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Hosur Road Survey

  1. 1. Subject- A Complete report of Hosur RoadHosur Road is the part of National Highway 7 which connects the cityof Bangalore capital of Karnataka, and the Tamil Naduborder town of Hosur. Itis a four to eight-lane highway which also has service lanes on either sides atthe busier parts. Apart from being a part of the National Highway, the road isalso significant because it consist of many industrial and IT business houses.The famous IT industrial park Electronics City is also located alongside HosurRoad.The segment of road between Madiwala and Electronics City is the busiest. Tohelp ease the traffic, the city traffic police has blocked the movement of trucksin this stretch in the morning and evening rush hours. The city administration isthinking of various steps to handle the ever increasing traffic on this road. Construction of peripheral roads (e.g. Nandi corridor, Hosa road) is ongoing. These roads will offer an alternate route for people who stay in the south- east and south-west sections of the city to reach Electronics City without having to go through the busy stretch. Plans are also there for construction of a peripheral ring road which would divert traffic from the border town of Attibele.The National Highways Authority of India has constructed a 10-kilometer-longelevated highway from Madiwala and Electronics City. This toll road has madetravel to Electronics City a lot easier. The Bruhat Bengaluru MahanagaraPalike and Bangalore Development Authority have planned a seriesof flyovers and underpasses to make this arterial road signal free.[1][The Bangalore Elevated Tollway is a 9.985 kilometers (6.204 mi) longelevated, tolled, access-controlled expressway in the city ofBengaluru, Karnataka, India. The project is a part of the BETL (BangaloreElevated Tollways Ltd), project as part of the National Highways DevelopmentProject and the Elevated Highways Project. It was initiated in early 2006, andwas inaugurated on 22 January 2010.[2]
  2. 2. It starts from Bomanahalli after the Central Silk Board flyover and goes on upto Electronics City. It goes above the BMIC flyover on Hosur Road, at a heightof 17 meters (56 ft), thus making it, Bangalores tallest flyover. [3]FEATURESHome » The Elevated Highway » FeaturesAt Ground LevelRoads6 lanes divided main carriageways at ground level from Km 8.765 to Km33.130 each lane of 3.5m with RCC Storm Water Drain.4 lane Flyover at Bommasandra (Km 21.170 to Km 22.000), 6 lane Flyovers atChandapura (Km 23.720 to Km 24.600) and Attibele (Km 31.690 to Km32.400) with street lighting are provided for the through traffic.Major junctions: Bommanhalli (Km9.800), Garvebhavipalaya (Km11.445),Kudlu Gate (Km12.100) ,Singasandra (Km13.655), Hosa Road (Km14.700),Konappana Agrahara (Km16.650), Electronic City (Km17.850), Huskur Gate(Km19.400), Bommasandra (Km 20.200), Health City (Km22.875), Hennagara( Km23.935),Chandapura (Km 24.150), Attibele Industrial Area (Km 28.685),Yahadavahalli (Km 29.690) and Attibele (Km 31.925). Junctions in theElectronic City Section are provided traffic signals and lighting.Openings in the road median at Km 18.87, Km20.20, Km 23.18, Km 25.18, Km26.47,Km 27.93,Km 29.15 and Km 30.50.2 lanes two way service road is provided on both sides of the main carriagewayin both directions with pedestrian guard rail.Elevated Road and At Grade Roads are provided Street lighting between SilkBoard and Electronic City Junction.Pedestrian Underpasses (8)Pedestrian Underpasses with illumination at Bommanhalli(Km 9.925),Garvebhavipalaya(Km 11.385), Kudlu Gate (Km12.140), Singasandra(Km
  3. 3. 13.550), Huskur Gate (Km 19.370),Hebbagodi(Km 20.510),Hennagara(Km23.360), and Yadavanahalli (Km29.603).Bus bays and Shelters (16)Bus bay and Shelter are provided on the Main Carriageway in both directions atRoopena Agrahara (Km 9.180), Bommanhalli (Km10.025), Garvebhavipalaya(Km11.200), Kudlu Gate (Km12.250), Singasandra (Km13.470),Hosa Road (Km14.600), Konappana Agrahara (Km16.930), Electronic City(Km17.755), Huskur Gate (Km 19.257), Hebbgodi (Km,20.437), Bommasandra(Km21.717), Hennagara (Km23.287), Chandapura (Km25.300),Thirumagondanahalli (26.367), Neeralur (Km 27.300) and Yadavanahalli(Km29.625).A 5+5 lane two way toll plaza at Km 32.700 at Attibele is provided forcollecting user fee.Elevated Road4 lanes two way divided carriageway road from Km 9.500 to Km 18.750; eachlane is 3.5 meters. Openings at select points in the Median are providedA Lay by with additional one lane is provided from Km 12.631 to Km 12.733for temporarily parking of vehicles in an emergency.Entry and Exit Ramp is provided at the start of the Elevated Raod.Access to and from Electronic City Phase 1 is provided with a 3 lane two waysRamp at Km 17.850 on Main Line, through a 4+4 lane ground level toll plaza.Access to Electronic City Phase 2 is provided by a two lane one way downramp at Km 18.000 Main Line through a three lane ground level toll plaza.Access to At Grade Road towards in Hosur is through a two lane one way Rampat Km18.000 on Main Line and 4 lane toll plaza.
  4. 4. Access to the Elevated Road to Silk Board is provided through a 6 lane one wayground level toll plaza at Km 18.00 with access controlled entry to the UpRamp at Km 17.625.The Elevated Road, ramps, toll plazas are provided illumination. The toll plazasare provided stand by electric power supply.Base CampsAdministrative Camps are provided at Electronic City Junction and Attibele.Facilities for purchase of daily and monthly passes, renewal of passes areprovided at both camps.Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS)The Project is provided state of the art HTMS comprising of CCTV surveillanceof the roads, Automatic Traffic Counters and Classifiers (ATCC)Meteorological Stations, Variable Message Signs (VMS) and Emergency CallBoxes (ECB) for the road users.CCTV surveillance covers the whole of the Elevated Road and substantialstretch of At Grade Road.Weather, traffic and other information is displayed for the information of roaduser on the VMS deployed at two Elevated Road stations and five ground levelstations.ECBs are provided at every two km on the Elevated Road and Ground levelMain Roads with facility for direct call to the Main Base Camp in the event ofan emergency. One fully equipped Basic Life Support Ambulance, one 7.5 toncapacity Light Recovery Vehicle with crew is stationed at each camp forproviding relief.A mobile Route Patrol with radio will operate for providing assistance and reliefto road users.
