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Interactive bulk sms service in media and entertainment sector

Interactive Bulk SMS service in media and entertainment sector.Need of Bulk SMS in Media and entertainment.

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Interactive bulk sms service in media and entertainment sector

  1. 1. Interactive Bulk SMS service in media and entertainment sector. Media and entertainment are fastest growing sector in India, as it has huge customer and top notch program. It is considered to be one of the most creative and innovative sector among all which is growing day by day. Media and entertainment industries comprises of Television, Radio, Movies, Music, Theatre, Games, Home Entertainment, Cinema, Art and Culture and many more. Media and entertainment companies have attracted huge amount of audience and they have to give 24×7 service to their customer to increase their revenue. Now 24×7, people can see news, songs, movies, tv serials, documentaries, etc. Now every day new channels are coming for giving news and high dose of entertainment. These companies know how to communicate with customer. So they can stand long in the market. To remain in touch with customer they are adopting various tools, one of them Bulk SMS Marketing Technology. Bulk SMS is very effective, economic and customer targeted mode of communication. Benefits of Bulk SMS’s in Media and entertainment industries are as follows;-  They can reach to large database in very quick time and @ reasonable rate.  Get feedbacks from the customer using short code service,  Sending SMS to the customer after online booking  Sending wishes to the existing Customer via SMS  Events can be promoted through messaging Bulk SMS helps in brand building. This is the new trends to create brand awareness andto inform customer about what is happening in the industries.
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