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As a trusted IT partner, Bull designs, implements, maintains and runs leading-edge digital solutions that effectively combine processing power, security and the integration of complex, heterogeneous systems. With its broad portfolio of technological expertise and its positioning as an independent supplier, Bull works alongside customers, supporting their digital transformation, helping them to reap the full benefit and manage risk.

Revenue: €1.3 billion - 9,300 employees - Operates in over 50 countries

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  • Bull UK Overview

    1. 1. Analyst Briefing; Bull UK&I December 2012 Andrew Carr CEO UK&I © Bull, 2012 1
    2. 2. Agenda Who are Bull today? Managed Services Cloud with Big Data Infrastructure Extreme Computing Underpinnings © Bull, 2012 2
    3. 3. Bull in Numbers About Bull (2) 9000 1.3Bn 43m 80 Employees – We have the capacity and capability to meet the Council’s evolving requirements EUR EBIT – We are profitable © Bull, 2012 EUR Turnover – We are a growing company in the UK and internationally. We have a sustainable business plan Years Old - We have credibility and experience 3
    4. 4. A changing world © Bull, 2012 4
    5. 5. B2B Specialists in mission-critical systems (Bull’s territory) Integrators & business operators Integrated mega-suppliers ‘commodity Providers of B2C Critical importance A changing world Infrastructures B2C mega-players Infrastructures Business services THREE STRONG TRENDS Vertical integration | Hourglass effect | Sovereignty BULL’S POSITIONING: European leader in mission-critical digital systems High performance High security High-end Made-to-measure © Bull, 2012 5
    6. 6. Bull UK&I: Overview Cloud and Big Data infrastructures built upon storage and virtualisation practise with IT consultancy and assessment services Managed services and outsourcing from Bull’s Northern Operational Centre with international on-site engineer coverage Business-critical digital infrastructure speciality with European leading extreme computing for R&D and research Complete UK & Ireland engineer coverage for multi-vendor support © Bull, 2012 6
    7. 7. Bull UK In Numbers 280 Employees in the UK Local HPC, Managed Services, Big Data & Integration Expertise 50 people aligned to HPC in the UK Continued investment in skills and PhDs Passion About creating value in the missing middle Examples of our UK HPC customers © Bull, 2012 7
    8. 8. Managed IT services © Bull, 2012 8
    9. 9. Reducing costs yet increasing employment Public sector outsourcing is not all ‘slash & burn’ JV with BMBC has proven cost savings over first 5 years Reducing both operational cost and service level risk Giving wider public and private employment scope to staff transferred With significant Bull investment in new data centre facilities And in taking on new staff under the modern apprentice scheme £1.4m, non-cashable year on year financial benefits © Bull, 2012 9
    10. 10. Multi-national, multi-lingual support Bull’s UK-based Northern Operational Centre 1 of 6 European Data Centres Part of secure regional hub Manages international customers offices in over 30 countries Managed IT infrastructure Virtual desktops deploying corporate applications and office productivity tools Providing multi-lingual service desk support © Bull, 2012 10
    11. 11. Managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service Taking legacy systems into the cloud Allows long-standing customer to focus on international business growth Confident that legacy software key to operation remains always on Managed off-premise with secure IaaS private cloud Freeing on-premise resources to focus on new developments © Bull, 2012 11
    12. 12. Core Propositions BullService 2.0: Core Services Infrastructure and Application Support Services Procurement and Advisory Services Hosting Service Infrastructure Support Service Procurement Service Disaster Recovery Service Core Offers Hosting and Platform Services Infrastructure Monitoring Service Technology Advisory Service Backup Service Application Management Service IT Strategy Advisory Service Storage Service Application Development Service IT Security Advisory Service Application Platform Service Transversal HPC On Demand © Bull, 2012 Embedded Security Services Data Management Services 12
