The Third Level Computing Forum, Ireland - a view of HPC & Big Data from Bull


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The IT market is at an inflection point, its main driver transitioning from technology to usage. Platforms are becoming transparent, adding value to data to enable Information-as-a-Service.
Jeff Spencer introduces some aspects of HPC and Big-Data developments, and UK university partnerships to the Irish universities and colleges computer science departments within The Third Level Forum.

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The Third Level Computing Forum, Ireland - a view of HPC & Big Data from Bull

  1. 1. 1© Bull, 2014 The Third Level Computing Forum, Ireland Cloud Cyber- security M2M HPC Big data 22nd May 2014 The Digital Hub Dublin
  2. 2. 2© Bull, 2014 a brief introduction to the Third Level Computing Forum Jeff Spencer, Business Development Manager Bull UK & Ireland
  3. 3. 3© Bull, 2014 Distributed IT IT as-a-Service Information as-a-Service Centralised IT TECHNOLOGY USAGE Its main driver transitioning from to The IT market is at an inflection point: T E C H N O L O G Y1970 2020USAGE2010
  4. 4. 4© Bull, 2014 IT INFRASTRUCTURE COMPLEX INTEGRATION HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING SECURITY M2M CLOUD BIG DATA Information as-a-Service Distributed IT IT as-a-Service Centralised IT TRANSPARENT PLATFORMS VALUE FROM DATA enabling The IT market is at an inflection point:
  5. 5. 5© Bull, 2014
  6. 6. 6© Bull, 2014 Click here to play the video
  7. 7. 7© Bull, 2014 Bull Corporate Drivers 2014-16 Growth focus on the “Third Platform” as described by IDC with mobile devices & M2M using cloud delivery.Cloud Cyber- security M2M HPC Big data IT Transformation underpinned by secure information management of traditional and ‘big’ data sources using the power of high performance systems – commercial and technical – and analytics software
  8. 8. 8© Bull, 2014 High Performance Computing • High Performance Computing covers all computers that are used for advanced modelling and simulation tasks • Increasingly the technology is being used for complex analytics • It includes advanced modelling in Financial Services but excludes general purpose computing Life Sciences Aero Mfg Energy ScienceAuto Mfg Financial Services Weather & Climate HPC
  9. 9. 9© Bull, 2014 What is driving the increased requirement? Entire car Organ damageE-crash dummyBumper Increasing complexity in many areas 300km resolution 50km resolution 10km resolution
  10. 10. 10© Bull, 2014 Complexity of the Simple Potato Chips Images courtesy of Procter & Gamble Nappies
  11. 11. 11© Bull, 2014 ….and New markets •50 frames per second •90 minutes movie •150 days on 6500 CPU cluster •142 TB data Step 20 Step 8 Step 12 Step 16 Step 4 Drop Impact • Analysis for a full assembly of a mobile phone • Up to 142 million degrees of freedom • 12 hours, 10 Tflop/s
  12. 12. 12© Bull, 2014 Structural Mechanics Implicit Life science Computational Fluid Dynamics Electro-Magnetics Computational Chemistry Quantum Mechanics 400 European R&D experts in application performance and HPC systems design Reservoir Simulation Rendering / Ray Tracing Climate / Weather Ocean Simulation Data Analytics Computational Chemistry Molecular Dynamics Computational Biology Seismic Processing Extreme Computing applications
  13. 13. 13© Bull, 2014  1.25 PetaFlops 140 000+ Xeon cores  256 TB memory  30 PB disk storage  500 GB/s IO throughput  580 m² footprint  2 PetaFlops 90 000+ Xeon cores 148 000 GPU cores  360 TB memory  10 PB disk storage  250 GB/s IO throughput  200 m² footprint  1,5 PetaFlops 70 000+ Xeon cores  280 TB memory  15 PB disk storage  120 GB/s IO throughput  200 m² footprint 3 petaflop-scale systems : TERA 100, CURIE, IFERC