  5. 5. The HTMS Control Centre in the Main Base Camp will continuously monitorthe CCTV, ATCC, Met, ECB and Route Patrol feed back and render necessaryassistance.About HosurHosur (Tamil: , Telugu: , Kannada: ) is a townand a municipality in Krishnagiri district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It isa taluk of Krishnagiri district. It is located about 40 kilometres south-east ofBangalore and 38 kilometres from Krishnagiri. Hosur is known for itsexpanding manufacturing industries and its pleasant climate.HistoryRock paintings and carvings suggest that the area has been occupied during thePaleolithic, Neolithic, and Mesolithic ages.[1]The Hosur TempleClimate
  6. 6. Hosur experiences a tropical savanna climate (Köppen climate classificationAw) with distinct wet and dry seasons. Due to its high elevation, Hosur usuallyenjoys a more moderate climate throughout the year, with occasional heatwaves. The coolest month is January with an average low temperature of 17.1°C and the hottest month is April with an average high temperature of 33.6 °C.Winter temperatures rarely drop below 12 °C , and summer temperaturesseldom exceed 36 °C. Hosur receives rainfall from both the northeast and thesouthwest monsoons and the wettest months are September, October andAugust, in that order. The summer heat is moderated by fairly frequentthunderstorms but no flooding. Humidity is 31% and average rainfall is 84 cm.DemographicsAccording to the 2001 India census, males constitute 53% of the population andfemales constitute 47% of the population of 84,310. Hosur has an averageliteracy rate of 75%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is80%, and female literacy is 70%. 16% of the population is under 12 years ofage.Tamil is the language most spoken in Hosur. Telugu and Kannada are also otherlanguages spoken in Hosur due to its close proximity to the Andhra Pradesh andKarnataka state bordersIndustriesHosur is an industrial hub for several areas such as abrasives, automobiles,welding and wire mesh industries. TVS Motor Company, Ashok Leyland ,Hindustan Motors, Titan Industries, AV Tech, Carborandum, TAAL, TATRA-VECTRA, Hindustan Unilever, Premier Mills, Luk India, Granite companieslike ARO, Madhucon, TAB, International stones, SVG, Pelican, Ankit, Gem areamong several companies which have their manufacturing units in Hosur.Hosur IT ParkThere have been plans for the development of an Information TechnologySpecial Economic Zone at Vishwanathapuram in Hosur.[2] ELCOT has called
  7. 7. for applications for the allotment of land in the IT Park of Hosur in the month ofJune 2010.FacilitiesHosur is located in the border of Bangalore City on the National Highway 7 andNational Highway 207. It is well Connected by Expressway to Bangalore on theone side and Chennai and Salem on the other side. The Bengaluru InternationalAirport is the nearest international airport, and is 80 km from Hosur.TourismAn aerial view of the city.Hosur is famous for its hill temple whose presiding deity is Arul MiguMaragadhambal Samedha (along with) Sree Chandrachoodeshwarar (a name forLord Shiva). There is a temple dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara, known asDakshina Tirupati, on a small hillock by the side of the highway, about 2 kmfrom Hosur, towards Krishnagiri. Other temples include Agaram Bala MuruganTemple on Rayakottah road (15 K.M), Pathakotta Venkataramana swamytemple on a hillock with a river and valley view on Krishnagiri road, BandariAnjaneya temple at Hosur, Kottai Mariamman temple at Ram nagar, andVenugopalasamy temple at Rayakottah road.Around 80 kilometres from Hosur, is the Hogenakal Falls across the riverCauvery. Wild animals including elephants can be spotted. 52 km from Hosur isKrishnagiri, the mango capital of India and home to a large fortress of TipuSultan. The Krishnagiri dam is a significant hydroelectric power source and is atourist attraction as well.The Clover Greens golf course is located near Exide factory, on way to Sarjapurin an extent of 100 acres (0.40 km2) adjacent to Infosys New campus.Agriculture
  8. 8. Hosur Cattle Farm HCF was started in 1824 by the British in an area of 1641.41acres. The Tamil Nadu government maintains this green belt, along with alivestock research station focused on rare breeds of cattle, horse, poultry, sheep.A golf club is being planned by the district administration.A rich variety of fruits and vegetables are cultivated in Hosur. The land is veryfertile and there is significant access to fresh water as well as trained labor.Crops consist of tomatoes, cabbages, onions, mangoes, capsicum, carrot,cucumber, beans, coriander leaves, noolkol, radish. It has a large vegetablewholesale market of 250 shops which caters south India with daily 100 lorryloads. Hosur and its surrounding area contribute to making the Krishnagiridistrict the largest producers of mangos in India.FloricultureHosur exports most of the roses from India. Madhagondapalli near Hosur, is thehome to TANFLORA, the largest exporter of roses to various Europeancountries during Valentines Day. "Taj Mahal" is one of the pattended roseflower variety which is being produced at Hosur.[3]PoliticsHosur assembly constituency is part of Krishnagiri Lok Sabha constituency.[4]Education InstitutionsHosur has nearly 65 schools, of which two schools offer CBSE pattern ofeducation up to +2 and at least 15 schools offering State government pattern ofeducation up to +2, i.e. 17 higher secondary schools. Two schools areexclusively, for girls and one is exclusively for boys, and remaining are co-education.There are three ITIs of which one is government owned, two polytechnics, threearts colleges of which one is exclusively for women and two engineeringcolleges.
