniture > Office Furniture > Desks > Cherry Desks is better than justCherry Desk.If you see that the categories assigned to your products are not as detailed as they canbe in Google’s product_type taxonomy you should revisit and update the data with themost specific information possible. 1
  3. 3. TIP TWOInclude tax and shippingIt’s important to include this information to improve the shopper’s experience.Now, you might think, “All I want to do is capture free traffic from Google ProductSearch. Why do I care if include tax and shipping if it’s going to make my offerlook less appealing?” Well, nobody likes being surprised with hidden fees andcharges when they’re shopping! You’ve already gotten the shopper to your site,don’t risk losing them now.It’s easy to include this information in your shopping feed. Just add a column titled“tax” and specify the following sub-attributes for each product: Country State Tax rate y/n (whether you charge tax on shipping)Separate each sub-attribute with a colon and keep in the same cell. For example,a merchant in California that charges 8.25% sales tax on the order amount + shippingwould format their tax information like this: US:CA:8.25:yMore info can be found here: same methodology applies to adding shipping info. Just add a column titled“shipping” and separate the following sub-attributes with colons: Country State Service (class or delivery method) PriceA product with free ground shipping to anywhere in the US should look like this: US::Ground:0You’ll be surprised by the uptick in conversions after you include tax and shipping information.Note: Google will require tax Information starting June 6th. After that date, productlistings that do not include tax information at the account level, or in the “tax” attribute,may be rejected. 2
  4. 4. TIP THREETake advantage of the ability to submit unique attributesThese attributes define different characteristics of your products. The more youcan add the more traffic you’ll get.There are required and recommended attributes here but you can include anyattribute you have. For a custom attribute, simply add a c: in front of the attribute name.For example, c:style could be used.The impact custom attributes can have on traffic is substantial. If you have customattributes but are not including them, take some time to add them.TIP FOURUse the featured_product attribute to showcase special deals and product offeringsThis attribute is semi-new to the list. It’s simply a category where you enter y or nto declare whether a product is featured or not. Try adding this attribute for featuredproducts on your webstore to increase visibility on those items.TIP FIVEHighlight discounts in your feed by using price and sale price columnsGoogle is adding two attributes to the United States Product Search feed specifiction,sale_price and sale_price_effective_date. The attributes are recommended for theitems that you have put on sale, but are not required.Note: If you include a sale_price column continue to include a price column. 3
  5. 5. We’ve yet to see how the sale price is going to be integrated into the actuallistings on Google but we’re assuming it’ll sport a strikethrough feature similarto what some of the paid shopping engines are already doing. Read moreabout strikethrough prices here.Here’s an example of how to format your sale_price_effective_date column:2011-3-10/2011-3-29When does sale start? March 10th, 2011.When does sale end? March 29th, 2011.More information on sale_price and sale_price_effective_date can be found here.Useful LinksMuch like their natural search algorithm Google’s Product Search algorithm isever-evolving. Here are the most notable changes they’ve made to the systemsince the start of the year: Google Announces Changes to Data Feed Specifications Google Sends Email about Attribute Requirements for Google Product Search Instructions: How to Implement Local Product Availability on Google Place Pages Google Merchant Blog Releases Local Product Availability on Google Place Pages Google Product Search Refuses New AttributesconclusionThank you for downloading CPC Strategy’s white paper, Five Optimization Tips toImprove Your Performance on Google Product Search. We hope this guide makesmanaging Google Product Search at least a little easier.If you are interested in learning more about our full-service shopping enginemanagement solution click here to speak with our Marketing Director, Andrew Davis. 4