    13. 13. ITIL Based Service Delivery and Management Management and Delivery BullService 2.0: Management and Delivery © Bull, 2012 Service Integration and Management (SIAM) Services Service Desk Information Security Support Incident Management; Problem Management; Request Management; Access Management Incident and Event Monitoring; Protective Monitoring; Forensic Analysis; Security Assurance and Accreditation; Security Incident Prevention Core Service Integration and Management Services Availability Management; Capacity Management; Change Management; Event Management; IT Service Continuity Management; Service Asset and Configuration Management; Service Catalogue Management; Service Level Management; Standards and Architecture Management; Financial Management; Service Provider Management Service Knowledge Management Knowledge Management; Service Management; Operational Services Manual Management Service Transition Planning Service Transition Planning; Project Management; Release and Deployment Management Assurance Service Level Design and Review Management; Service and Supplier Quality Management; Regulatory Service Provider Compliance Management Service Validation and Testing Test Planning and Design; Service Evaluation; Test Environment Management 13
    14. 14. Cloud and Big Data infrastructure © Bull, 2012 14
    15. 15. Business critical services journey to the cloud Universities such as MMU have to operate as businesses Financial systems are critical to their success Yet traditional SAP ‘server sprawl’ was crippling growth and resiliency Virtualisation of legacy UNIX as well as VMware The journey to a private cloud starts with virtualisation Bull designed and implemented a two-tier virtualised SAP architecture with both high-end AIX and front-end VMware With proven DR capability and storage capacity © Bull, 2012 15
    16. 16. Enabling Europe’s largest car dealership solution ADP Dealer Services provides services to automotive dealers Traditional on-premise ISV + box business model Or secure multi-tenant private SaaS hosting Bull has enabled ADP to fully maintain all systems Complete reseller model Facilitating European affiliate deployment And extension to commercial trade-desks for another ADP business Across multiple technology (UNIX and Intel) platforms © Bull, 2012 16
    17. 17. Information management in the cloud With students and business incubators both at home and overseas Coventry University needs IT to match its flexible growth strategy Dynamic call upon information storage over the academic year posed capacity problems Expanded storage infrastructure with capacity for rapid growth Implemented Bull-designed hybrid cloud model: core onpremise for performance and variable demand off-premise Allowing predictable growth (and cyclical shrinkage) costs with lower IT management risk © Bull, 2012 bullion X86 enterprise server: the fastest in the world 17
    18. 18. Calculator meets Super Computer © Bull, 2012 18
    19. 19. Extreme computing © Bull, 2012 19
    20. 20. Winning car design without wind tunnel in sight Winning Indy Car and Le Mans with total digital design UK-based Wirth Research use bullx clusters to replace all expensive wind tunnel tests Their sports car designs have provided Honda USA and others with multi-year winning designs Skills in fluid dynamics now being applied to trucks (try putting a 40-ton artic sideways in a wind tunnel!) and skyscraper modelling expanding business potential © Bull, 2012 20
    21. 21. Academic & national research From reading hidden text in Dead Sea scrolls (Cardiff) to Astrophysics (St.Andrews) bullx clusters drive new science Practical research into tsunami and life science enabled with Bull UK&I arm of Europe’s largest HPC vendor Bull is investing in the next generation of HPC users with research sponsorship at Warwick University © Bull, 2012 21
    22. 22. Hi-tech engineering and secure defence systems The public-private industry ‘catapult’ for UK hi-tech growth The Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry selected Bull as partner for digital design Bull engineers support ‘behind the wires’ defence contractors such as AWE with high performance computing capabilities Bull can offer HPC-on-Demand for industrial projects and startups – on pay for use basis © Bull, 2012 22
    23. 23. Bull Group (and HPC) Group commitment since 2005 the largest HPC R&D effort in Europe 35M€ budget for HPC (65M€ total) 230 engineers – Certified ISO 9001 (quality) – – the largest HPC pool of experts in Europe – – 370 engineers (600 inc. R&D) BU certified ISO 9001(certified) World-Class Factory in Angers – certified ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), OHSAS 18000 / ILO-OSH (security) Strong revenue growth From mid-size to petascale HPC production systems: bullx (R-B-S) launched 2009 bullx SC Suite launched 2010 © Bull, 2012 23