  9. 9. Other Details of HosurAbout Hosur:Hosur, also known as Little England, for its climatic conditions, has a history ofmore than 2000 Years. Hosur, is known on these days, not only for its climaticcondition, but for the thousands of industries located here. Hosur is at theheight of about 900 meters above sea level and is on Deccan Plateau. Averagetemperature during summer is 25° to 35° C and during Winter it is 13° to 25° C.Month of March and April used to be hot and rainy season starts in the month ofMay and lasts up to December. Rain during the month of May is mostly due tosummer. June and July used to witness high speed winds along with rain.Other than climate, Hosur is very special for the languages spoken. Thepopulation is identified as Local and Settled. Local means, people who live inHosur even before industrialization and Settled means people who got settledin Hosur after 1970s. 70% of the Locals have Telugu as their mother tongue,while 99% of the Settled have Tamil as their mother tongue. Other than Teluguand Tamil, the next widely spoken language is Kannada.Hosur History:This is the image of Hosur during British rule - Photo courtesy - ArcheologicalSurvey of IndiaPhotographed (later colored) by Thomas Daniell during 1804 AD whoaccompanied Lord Cornwallis and depicts Hosur - Photo courtesy -Archeological Survey of India
  10. 10. Photographed by A Soosai Prakash of HosurOnline on 1st May 2010 after thecar festival.Hosur comes under Krishnagiri District. Krishnam in north Indian languagemeans black and Giri means hill (Granite hills). Hosur and its surroundings arevery rich in Granite. So Krishnagiri means - place rich in Granite rocks. Theother reason for the name Krishnagiri may be that - the hill in the town ofKrishnagiri looks so similar to the rocky hills of Gingee, where one of the hill isnamed as Krishangiri and the fort built by Cholas during 13th centuary on thathill was later used as the ruling throne by foreign rulers like Marathas, Nayaksand Mughals who also ruled this part of the country. Mughal EmporerAurangazeb leased Gingee to Swarup Singh one of the Bundela (a Rajput racewhich ruled central India) Chieftain and even today we can see a hamlet ofRajputs at Venkatesh Puram near Bagalur (10 kms from Hosur), whom mighthave migrated along with Swarup Singh or his son De Singh (Desing-gu Raja).It is alos said that the hills were named after Krishna Deva Raya - so Krishna -Giri(Hill)During Sangam age, Hosur was called as Murasu Naadu. Stone art found inboulders shows that the area of Hosur was cultured even during the stone age.The area was also called as Thagadoor during ancient Tamil Sangam age andalso as Athiyamaan Naadu as Hosur was under the rule of Athiyamaan, the kingwho gave Karu-Nellikkaai to prolong the life of Tamil poet Av-vai-yaar.During ancient Tamil sangam age, Hosur, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Mysore,Bangalore and Salem were ruled by Tamil kings and were very much a part ofTamil Nadu. A small temple was built for Kaali-kaambaal - Kaamadeswarar onthe Hill (now, can be seen while climbing to the hill top) at Hosur by a Bundelanamed Batta Kur-rappa Nayaka who got settled at Bagalur. Either he shouldbelong to the family of Swarup Sing who ruled Gingee or might have comealong with Tippu Sultan as Bundelas are know for fighting Mugals and at thesame time few of them joining hands with Muslim invaders and get the right torule countries encroached by them. Till today the festival for the templecoincides with the north Indian festival Holy, while most of the people of thisarea do not know what Holy means! The tower of the temple also does not
  11. 11. resemble to that of Tamil temple architecture and adds an evidence to the claimof being built by north Indian. The temple is considered to be built during theyear 1200 AD and hence establishment of modern Hosur can be consideredfrom that year i.e. 1207 AD. Chandira Choodeswarar Temple located on the250ft high hill top, was built by the Hoysala dynasty king, ThirupuvanamallaBarvatharaja Anthiyazhvar, during the year 1218 AD to 1296 AD. The templewas renovated by Azhakiya Perumal Aathimoolam. He also belonged toHoysala Dynasty. It was Hoysala King Ramanatha (Rama Nayakkan) who hadhis head quarters at Veppanapalli, built the lake Ramanayakkan Eari to storewater for irrigation purposes and till today the lake is called by his name.Ramanatha was the king who developed Hosur and a small market was setupnear the present days Gandhi Statue area.After Ramanathan, his son Vishwanathan took the throne but he was toppled byhis cousin Palla-raayan III. Pallaraaya III, established his kingdom up toKeralas Cannanoor. The rule of Hoysala dynasty came to an end afterPallaraaya III died during the war with Maaravarman Sundarapandyan ofMadurais Pandian dynasty. Pallaraayas son married the sister of King Harihara,who established Vijayanagar kingdom.During late 13th and early 14th century AD Hosur was under the rule of Kolar.Stone scriptures says that the king was called as Azahgiya Perumaal Aththi-mallan Kaaruvaan-arachan. He brought the Bagalur landlords under his control.He established the villages Aththi-palli, Aththi-mugam, Aththi-chandiram andAththi-naththam and all the names relate to his name and even today it is calledby his name. From Pandians, Hosur came under the rule of Vijayanagar andthen went into the control of Hyder Ali. After Hyder Ali, Hosur came under therule of Tippu Sultan and a mosque was built by Sultan in Hosur and the mosqueis located in Ram Nagar area.
  12. 12. During Sultans rule, the Hill Top temple was renovated and maintained welland documents speak about the same. The renovation work was carried out by aBritish architect named Hamilton whom Sultan captured during a war withBritish force.As per the agreement made at Mangalore between Britishs East India Companyand Sultan, towns of Hosur, Denkanikottai and Krishnagiri came under the ruleof East India Company. Mr. Cornwallis took charge for ruling this part of thecountry. Cornwallis appointed Captain Kaspy as the collector for Hosur. Brettook charge from Kaspy and as per the wish of Brets wife, Bret constructed afort which looked similar to that of Londons Kenilworth Fort at a cost lessthan Rs 10,000/-. Bret was dismissed for constructing this Fort as Mr.Cornwallis felt that Bret has mishandled/misused the companys money forconstructing the fort. The fort was located near the present day KottaiMariyamman temple. The name Kottai speaks about the Fort and there are veryfew remains of the fort today. It is said that few selfish people of Hosur, afterindependence, looted the bricks/stones/pillars of the fort and made it todisappear. Even during 1980s a small swimming pool opposite theMaariyamman temple had been witnessed by people who settled at Hosurduring that period.
