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Use of sms short codes

Use of SMS Short Codes. technology of Bulk sms service.

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Use of sms short codes

  1. 1. Use of SMS Short Codes Short Code is nothing but short numbers its special telephone numbers this can be used to address SMS from certain service providers’ mobile phones. Short codes are mostly using in value-added services it’s like television program voting, ordering ring tones, charity donations and mobile services and airlines. When you are activating the short code services you will get dedicated keyword it will helps the customer to identify the requirement after activating the short code you have to send sms to 56767 it will delivered to Concern Company and they will get back you as per your requirement. Many companies are using sms short codes to run their mobile marketing campaigns because they are allowing the consumers to text back them. This short code facilitates used for customer interaction and two way communication, which builds relationships, customer loyalty and generates many opportunities for targeted mobile marketing.
  2. 2. Mostly short code is easiest way to collect all the details for the example if we want to know about airlines services or flight timing means we can send flight number or name to 56767 then within a minute we will get all details about that flight. This kind of valuable services you will get from KAP Computer Solutions (KAPSYSTEM) – BULK SMS Service Provider Company. Get more details on Need Demo click on For further assistance mail to or call on +91 97380 10000