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Continuous Improvement


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Learn to find and connect pockets of excellence that are across your organization. See how UGL Unicco incrementally transformed their Field Services & Maintenance Management process by simply establishing a customer-centric Continuous Improvement Program.

Presented by: Heidi Anderson-Rhodes

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Getting "lean" by removing unnecessary activities and variations from everyday tasks, locating pockets of excellence & standardizing best practices across operations, tangible tools & resources required for everyday success including site-specific checklists and ongoing training, and reporting on performance and measuring success.

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Continuous Improvement

  1. 1. Sarah Fisher Heidi Anderson-Rhodes Director, Marketing & Senior Director, FMS Communications UGL Unicco Building enginesField Service 2.0: Bringing Best Practicesto and From the Front Lines…EverydayUGL Unicco: Facility Management SolutionsUGL Unicco Program Absolutes
  2. 2. Introduction About Heidi Anderson-Rhodes: Senior Director, Facility Management Solutions (FMS) Heidi has significant experience developing and implementing departmental strategic plans, defining and producing critical balanced scorecard management reports, and conducting full-scale process redesign. About UGL Unicco: UGL Unicco is a premier provider of outsourced facilities services. The company counts one quarter of the Fortune 100 companies among its portfolio of North American customers and maintains an industry-leading 95% customer retention rate. UGL Unicco Program Absolutes
  3. 3. Background• Disconnect between our service promise & delivery• Better, more easily accessible tools for the front-line• Improved understanding of customer satisfaction• Focus on continuous improvement UGL Unicco Program Absolutes
  5. 5. The Framework ADOCUMENT PROGRAM • Account Manuals • SOPs • Job Plans UGL Unicco Program Absolutes
  6. 6. The Framework B REPORT ON PERFORMANCE • Internally • Externally to Client • Reporting Guides UGL Unicco Program Absolutes
  7. 7. The Framework CCONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE • Position-Related Training Programs • Administrative Checklists • Customer Feedback “Hey – this isn’t one of those • Reward & Recognitionself-improvement scams, is it?” UGL Unicco Program Absolutes
  8. 8. Tools & Resources • Develop toolkits • Implement onsite with the team • Go in the field to uncover challenges and great practices UGL Unicco Program Absolutes
  9. 9. Tools: SOP Library • Create a consistent format for all SOP’s - Unicco’s consists of 10 sections on each form • Tap into your organization’s UGL Unicco Program Absolutes subject matter experts!
  10. 10. Tools: SOP Library Your library of SOP’s should cover a wide range of topics: i.e. human resources, day to day maintenance, project management, etc. UGL Unicco Program Absolutes
  11. 11. Quarterly Reporting • Services Overview • The Team • Key Performance Results and Trends • Accomplishments • Projects: Ongoing / Scheduled • Next Period Goals • Challenges UGL Unicco Program Absolutes
  12. 12. Reporting GuidesProvides guidance for management on how to interpret and act upon results UGL Unicco Program Absolutes
  13. 13. Easy to Follow Checklists 48 USafe - JRR completed in UTrac 49 Mandatory postings in place 50 MSDS book updated/accessible 51 MSDS labels on all bottles 52 Dispensing system with concentrates Splash goggles, rubber apron as part of 53 HS&E mixing station 54 Eye wash station OSHA/ 55 Damaged equipment tagged out fv USafe Incident/Accident Reporting - Company 56 SOP in place and actively executed 57 Blood kit, First aid kit 58 OSHA 300 log Hazardous Waste Manifests: Signed by 59 Customer Lightbulb disposal SOP followed (see 60 UGL Unicco Program Absolutes UShare for SOP)
  14. 14. “Good” and “Best” Practices UGL Unicco Program Absolutes
  15. 15. “Good” and “Best” Practices Process Improvement Opportunity Form Describe problem/opportunity Describe suggestion for improvement (include data!) Potential benefit of change? Is it better, faster, cheaper…? Identify the customers affected by the change UGL Unicco Program Absolutes
  16. 16. Tips • Encourage people to share solutions they’ve developed • Make them available via a CMMS or an intranet • Build AND maintain a knowledgebase • Track access and contributions • Establish Communities of Practice UGL Unicco Program Absolutes
  17. 17. Contact Us! Heidi Anderson-Rhodes UGL Unicco 703-807-1969 ext. 225 Sarah Fisher Building Engines 617.501.1441 UGL Unicco Program Absolutes