  13. 13. Even during 18th centaury AD, it was Denkanikottai, Bagalur and Soolagiriconsidered to be towns and for Madurai - Mysore war, movement of forceswere in the route via Javalagiri and Denkanikottai and there was no symptom offurther developments in Hosur area.During British rule, Salem collector Walton Elliot Lockhart, made Hosur thehead quarters for Salem district. Present day Sub-collectors office at Hosuropposite Ramanayakkan Eari was then the district collectors office.Hosur Sub Collector Office - Photographed for HosurOnline on 29th June 2010by A Soosai Prakash. The stone with date is provided in the photographseparatelyThe cattle farm at Hosur was established in the year 1824 as Army RemountDepot, by British for rearing and breeding Horses. This farm was handed overto the Agricultural Department of Govt. of Madras on 1st September 1924 as aCattle Breeding Station. The Farm was subsequently taken over by the MadrasCivil Veterinary Department on 1st April 1938 with the object to maintainingthe purity of the Indian Milk Breeds of Cattle and to conduct basic research onanimal breeding and the Farm was redesigned as Livestock research station. Thefarm was renamed as District Livestock farm subsequent to the reorganizationof Livestock Research station on 1st January 1970. During recent years, thecattle farm is being moved to Namakkal in a very slow phase and soon the landmay fall in the hands of Real Estate brokers! as already the most expensive treeslike Sandal wood and Silver oak are being looted in day light.Photo Image of Cattle Farm. Photographed by Mr Sivaraman of JPSREnterprises during the year 2000During 1980s industrialization began with the help of SIPCOT and Hosurbecame Industrial Town. It was Mr. Karunanidhi - Chief Minister of TamilNadu along with Rajaji and C. Subramanian (then finance minister for India),
  14. 14. who took lots of efforts to establish industries at Hosur. After that basicdevelopment started taking place. While urbanization and industrializationbegan by The People of soil in rest of Tamil Nadu, it is the Tamil Nadugovernment which took efforts for the development of Hosur.Hosur is today well connected by road (NH 7), by Railway (direct trains toDelhi, Mumbai, Coimbatore etc.,), by sea (Seaport located just 340 Kms away)and by air (airport is 35 KMs).Roads towards Hosur -Hosur TourismNext to Anchetty there is a village called Dhabbaguli which is located nearUrigam - 55kms from Hosur (Hosur - Denkanikottai - Urigam - Dhabbaguli). AtDhabbaguli, there is a temple and only at this village point River Cauvery entersin to Tamil Nadu. Dhabbaguli is in a reserved forest area with dense trees andbamboos. Reaching Dhabbaguli is possible only by trekking or by privatevehicles. Vehicles can enter the reserved forest area only with prior permissionfrom forest officials at Hosur, else will put you into trouble in the hands ofthem. Here, you can spot wild animals and birds. Very calm and serene locality.Anchetty Reserved Forest - River Cauvery is seen in the middle of valleys.Photographer Alex. Photographed on August 2009Reaching Hogenakal via Hosur - Denkanikottai is also a thrilling experience.A stay at Bettamugilaalam (the highest peak in Krishnagiri Taluk) ForestBungalow having camp fire at night is a real enjoyment.
  15. 15. Visiting Thally and participating in Adeetha Ashrams mind developmentprogram will be a very nice experience (Stay and participate in 3 to 7 daysprogram)Picnics can be arranged to Kelavarapalli dam which has a childrens park, cankill a day. Visiting Hill temple and visiting Pach-chai kulam area, visitinganother hill temple dedicated for Lord Venkata-ramaswamy will make a day.Swimming pools are available at Well Fit Health Club (located near SIPCOTPhase II), Renaissance Grand Hotel, Jain Farms, Hotel Sivaranjani, Infrag FarmHouse (located near Kelamangalam)Boating is available at Perandapally Village - can be reached by taking a roadopp. Bimetal Bearing on NH 7.Business:The salubrious climate makes Hosur to hold number two position in cut roseexport in all over India. The climate makes suitable for cultivation of allvegetables round the year. Daily, tons of vegetables are sent to other parts of thestate and the country. Vegetables are also being exported. Hosur is well knowfor Roses, Color Capsicums, Varieties of flowers, Tomatoes, Cali-Flower,Cabbage etc, Other than the regular Uzhavar Sandhai which concentrates onretail sales; Hosur has a special Uzhavar Sandhai (Farmers Market) which dealsonly with whole-sale business and is supported by Coimbatore AgricultureUniversity.
  16. 16. A farmer working in his farm growing Beetroot - Photographed forHosurOnline on 29th June 2010 by A Soosai PrakashCabbage is grown in large quantities at HosurCattle rearing was the primary occupation for Villagers surrounding Hosur -Photographed for HosurOnline on 29th June 2010 by A Soosai PrakashCattle rearing is the primary occupation for Villagers in surrounding HosurHosur is number two town in Tamil Nadu state in terms of commercial taxrevenue.Hosur, the town located just 40 KMs from Bangalore central, and bordersBangalore is always an envy to the neighbor.Manufacturing industries include Ashok Leyland manufacturing heavy trucks,TVS Motor Company making Three Wheelers and Two wheelers, TitanWatches & Titan Jewelry - TATA group of companies and etc. Manufacturingfacilities of Hindustan Motors, Caterpillar, Luk-India, Exide batteries, GabrielShock Observers etc., are located. Other industries related to Granite andmarble, pharmaceuticals, Tissue culture labs, Floriculture, Sericulture etc., havelots of presence here.1000s of ancillary units supporting the major industries can be seen spread allover the town - almost in nook and corner of the town.Real estate investment in Hosur is always a profit even during recessions.Insecure feeling caused by Kannada racists, among other communities and
  17. 17. genocide witnessed in Bangalore during 1990s have made Hosur the rightchoice of investment destination for Tamils and other communities living andearning in Bangalore. Most of IT company employees from Tamil Nadu investin Hosur. Real estate related crime including murder is on rise as of December2009.Internet service providers are available in plenty. As lazy BSNL provides poorservice to its telephone and broadband using clients, most of the large usersmigrate to Tata, Reliance, SunNet (does not belong to Sun Networks of MaranBros), Wi5, NetCom etc., Airtel provides wired internet broadband in SIPCOT1 area.Car showrooms are available for Chevrolet, Honda, Hyundai, Tata and Maruthiand they are located on NH 7 towards Krishnagiri from Hosur.Two wheeler (motor bike) showrooms for Hero Honda, Honda, Hero, Enfield,Yamaha, TVS, Bajaj and Suzuki are located on NH7 towards Krishnagiri fromHosur.Shopping:Retail stores are thriving in our markets, and already Nilgiries has its store here.Pallavi Stores at Bagalur road and Kingson Supermarket opp. Railway Station,gives pleasurable shopping experience and helps in saving money whileshopping.For pooja related items shopping can be done on MG Road - Taluk Office Roadintersection.
  18. 18. For pooja flowers, bit of Taluk Office road between MG road and Netaji road isthe right place.For fancy flowers, visit Indira Nagar, which is just opp. Bus standFor Tamil - Sidha - Ayurvedha medicine, bit of Taluk Office road between MGroad and Netaji road is the right place.Textile showrooms are present in plenty at MG Road and Netaji Road. Forbranded cloth for men visit Old Bangalore Road. For readymadeschool/industry uniforms - go to Geetha Textiles (you can save money whileshopping here) located in MG Road and for uniform cloths go to BhavaniTextiles (Bombay Dyeing showroom) - opp Ramar Koil.For under-garments, lingerie, Lungies etc go to Chandrasekara Textiles, adj. toSKPD Hall in MG Road.Branded home appliances can be bought in Old Bangalore Road and MG Road.For budget home appliances, Taluk office road is the paradise. Lots of electricalshops are present here.Most of the Jewelry shops are concentrated at MG Road. Tanishq and GRThangamalligai also have their showrooms in this town.For fancy jewelry, try shops near Ramar Koil and Bose Bazaar area.For foot wears, MG Road, Old Bangalore Road and Netaji road are the bestchoice.