  14. 14. 14© Bull, 2014 “Bull have provided a level of pro-active support not matched in our experience by any of their competitors “ Cardiff University Needs Replacement of the bullx cluster installed in 2007 Support a diverse community of users, from experienced practitioners running applications which scale over 100’s cores to those just starting to consider HPC Solution A dedicated MPI compute node partition (42.6 Tflops peak)  128 dual-socket bullx B510 compute nodes with Intel® Xeon® ‘Sandy Bridge’ E5- 2670 processors, for a total of 2048 cores  16 “memory-rich” nodes (8GB per core) for codes with large memory requirements A dedicated HTC compute node partition  72 refurbished bullx B500 blades with a total of 576 cores. InfiniBand QDR interconnect network Lustre shared file system bullx supercomputer suite cluster manager with bullx Linux One of Britain’s leading teaching and research universities
  15. 15. 15© Bull, 2014 University of Liverpool Needs Support a wide range of HPC & data management demands Procure a new facility with a minimum of disruption An investment with a lifespan > 5 years: flexibility, upgradability & an effective relationship with a strong HPC provider Solution Bull proposed a system based on bullx blades, which have proved their modularity and upgradability on many sites: 126 bullx B510 compute nodes with 2 Intel® Xeon® E5-2660 18 refurbished bullx B500 compute nodes 4 bullx S6010 SMP nodes 4 bullx R423 service nodes, 2 bullx R425 visualization nodes NetApp 2600 storage InfiniBand QDR interconnect network Water-cooled rear doors Bull’s proven track record of partnerships with customers was a key success factor, besides the technical merit of the proposed solution. Founded in 1881, the University of Liverpool has an impressive history of pioneering education and research, with a particular emphasis on 'education for the professions'
  16. 16. 16© Bull, 2014 HPC Midlands Consortium Needs Make world-class HPC facilities accessible to both academic and industrial researchers Encourage industrially relevant research to benefit the UK economy Provide access for smaller companies to technologies which were beyond their reach, to facilitate innovation, growth and wealth creation Solution A supercomputer with a peak performance of 48 TF: 188 bullx B510 compute nodes (Intel® Xeon® E5-2600) 8 bullx R423 service nodes Lustre parallel file system (with LSI/Netapp HW) Water-cooled racks InfiniBand QDR interconnect bullx supercomputer suite Loughborough University and the University of Leicester have formed the HPC-Midlands Centre, a Centre of Excellence for High Performance Computing serving regional industry and academia
  17. 17. 17© Bull, 2014 Manufacturing Technology Centre Needs Finite-based modeling of detailed 3D time- dependent manufacturing processes Machine usage: 64 cores up to 256 cores Solution Bull proposed the following system: 72 bullx B510 compute nodes (Intel® Xeon® E5-2670) 1 bullx S6030 supernode 32TB usable RAID6 storage InfiniBand QDR interconnect 3 bullx R423 E2 service nodes Tape Library bullx supercomputer suite MTC opened in 2011 as the result of massive investments by regional development agencies to create a world- class manufacturing research centre
  18. 18. 18© Bull, 2014 Bull’s HPC Cloud offer – HPC-on-Demand To compute smart !  Perform pay-per-use HPC on bullx solutions  No requirement for heavy investment  Set up and operated by Bull HPC experts  High level of service with total security  Web portal access for full HPC workflow Data management Job management Licensing management Remote 3D visualization Accounting Cloud
  19. 19. 19© Bull, 2014 Information management in the cloud With students and business incubators both at home and overseas Coventry University needs IT to match its flexible growth strategy Dynamic call upon information storage over the academic year posed capacity problems Expanded storage infrastructure with capacity for rapid growth Implemented Bull-designed hybrid cloud model: core on- premise for performance and variable demand off-premise Allowing predictable growth (and cyclical shrinkage) costs with lower IT management risk bullion X86 enterprise server: the fastest in the world
