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Mobile Strategies for CRE


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Learn how to define and implement a successful mobile program for better service, improved equipment maintenance, and efficient operations.

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Mobile Strategies for CRE

  1. 1. Must Have Mobile Strategies forModern Real Estate Organizations Conquering the Code!
  2. 2. Real Estate Operations Masters Series 2012 Real Estate Operations Masters Series! Register for the complete series at! Sarah Fisher sfisher@buildingengines.comDirector, Marketing & Communications Building Engines
  3. 3. Matthew BrogieOwner & Principal Consultant, Mobility CIO About Mat: Mat has over 25 years of high tech and business process experience, with over 10 years specifically focused on Mobile Application design and work process optimization. As part of the founding team of Eleven Technology, Mat was responsible for all aspects of the mobile design and implementation efforts for global scale Mobility projects at Coca- Cola and Procter & Gamble, and lead the design of Eleven’s core Field Service and Direct Store Delivery solutions.
  4. 4. Tim CurranCEO, Vela Systems About Tim: Tim has almost 25 years experience in the software industry, and has been implementing mobile technologies for the past ten years. Vela Systems provides Field Management Software for construction by combining mobile and web-based technologies at the point of construction with reporting for management. Prior to joining Vela, Tim served as CEO of Eleven Technology, the leader in next generation mobile field applications for the retail & consumer goods industry. Prior to Eleven, Tim spent five years as the number two executive of I-many, Inc., an enterprise contract management software company that grew from $6MM to $60MM in sales and went public during his tenure . Additionally, Tim spent eight years with Accenture and a year with EMC Corporation.
  5. 5. Lisa PanzenhagenProperty Management, KIRCO About Lisa: As medical leasing and property manager for KIRCO, a real estate development and management company, Lisa is responsible for managing owned and client buildings- specializing in the area of management of medical office space. KIRCO has implemented a comprehensive mobility program to drive efficiency and improve tenant service using the Building Engines mobility solution.
  6. 6. Mobile Operations in Your Pocket:Must-have strategies for modern real estate organizations Today’s Webinar Topics • Why a mobility program is becoming more and more important every day • What made a mobility program a priority for one of your peers • The areas of your building operations where mobility can make an impact • How best in class property management teams are approaching their mobility programs – what to do first and how to approach the project
  7. 7. InstructionsInsert GoToMeeting Chat Window Slide
  8. 8. Key Trends Impacting Rise in Mobility • 65% of all adult Americans now have • Increase in a smart phone “Bring Your Own Device” • Average user is more mobile savvy • Staff is being • End users are asked to do expecting more more with mobile tools from less their companies to get their job done easier
  9. 9. Mobility: Key Trends Work as an action… not a place
  10. 10. Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips Respond immediately to tenant Update the questions status on a service request Access data while inspecting equipment Solve Problems in Real-Time
  11. 11. Why was mobility a priority?• Geographically dispersed portfolio• On-the-go maintenance teams• Property managers assigned to multiple buildings• Tenant demand for immediate access to work order submission and status• Central location for data capture- better communication, tracking, and billing
  12. 12. Biggest Impact ofMobile Applications Speed: communication, work assignment, work completion Collaboration: Real-time Information: insights Related documentation, Instructions, schedules
  13. 13. Using Mobility to Impact Operations Tenant Management Answer any question a tenant might have on the spot: • Lease details • Status of a work order • Resource scheduling • Building events • Visitor Access • Etc. Provides a professional face to your building
  14. 14. Using Mobility to Impact Operations Risk Management Manage Incidents as they happen: • Record details in real-time • Notify appropriate parties as the incident happens • Store and access incident documents in a central, online repository • Broadcast message tenants when necessary Ushers issues toward resolution and reduce your liability.
  15. 15. Using Mobility to Impact Operations Service Request & Maintenance Management Automate your service & maintenance: • Always have a list of scheduled PM’s in hand, as well as any needed equipment history and documentation • Receive emergency service requests on-the-go • Free up time completing paperwork to build more meaningful relationships with tenants • Tenants value the insight into their service requests and live status updates Improves tenant service and extends the lifecycle of your equipment
  16. 16. Using Mobility to Impact Operations Work Distribution Put work in the hands of someone who can complete it- immediately. • Receive service request alerts anywhere, anytime • Immediately reassign tasks to someone else if you are busy • Assign tasks to staff member who is closest in the building • Respond to leaks, incidents, and other escalated situations in less time. Improve staff productivity and comply with Service Level Agreements
  17. 17. A Real Life Example- KIRCOImproved tenant communications & visibility “What we’ve found over the years is communicating with customers no matter how you do it always gives them a better impression of your company and how you take care of’s making you more visible in their workday.”
  18. 18. A Real Life Example- KIRCOTenant Feedback to Mobility Program Tenants appreciate: • Being able to log work orders on their time • Receiving immediate confirmation that their request was received • Visibility into the status of their request- anytime they want it • Being able to manage their work load on their time
  19. 19. Business Process Re-engineering Approaching Your Mobility ProgramTechnology Adoption in Real Estate Step 1: Determine Step 2: your Create strategies business around those pressures business pressures- i.e. Improve tenant satisfaction by How do communicating with them more we get frequently started? Step 3: Determine Step 4: the mobile tactics that What Build it out tactics in order of can help you priority- i.e. start achieve our should we with giving tenants online strategies be doing service requests first?
  20. 20. Business Process Re-engineering Approaching Your Mobility ProgramTechnology Adoption in Real Estate 1. Mobile program success is not about software, devices, features, or technology- it’s about role- based workflows: - What steps do users currently take - Where are they working - Etc. 2. Senior Management involvement is critical 3. Use Outside Resources: partner with firms that have true mobile or web application experience
  21. 21. Consider Your Workforce Environment What kind of devices do my workers carry around? What is the demographic of my mobile workers? What are the web- based solutions that are compatible Can we with our leverage management what we already systems? own?
  22. 22. Consider Your Workforce Environment What are the capabilities of my back end systems? What are the platforms I need to support? My software provider has a My system provider is a solution that runs only on SaaS application, already a specific device. available on web browsers. Buying Decision Use what’s in your pocket!
  23. 23. What KIRKO has accomplishedthrough mobility Customer Service Team Management
  24. 24. The PanelistsMatthew Brogie Tim Curran Lisa Panzenhagen Owner CEO Property Management Mobility CIO Vela Systems KIRCO
  25. 25. Must Have Mobile Strategies forModern Real Estate Organizations Conquering the Code!