  19. 19. For shamiyana, chairs and cooking utilities rental, Netaji road is the place.For charcoal, lime stone etc Netaji Road is the place.For buying paints and related items, visit Periathambi Chettiar showroom orSenthil Hardwares.Fruits can be bought at Municipal shopping complex located near Gandhistatue.Vegetables are sold in Uzhavar Sandhai (7am to 12 noon), located near TalukOffice. For bulk purchase, go to Bathalapalli Vegetable Market. For quickshopping of vegetables, go to Netaji Road.Sea Fish is sold near Gandhi Statue and near Balaji Cine Theater. ForLake/Dam fish walk to NH7 - Krishnagiri Road, near the side of the bridge,Poultry is sold in Anna Nagar. Mutton is sold in Anna Nagar - Bismilla MuttonStall is good and safe.Agriculture equipments, seeds and fertilizers are sold in Rayakottai road.Automobile spares are available in NH 7. Most of the four wheeler workshopsare located on NH 7 towards Krishnagiri from Hosur Bus Stand.Batteries for invertors and Automobile are available near the bridge on NH 7towards Bangalore - Battery House is a good choice.
  20. 20. Plenty of budget hotels and restaurants are located near Bus Stand area. Doublecheck for the quality of the guest rooms before checking in, as very few blacksheep are busy engaging in illegal brothel and may put you in police hands. Tobook rooms in bulk, try at Hotel Victoria, on NH 7 and Hotel Sreenivas onBagalur Road.Community halls are available at HIA in SIPCOT Phase I, ALMDC nearMookandapalli, Sivaranjani Hotel, Hotel Rennaissance, Janani Restaurant nearBSNL Town exchange, Aarthi Garden Restaurant in Bagalur Road etc.,Reputed Kalyana Mandapams in Hosur are Sreenivasa Mahal in SivaranjaniHotel complex, Meera Mahal in Railway Station Road, KAP KalyanaMandapam near Boys High School.Many exhibitions and events to promote businesses are arranged by HIA andHOSTIA - both associations for industries.Almost 12,000 dailies are sold in Hosur a day. Dinakaran (6000 copies as on26.05.2010), Dinathanthi and The Hindu (2700 copies as on 26.05.2010)contribute the sales a lot.Mobile phone industry is booming in Hosur. All the mobile phone serviceproviders have their own dealer network and tower network.For computer accessories - walk-in-to Sun Systems in Tank Street. For brandedPCs, laptops go to TCS or Swastik Systems or MSK Infotech or FlakeAgencies.
  21. 21. Eat Outs:For Vegetarian budget restaurants, go to Gowri Shankar Hotel in Old BangaloreRoad. If you look for better care, then walk into Sangeeth Sagar Restaurant. Forluxury go to Renaissance Grand or Sivaranjani.For Non-Veg, you have Janani Restaurant, National, Kings, Andhra Style(Previously called as Nandini). For homely feel visit Chettinad Restaurant nearVijay Nursing Home.For evening eat outs, go to Amirtham Chats or Raam Fast Food near GandhiStatue.For buying sweets, Agarwal, Aryabavan, Aryaas, Kannaiya Bakery and Salomare good. Salom is located on Railway station road. For Bakery items you haveBake - Land, opp TVS Nagar on Thalli Road.Other Info:Population: Approximately 175,000 people approx according to officialstatements in the year 2008Hosur Town area: 11.71 Sq. KmHosur Taluk area: 959.46 Sq. Km
  22. 22. Hosur Altitude: 878 Mts (2883 feet) above sea levelHosur Average Rainfall: 822.3 mm per annum,Hosur Water requirement: 66,50,000 liters /dayHosur Water Source of Kelavarappally Dam :: Ponniar RiverHosur Latitude : 12.7167 Latitude DMS: 12° 43 0 NHosur Longitude: 77.8167 Longitude DMS: 77° 49 0 EHosur Time Zone: UTC+ 5:30 EastHosur Telephone area code: 04344Hosur PINCODES: 635109 (Town), 635126 (SIPCOT), 635110 (RayakottaiRoad)Vehicle Reg. Codes: TN - 29 (Before 2006) TN-24-Z to TN-24-V - (After 2006and before 30th Nov 2008) & TN-70 (After November 30th 2008)For land prices in hosur, property prices in hosur, property rates in hosur, landvalue hosur
  23. 23. Up Coming Projects on Hosur RoadSalarpuria Symphony, Bangalore Address Begur Hosur Main Road, OppositeBMW Showroom, Bangalore, Pin code - 560078Locality Hosur road, BangaloreBuilder Salarpuria GroupSalarpuria Symphony is one of the popular Residential Developments in Hosurroad neighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Upcoming Projects ofSalarpuria Group. The landscape is beautiful with spacious 4 Blocks and over280 Houses.Amenities in Salarpuria SymphonyProject has various modern amenities like Garden, Swimming Pool, Play Area,Health Facilities, Recreation Facilities, 24Hr Backup, Maintenance Staff,Security, Intercom, Club House, Rain Water Harvesting, Broadband Internet,Tennis Court, Badminton Court, Gymnasium etc.About the NeighborhoodThe Project is located in Hosur road. Within distance from the project we haveSchool like Vibgyor Kids . Within distance Between 40km to 50KM fromthe project we have Airport like BIAL . Within distance Between 15km to20KM from the project we have Railway Station like Yesvantpur .Within distance less than 0.5km from the project we have Bus Stop like HosaRoad . Nearest Bank Atm like HDFC . Within distance Between0.5km to 2KM from the project we have Nearest School like EbenzerInternational . Nearest Hospital like Apollo Hospital .
  24. 24. Units Available2bhk Apartments Sq.Ft. 1265-1491 Approx. Price 35.16 Lakhs-41.44Lakhs Appox. Monthly Rent Rs. 17,0003bhk Apartments Sq.Ft. 1605-1782 Appox. Monthly Rent Rs. 20,000Project Approving AuthoritiesProject is known to be approved by BBMPHome Loans providers include State Bank of IndiaMore about Salarpuria Symphony* Stand-by generator for lights in common areas, lifts and pumps.* Back up power of 500 watts for 2 BHK and 750 watts for 3 BHK.* R.C.C. framed structure with cement concrete blocks / brick wallsUpcoming Project no 2- Chartered VedanthamChartered Vedantham is one of the popular Residential Developments in Hosurroad neighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Upcoming Projects ofChartered Housing Pvt Ltd. The landscape is beautiful with spacious Houses.Upcoming Project no 3- Golden MeadowsGolden Meadows is one of the popular Residential Developments in Hosur roadneighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Upcoming Projects of GoldenProperties. The landscape is beautiful with spacious and over 612 Houses.Amenities in Golden MeadowsProject has various modern amenities like etc.