  20. 20. 20© Bull, 2014 Time to results… Speed has Value Greater than Size Think Fast Data more than Big Data Big data
  21. 21. 21© Bull, 2014 We’ve already got reporting/BI/DW/… Reports •Oracle •SAP •Industry specific Data Warehouse •Collated Information •Traditional Sources High Performance BI •What if analysis •Smarter analytics Adding web / device feeds •Smarter segmentation •Higher resolution Drive Operations Trends & Forecasts Faster reviews Deeper analysis But it’s all looking backwards
  22. 22. 22© Bull, 2014 The value is in going forwards Adding web / device feeds •Smarter segmentation •Higher resolution Build models of behaviour • statistical modelling •Test against live data Personalise experience •real-time classification •Multi-channel options Visual Dashboard •Drill-down key indicators •Direct operations Deeper Analysis Predictive Analytics Real-time Reaction Executive Monitoring We need to anticipate and monitor feedback
  23. 23. 23© Bull, 2014 SQL Hadoop In Memory Business Intelligence Use of unstructured data Need for real- time Need Solution Technology Decision making Appliances Distributions Hadoop Analytics Dataviz Search TECHNOLOGIES : 3 BIG FAMILIES Cost €€ € €€€
  24. 24. 24© Bull, 2014 Find the Experts & documents – Search Workflow Open Profile 2 1 Launch Document search from people profile Find Similar Profiles Ask a question on any topic Find people or documents 6 4 5 Documents visualization 3
  25. 25. 25© Bull, 2014 THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS Server SQL SQOOP, FLUME. ETL SNAP/Mirror Solution InMemory Analytics Dataviz Data Integration/ Data Quality for Big Data Data Integration Data Quality Data Sources Production Internet ETL Triggers ETLs DataNode DataNode DataNode DataNode DataNode DataNode Solution Bull Hadoop
  26. 26. 26© Bull, 2014 Big Data Academic Partnership Bull has formed a strategic partnership with the University of Warwick to help UK businesses take the lead in realising the full commercial potential of big data and take advantage of the opportunities it presents. “This kind of forward-thinking collaboration between business and universities not only brings rewards for all those involved, it also helps create a concentrated hub of significant expertise which will benefit the UK economy as a whole” – says Stephen Jarvis, University of Warwick’s Professor of Computer Science. The new partnership builds on Bull’s ongoing relationship with Warwick. Bull has previously sponsored PhD studentships and supported a Master of Engineering degree course running regular technology- based projects and a series of seminars on high performance computing for students. Warwick also works on research projects for Intel Corp which complement the European Centre for Parallel Programming that Bull operates with Intel
  27. 27. 27© Bull, 2014 Discussion
  28. 28. 28© Bull, 2014 Bull in Numbers About Bull (2) 9300Employees – We have the capacity and capability to meet the Council’s evolving requirements 1.3BnEUR Turnover – We are a growing company in the UK and internationally. We have a sustainable business plan 50+Countries – coverage and co-operation 80Years Old - We have credibility and experience
  29. 29. 29© Bull, 2014 Bull UK&I: Overview Complete UK & Ireland engineer coverage for multi-vendor support Managed services and outsourcing from Bull’s Northern Operational Centre and UK Secure Centre with international on-site engineer coverage Business-critical digital infrastructure speciality with European leading extreme computing for R&D and research Cloud and Big Data infrastructures built upon storage and virtualisation practise with IT consultancy and assessment services
  30. 30. 30© Bull, 2014 Bull UK In Numbers 280Employees in the UK Local HPC, Managed Services, Big Data & Integration Expertise 50 people aligned to HPC in the UK Continued investment in skills and PhDs Examples of our UK HPC customers Passion About creating value in the missing middle
  31. 31. 31© Bull, 2014 @Bull_UK Bull-Information-Systems +353 1 6794278 / South William Street, Dublin 2