    24. 24. The NumInnov project Objective to set up a company which will build and run the premier European secured Cloud Computing for High Performance Computing services The aim of NumInnov deliver trusted Cloud services for use by modeling, simulation and massive data analysis applications across existing industries and emerging new usages of digital economy (new digital multimedia services, medical imaging, homeland security….) Shareholder investment of 28M€ Bull and associated partners (67%) the French state (33%) © Bull, 2012 24
    25. 25. The power of Cloud HPC Lower costs through shared, pooled resources New economic models Opex based Lower entry barriers No further investment in complex supercomputers Ability to share workloads within communities and industry sectors Sovereignty of data Workload elasticity Large system simulation Faster execution The Cloud model provides an opportunity to democratise usage of HPC within all industrial sectors, including ‘the missing middle’ © Bull, 2012 25
    26. 26. Inventing new applications and services Manufacturing and Services Culture and Multimedia Accelerate innovation in all industry and services sectors including SMEs Develop and deliver digital content (HD/3D) Cloud HPC is facilitating the emergence of new services and ecosystems Social, Environment, Homeland Security Anticipate sanitary, ecological and food crisis, improve surveillance © Bull, 2012 Healthcare Develop and provide new applications and services to support advanced health intelligence 26
    27. 27. A highly secured service operator Security management     In-depth protection Management of Information Security Information System Security Policies Compliance Audit       Data Applications Middleware Perimeter Physical N-tier architecture Maximising confidence of users, businesses and citizens Security Operations       On-going protection Supervision Patch Management Vulnerability tracking Security Operations Center (SOC) Emergency management Software development security     Formal security requirements Requirements tracking Coding rules Code audit 27 © Bull, 2012 27
    28. 28. Underpinnings © Bull, 2012 28
    29. 29. Multi-vendor support Single point of contact service centre Field coverage of GB and all of Ireland Supporting non-Bull as well as Bull hardware and software Certified support and service network for EMC, Huawei, NetApp and other leading vendors A range of VMware, Citrix, Oracle and other software support services Providing ‘white label’ support for leading brand vendors © Bull, 2012 29
    30. 30. Pan-European resources (not forgetting USA & Brazil) Open door policy for European R&D competence centres Major investments in public cloud and HPC-on-Demand Open source and Microsoft software development centres Europe’s largest R&D for HPC with over 600 staff More AIX knowledgeable staff than IBM in Europe © Bull, 2012 30
    31. 31. Quality at the centre of everything Qualified Staff “The top management are completely supportive of the quality system and the system is working for Bull rather than the Bull working for the quality system exactly how a well-run operation should be.” BSI ISO 9001:2012 “The very high scores attained for Leadership, Policy and Strategy and People Management during the Certification Audit has again been improved and really defines the management’s commitment to people development and excellent service delivery.” The Service Desk Institute Key Indicators: “the existence and people's understanding of the company's aims and Objectives, the way the company encourages people to contribute their ideas to Improve performance and ensures everyone receives the development and support they need… …the way the company recognises and values people's contribution.” Investors in People UK © Bull, 2012 32
    32. 32. Reinvent yourselves with Bull predicting anticipating Rationalising retaining I N N OV A T I N G CREATING launching DESIGNING enriching INVENTING WINNING SELLING succeeding ADAPTING accelerating ANALYSING © Bull, 2012 optimising 33
    33. 33. © Bull, 2012 0870 240 0040 www.bull.co.uk Hemel Hempstead HP2 7DZ information@bull.co.uk @Bull_UK Bull-Information-Systems 34
    34. 34. They put their trust in us © Bull, 2012 35
    35. 35. Boost your business © Bull, 2012 36
    36. 36. BOOST your business with Bull BUSINESS INNOVATION Efficiency R&D Flexibility 1 | COMPUTER SIMULATION 6 | OUTSOURCING, CLOUD Corporate performance OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE 2 | B.I. & BIG DATA Intelligence & connectivity 3 | INTERNET OF THINGS & M2M CUSTOMER RELATIONS Customer experience 4 | NEW-GENERATION DATA CENTERS Interoperability 5 | EXCHANGE PLATFORMS & BPM TRUST 7 | MULTI-CHANNEL & MOBILITY Digital capital management Business processes 10 | SENSITIVE DATA PROTECTION 8 | PAPERLESS EXCHANGES Cybersecurity Sales 11 | GOVERNANCE, DEFENCE IN DEPTH 9 | SOCIAL CRM Resilience and availability 12 | CRITICAL SYSTEMS © Bull, 2012 37