  25. 25. More about Golden MeadowsGolden Meadows is one of the popular Residential Developments in Hosur roadneighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Upcoming Projects of GoldenProperties. The landscape is beautiful with spacious Houses.Upcoming Project no 3- Royal CitadelRoyal Citadel is one of the popular Residential Developments in Hosur roadneighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Upcoming Projects of ArattukulamDevelopers. The landscape is beautiful with spacious and over 108 Houses.More about Royal CitadelRoyal Citadel is only 6 Kms from Koramangala, 4 Kms before the Electroniccity and a kilometre off the Hosur Road. Today this area is a beehive of activitywith a vibrant real estate value. Each Royal Citadel home is built with theattention to the quality and detail you have every right to expect. A landscapedgarden, clubhouse, swimming pool etc. make this an ideal site to make yournew home.ROYAL Citadel is an eight floor multistorey building designed to havemaximum natural light and fresh air. Each apartment is independent as thecommon walls between the apartments are the minimum. Royal Citadel is sodesigned that all electrical and sanitary lines pass only through internal ductsenhancing aesthetic values and making all bathrooms leak proof. Provisionsalso has been made for a garbage shoot from each floor. At Royal Citadeldetailed planning has been done to comply with all regulations stipulated by theBangalore Development Authority.3BHK 1408 sft to 1539 sft. Rate per sft 2150 to 2250. Extra - 360000. TotalPrice - 3387200 to 3822750Car parking : 120000
  26. 26. BWSSB : 80000KPTCL : 80000Amenities : 80000Upcoming Proect noo 4- Upkar GardeniaMountain View is one of the popular Residential Developments in Hosur roadneighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Upcoming Projects of its class. Thelandscape is beautiful with spacious and over 220 Houses.Amenities in Mountain ViewProject has various modern amenities like Swimming Pool, Club House,Library, Badminton Court, Gymnasium, Basket Ball Court etc.More about Mountain ViewMountauin View at best, a short drive away. Located at Jawalagiri, Hosur,Mountain View is just 90 minutes from Bangalore and 40 minutes from Hosur.The Upcoming TAAL Airport is just 15 KM away and GMRs upcoming SEZ is35 KM away. In other words, Mountain View is close enough to the city to getto and yet far enough leave all the dust, pollution and noise behind. All thismakes Mountain View the ideal weekend getaway. or, for the young at heart,the ideal party destination.Key Distances:Bangalore City Centre 72 Km 2 HoursElectronic City 42 KM 60 MinutesWhitefield 55 KM 90 MinutesHosur Town 22 KM 30 Minutes
  27. 27. Standard Villa Inclusions:* 5000 SFT Plot* Private Jacuzzi* Installation of log house* Drip irrigation System* Power Supply to the house* Electrical lights* Toilet fittings & fixtures* Sofa cum bed* Side table* 25 Trees on your plot* Termit proof polish* Drainage to the house* Electric fans* Toilet tiling* Double bed* Wardrobe* Coffee table with chairsAmenities/Features:* Indoor Golf Course* Outdoor restaurant* Bar with dance floor
  28. 28. * Meditation/Yoga room* Gaming Zone* Snooker Room* Gymnasium* Swimming Pool* Amphi-theatre* Club House* Indoor restaurant* Party/ Conference hall* Library/ Reading room* Indoor childrens play area* Indoor games - Carrom/ Chess* Jogging Track* Toddlers PoolCurrent Villa Prices:Type A: Plot Area (SFT) 5,000, Area of Villa (SFT) 600, Carpet Villa (SFT)480, Villa Cost is Rs. 14,95,000, 50 villas in Type A, Small Living area, 1bedroom bathroom and private JacuzziType B: Plot Area (SFT) 5,000, Area of Villa (SFT) 800, Carpet Villa (SFT)650, Villa Cost is Rs. 19,95,000, 65 Villas in Type B, Living area, 1 bedroomand private JacuzziType C: Plot Area (SFT) 5,000, Area of Villa (SFT) 1,200, Carpet Villa (SFT)900, Villa Cost is Rs. 24,95,000, 80 villas in Type C, Living area, 2 bedroom,Kitchen, bathroom and private JacuzziType D: Plot Area (SFT) 5,000, Area of villa (SFT) 1,500, Carpet Villa (SFT)900, Villa Cost is Rs. 34,95,000, Living area, 3 bedrooms and private Jacuzz
  29. 29. Ongoing Projects in Hosur RoadKristal Aquamarine is one of the popular Residential Developments in Hosurroad neighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Ongoing Projects of KristalGroup. The landscape is beautiful with spacious Houses.Amenities in Kristal AquamarineProject has various modern amenities like Garden, Swimming Pool, Play Area,24Hr Backup, Security, Intercom, Club House, Rain Water Harvesting,Gymnasium etc.About the NeighborhoodThe Project is located in Hosur road. Within distance Greater than 60Km fromthe project we have Airport like Bangalore . Within distance Between2km to 5KM from the project we have Railway Station like chandapura . Nearest Hospital like Narayana Hrudhyalaya, Sparsh Hospital . Withindistance less than 0.5km from the project we have Bus Stop like guest line . Nearest Restaurant like la classic . Within distance Between0.5km to 2KM from the project we have Nearest School like Indus InternationalSchool, Primus School, Gear International School, Prakriya School, IndiaInternational School . Nearest Bank Atm like sbi .Units Available3bhk Villas Sq.Ft. 1200 Approx. Price 41.12 Lakhs
