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Uncommon Questions to Bare It All


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Authenticity is a question we face daily. Who we are and how we show up matters. Authenticity guides decisions and challenges our values. Our Uncommon Questions will explore authenticity and help you to Bare It All.

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Uncommon Questions to Bare It All

  1. 1. How To Use Your UNCOMMON QUESTIONS Download this PDF and print at home or at your local print shop.1 Print the questions on heavy white cardstock if possible.2 Cut the cards to size using scissors or a paper cutter.3 Grab your cards, a few friends and have some uncommon conversations!4
  2. 2. BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM For whom do you put on a “show”? Why Where are you or what are you doing when you feel your most authentic self? When was the last time you reflected on what is most important to you for more than five minutes? In what areas of your life could you be more transparent?
  3. 3. When was the last time you shared what is important to you with those that are important to you? BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM BULLDOGDRUMMOND.COM What does the world need that you have? Do you say it like it is and challenge others to do the same? Do you call bullshit on yourself when you see it?