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Bulk SMS Service


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Do you want bulk SMS service?, Promote your business with Bulk SMS, Get promotional and transactional SMS,

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Bulk SMS Service

  1. 1. KAPSYSTEM - Bulk SMS Company Email: | Mobile: +91-97380 10000 | Web: KAP Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bulk SMS Company
  2. 2. Email: | Mobile: +91-97380 10000 | Web: Company Profile Welcome to the ‘Kingdom of Aspiring Professionals’, KAP Computer Solutions Private Limited, in the dotcom corridor of India’s Silicon City, Bangalore. KAP Computer Solutions Private Limited provides Messaging Platform/Bulk SMS Solutions to a wide range of industries viz. Telecommunications, Financial Services, Education, Healthcare, IT/ITeS Companies, Hospitality, Transport, Travel and Logistics, among others. KAPSYSTEM - Bulk SMS Company
  3. 3. Email: | Mobile: +91-97380 10000 | Web: The Influential’s Our Core Competency across the entire range of our bouquet of products/services is built on the premise of keeping it simple, relevant, and focused, so as to optimize functionality, maximize experience and deliver customer delight. In an increasingly dynamic world the greatest challenge is to keep it simple, while delivering the most complex products/services. KAPSYSTEM - Bulk SMS Company
  4. 4. Email: | Mobile: +91-97380 10000 | Web: Advantages of KAPYSTEM  KAPSYSTEM offers Promotional and Transactional Bulk SMS Services along with HTTP API, Integration Kit, Source Code on Different Technologies.  KAPSYSTEM platform can be very easily integrated Application Specific (CRM, ERP, SAP, Supply Chain Management, etc…) or Technology Specific(Java, Dot Net, Php, etc…).  KAPSYSTEM has their own footprint in the market for having the World-class Service & Support with the dedicated call centre along with the PRI Line. KAPSYSTEM - Bulk SMS Company
  5. 5. Email: | Mobile: +91-97380 10000 | Web: Advantages of Bulk SMS Solutions  87 Crore People have the active mobile connection in India.  Always people carry the mobile phone.  Every Mobile User read the SMS within 3 minutes of time (or) every Mobile user seeing their mobile every 5 minutes once. KAPSYSTEM - Bulk SMS Company
  6. 6. Email: | Mobile: +91-97380 10000 | Web: What is special with KAPSYSTEM Bulk SMS  Bulk SMS in English Language.  Bulk SMS in Local Language like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, etc…  Flash SMS – It will be displayed in the handset directly.  DND SMS – The Transactional SMS can be delivered on DND & Non- DND Numbers with SENDER ID, 24x7x365 Days Delivery.  Picture SMS of Party Symbol/Image/Logo via Normal Picture SMS KAPSYSTEM - Bulk SMS Company
  7. 7. Email: | Mobile: +91-97380 10000 | Web: KAPSYSTEM Bulk SMS ARCHITECTURE KAPSYSTEM - Bulk SMS Company
  8. 8. Email: | Mobile: +91-97380 10000 | Web: KAPSYSTEM SMSC Solution Architecture KAPSYSTEM - Bulk SMS Company
  9. 9. Email: | Mobile: +91-97380 10000 | Web: KAPSYSTEM SMSC Flow KAPSYSTEM - Bulk SMS Company
  10. 10. Email: | Mobile: +91-97380 10000 | Web: Promotional SMS Features  Promo on NON-DND Numbers.  DND Numbers list can be extracted and will not be charged.  Service Timing - 9AM to 9PM(IST)  Delivery Time & Report – Instant  HTTP API will be given KAPSYSTEM - Bulk SMS Company
  11. 11. Email: | Mobile: +91-97380 10000 | Web: TRANSACTIONAL SMS Features  Six Character Sender ID will be provided (ONLY Alphabets i.e. LM- SCHOOL, LM-KAPSYS, LM-ICICIB)  Delivery Time & Report - Instant  Messages get delivered both DND & Non-DND  It works on template basis. For Educational Institutions, DND Open Route without template can be provided  Web Interface/HTTP API will be given. KAPSYSTEM - Bulk SMS Company
  12. 12. KAPSYSTEM - Bulk SMS Company Clientele
  13. 13. KAPSYSTEM - Bulk SMS Company Clientele
  14. 14. Email: | Mobile: +91-97380 10000 | Web: Contact Us Email: Mobile: +91-97380 10000/1 (Sales) Landline: +91-80-4900 4444 [PRI] Website: For Free Demo & Instant Call Back - KAPSYSTEM - Bulk SMS Company