  30. 30. Project Approving AuthoritiesProject is known to be approved by B.M.R.D.AHome Loans providers include LIC Housing Finance LtdMore about Kristal AquamarineDuplex Independent Villa / House. 71 Deluxe Villas in 5.75 Acres of GatedCommunity. 100 % Customised Villa, well ventilated, with excellent openspace with Club House FacilityOngoing Project No 2-El Dorado Park is one of the popular Residential Developments in Anekalneighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Ongoing Projects of AllianceGroup. The landscape is beautiful with spacious and over 1800 Houses.Amenities in El Dorado ParkProject has various modern amenities like Garden, Swimming Pool, Play Area,Health Facilities, Recreation Facilities, Maintenance Staff, Security, Intercom,Club House, Broadband Internet, Tennis Court, Badminton Court, Gymnasiumetc.About the Neighborhood
  31. 31. The Project is located in Anekal. Within distance from the project we haveHospital like Narayana Hrudayalaya . Within distance from the project we haveSchool like Sarala Birla Academy .Units Available3bhk Apartments3bhk Villas4bhk Villas5bhk Villas3bhk Layouts and PlotsMore about Alliance El Dorado ParkEl Dorado Park is located off Hosur Road near Electronic City, the IT hub ofBangalore and home to the countrys best known IT brands like Infosys, Wipro,HP, Siemens, Birla 3M, AMD, Motorola and many others.El dorado park is the first-of-its-kind integrated township on Hosur Road inBangalore. On the sprawling 125 acres of lush greenery, the unseen unfoldscomprising 600 fully air-conditioned premium villas & 200 row houses, a 150room 5 star hotel, Tech Park, shopping mall, a 4 screen multiplex & club zone.Here, the beauty of life lies in admiring nature, relaxing in lush backyard,listening to the melody of the water bodies.Ongoing Proect no 3- Salarpuria Greenage
  32. 32. Salarpuria Greenage is one of the popular Residential Developments in Hosurroad neighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Ongoing Projects of SalarpuriaGroup. The landscape is beautiful with spacious 9 Blocks and over 1800Houses.Amenities in Salarpuria GreenageProject has various modern amenities like Swimming Pool, Play Area, Security,Intercom, Cafeteria, Badminton Court, Gymnasium, Indoor Games, Basket BallCourt etc.About the NeighborhoodThe Project is located in Hosur road. Within distance Between 2km to 5KMfrom the project we have Nearest Restaurant like Hotel Empire . Withindistance Between 0.5km to 2KM from the project we have Restaurant likeManjushree Upahara Dominos Pizza Ghar Ka Khana . Schoollike New Cambridge Comrent High School Alliance Business School .Units Available2bhk Apartments Sq.Ft. 1345 Approx. Price 47.7 Lakhs3bhk Apartments Sq.Ft. 1590-1890More about Salarpuria Greenage
  33. 33. Salarpuria Greenage located at Hosur road in Bangalore. Salarpuria Greenageoffers 2 & 3 bedroom apartments.Greenage is like a city within a city and will be one of the largest apartmentcomplexes in Bangalore using the latest building techniques to assure solidquality and endurance.Greenage‘s prime location, on Hosur main road, gives it easy access to the cityand is an added benefit to its features. Luxury apartments in towerconfigurations of 18 to 25 floors and each apartment lavished with meticulousplanning and thoughtful details, Greenage has 75% of its total area marked foropen spaces.The luxurious and spacious club house at Greenage comes with a host offeatures to meet the recreational needs of each and every member of your familylike table tennis, billiards, badminton court, squash court, gymnasium, aerobicsfloor, indoor games, restaurant etc… The other main features of Greenage are a2 screen amphitheatre with large seating capacity and equipped with state-of-the-art acoustics and a hi-tech media centerOngoing Project no 3- Ganga VerticaGanga Vertica is one of the popular Residential Developments in Hosur roadneighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Ongoing Projects of Goel GangaGroup. The landscape is beautiful with spacious Houses.Amenities in Ganga VerticaProject has various modern amenities like Garden, Swimming Pool, Play Area,Club House, Gymnasium, Indoor Games etc.
  34. 34. Units Available2bhk Apartments Sq.Ft. 1035-1190 Approx. Price 24.21 Lakhs-27.84LakhsMore about Ganga Vertica* Beautifully Landscaped Garden with 78% Open Space.* Separate Medicinal Herb Garden.* Swimming Pool segregated from main Landscaping area for Privacy,complete with Changing rooms.* Amphitheatre.* Meditation Space.* Party Lawn.* Skating Rink* Pedestrian Pathway / Jogging track with Seating Plazas.* Piped music in Garden.2 & 3 BHK for Rs.2500/- Per SqftOngoing project – Daddys Elixir
  35. 35. Daadys Elixir is one of the popular Residential Developments in Hosur roadneighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Ongoing Projects of DaadysBuilders Pvt Ltd. The landscape is beautiful with spacious 4 Blocks and over336 Houses.Amenities in Daadys ElixirProject has various modern amenities like Garden, Swimming Pool, Play Area,24Hr Backup, Security, Tennis Court, Badminton Court, Gymnasium,Bank/Atm etc.Units Available2bhk Apartments3bhk ApartmentsMore about Daadys ElixirDaadys Elixir is an ultra-modern enclave at its very best. A true reflection ofchanging times, changing lifestyles and changing lifespace. Located away fromthe tumultuous atmosphere, elixir is designed to provide homes in tranquilsurroundings that incorporate every convenience of daily life as well asluxurious facilities. All within your reach and close to your workplace.
