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Uncommon Questions to Be More Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable


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Life gets significantly more enjoyable when you don’t take it all (or yourself) so seriously. We like to look at life as a series of experiences that gives us the opportunity to learn and grow each day. Sometimes that means welcoming the unexpected (or unwanted) and embracing frustration and failure—celebrating these feelings as a platform for learning something new. This requires being comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings that come with learning something new.

If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re probably in the wrong room. Approaching a room as if you’re the dumbest in it can have profound results, because no matter how much experience you might have in a subject, there is always room to learn and grow. And, Our Uncommon Questions will help you to be more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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Uncommon Questions to Be More Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

  1. 1. How To Use Your UNCOMMON QUESTIONS Download this PDF and print at home or at your local print shop.1 Print the questions on heavy white cardstock if possible.2 Cut the cards to size using scissors or a paper cutter.3 Grab your cards, a few friends and have some uncommon conversations!4
  2. 2. Who was the last stranger you started a conversation with? BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM What were you doing the last time you said what the heck, and went all-in? Do you sing as loud as you can in the car? When ordering off a menu in a foreign language, do you attempt to say the name of the dish, read the description, or point to the item on the menu?
  3. 3. Have you ever sat in the front row of a presentation, meeting or conference? BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM How do you express your frustration? When was the last time you admitted you were wrong? How can you own your weaknesses?