  36. 36. Daadys Elixir offers beautifully-crafted and affordable 2, 2+Study 3-BedroomApartments with a few exclusive Penthouses spread over luscious 3 Acres ofverdant landscape. Greenery makes itself felt refreshingly in blossoming formwherever you cast your eyes within this beautiful enclave. Tree-lined avenues,succulent parks and the ample private spaces ensure a totally Nature-freshenvironment for you and your family. World class amenities for your recreationand entertainment that your slice of paradise is complete with everyconvenience and comfort.Daddys Elixir creates a new arena of pleasures. A medication that would reviveyou and isolate you into a world like never before. A world of comfort and joy.Serenity and bliss. Life of the extraordinary where you rejoice to your hearts ofthe fullest.2BHK WiTH 880 SQFT (176 nos) 2BHK 900 SQFT. (80 nos) 2BHK + Study950 Sqft.(40nos) 3BHK 1140 SQFT.(40nos) Swimming pool,Toddlerspool,Amphitheatre, Jogging track,ATM Centre,Multi gym, Steam /sauna.Internet café / speed lift. Ayurvedic / Naturopathic centre.Open space for familyget-together.Fountain area / Entrance Ramp.Gardens with ornamentaltrees.Beauty parlour / Gift shop.Super Market / Medical store.Doctorsdesk.Restaurant / Coffee shop. Party Hall.Recreation area.Indoor Batmintoncourt.Billiards Table.Table tennis.Skating ring.Children~s play area.Creche /Montessori. Landscaped areas.Cobbled pathways.Water bodies. Basketballpole.Visitors parking.Car wash. Generator backup facility.24/7 SecurityOngoing Project- Sobha CinamonSobha Cinnamon is one of the popular Residential Developments in Kudlu Gateneighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Ongoing Projects of Sobha
  37. 37. Developers Pvt Ltd. The landscape is beautiful with spacious and over 243Houses.Project DeliveryExpected completion is around Aug 2012Amenities in Sobha CinnamonProject has various modern amenities like Garden, Swimming Pool, Play Area,Health Facilities, Recreation Facilities, 24Hr Backup, Security, Intercom, ClubHouse, Rain Water Harvesting, Tennis Court, Badminton Court, Gymnasiumetc.About the NeighborhoodThe Project is located in Kudlu Gate. Within distance from the project we haveSchool like Vibgyor Vibgyor . Hospital like B-Max .Units Available3bhk Apartments Sq.Ft. 1451-2165Home Loans providers include HDFC Bank, ICIC BankMore about Sobha CinnamonSobha Cinnamon offers an easy blend of commuting comfort as well asexclusive lifestyle. The apartments are designed to allow the rare spaciousness,in more ways than one. Top of line amenities of world standard allow richleisure, sports and recreational pleasure, making everyday a vacation, and meetthe need of all generations in a family. Clean, green, quiet environs, with
  38. 38. designer gardens, strolling pathways, elegant architectural aesthetics andenduring construction quality makes Sobha Cinnamon a home of a lifetimevalue. Sobha Cinnamon will be far above the ordinary and close to your heart.Sobha Cinnamon offers 3 bedroom apartments.Amenities: Clubhouse, Designer Landscape, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium,Kids Play area3 BHK: 1925 to 2508 sft4 BHK: 2507 to 3137 sftOngoing Project – SRK GardensSrk Gardens is one of the popular Residential Developments in Hosur roadneighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Ongoing Projects of its class. Thelandscape is beautiful with spacious 9 Blocks and over 144 Houses.Amenities in Srk GardensProject has various modern amenities like etc.More about Srk GardensClub with Gym, Sauna, Steam Bath, Recreation room & reading room, Lawnsfor ground floor apartments on South side, Terrace for ground floor apartmentson East & West side terrace, A centrally located swimming pool, Kitchens areprovided with utility area, Open kitchen in all apartments, A large sliding doorin living room leading to balcony, Generator back up as per specification,Pagoda entrance for each block, More lawn area on the frontage for ambience,Foyers at the entrance for improved functionality of space
  39. 39. Ongoing Project- Sobha SaffronSobha Saffron is one of the popular Residential Developments in Hosur roadneighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Ongoing Projects of SobhaDevelopers Pvt Ltd. The landscape is beautiful with spacious and over 16Houses.Project DeliveryExpected completion is around Dec 2012Amenities in Sobha SaffronProject has various modern amenities like Garden, 24Hr Backup, Security, ClubHouse, Gymnasium etc.Units Available3bhk Row Houses Sq.Ft. 22564bhk Row Houses Sq.Ft. 3429 Approx. Price 2.1 CroresMore about Sobha SaffronSwimming pool, Superior quality granite treads & risers, Covered car park inBasement or open surface parking as per design, Plastic emulsion paint forwalls, Kitchen Superior quality ceramic tile floor.
  40. 40. No. of Floors: G+2 Floors3BR - 2256 sq. ft.4BR - 3429 sq. ft.Penthouse - 3723 - 4510 sq. ft.Premise: 18,226 sq. mtrs.Built-up Area: 56,086 sq. mtrs.BDA ApprovedOn going Project- Vakil Hosur HillsVakil Hosur Hills is one of the popular Residential Developments in Hosur roadneighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Ongoing Projects of Vakil HousingDevelopment Corporation. The landscape is beautiful with spacious and over315 Houses.Project DeliveryExpected completion is around Dec 2012Amenities in Vakil Hosur HillsProject has various modern amenities like Garden, Swimming Pool, Play Area,Maintenance Staff, Security, Club House, Gymnasium etc.
  41. 41. Home Loans providers include HDFC Bank, ICIC Bank, LIC Housing FinanceLtd, State Bank of India, State Bank of India, State Bank of IndiaMore about Vakil Hosur HillsSet in 28.5 acres, Vakil Hosur Hills is a fully developed residential layout withplots ranging from 1,500 sq.ft. Once you enter the gates of Vakil Hosur Hills,you will see why it is the best address in town. As you drive along, youll noticethat the roads are wide, trees planted on side, 2 big gardens and lots of smalleronce spread out in the campus.One thing is for sure. Your kids are not going to be addicted to the idiotanymore. There are acres of open space for them to run around. At least theycan have the childhood youve had: when the world wasnt so crowded.Amenities:* Long jogging track.* Cricket pitch.* Swimming pool.* 2 dedicated children’s playgrounds.* Gymnasium.* Community hall.* Indoor facilities for carom, table tennis & chess.* Reading room-cum-TV lounge.* Gazeebo Garden.30 x 50 = 1500sft25 x 50 = 1750sft
  42. 42. 30 x 60 = 1800sft40 x 50 = 2000sft35 x 60 = 2100sft40 x 60 = 2400sftOngoing Project- GreenageSattva Greenage is one of the popular Residential Developments in Hosur roadneighborhood of Bangalore. It is among the Ongoing Projects of Sattva Group.The landscape is beautiful with spacious 10 Blocks Houses.Project DeliveryExpected completion is around Dec 2013Amenities in Sattva GreenageProject has various modern amenities like Garden, Swimming Pool, Security,Intercom, Rain Water Harvesting, Cafeteria, Badminton Court, Gymnasium,Bank/Atm, Indoor Games, Basket Ball Court etc.Units Available2bhk Apartments Sq.Ft. 13453bhk Apartments Sq.Ft. 1872-1890
  43. 43. More about Sattva GreenageSattva Greenage premium 2 & 3 bedroom luxury apartments located near theupcoming elevated Hosur highway and spread across 21 acres, youll findconvenience and time on your side. So say goodbye to traffic jams, rush hoursand precious time wasted. And say hello to Greenage. Where everything iswithin your reach.Facilities* Well-equipped 2 Gymnasiums with changing room* Indoor (hor water) temperature controlled ozonated swimming pool* Theatre with 2 screens* Media Centre* Restaurant* Guest rooms* Table Tennis Room* Billiards* Aerobic floor with music* Squash Court* Inddor Badminton Court* Billiards Room* Chess, Carrom and array of Indoor Games and much more
  44. 44. With Best Compliments fromNetwork Ventures ( A Real Estate company)Members- Bangalore Realtors Association of IndiaB-205, Museum terraces, Museum RoadBangalore-560001Mobile: 9845017139, 7829071666