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Engels bu basispresentatie


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Largest one-stop-shop supplier in Benelux in commercial print,
office papers, packaging, screen and sign materials
and producer of envelopes.

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Engels bu basispresentatie

  1. 1. BührmannUbbens corporate presentation
  2. 2. BührmannUbbens BührmannUbbens Largest one-stop-shop supplier in Benelux in commercial print, office papers, packaging, screen and sign materials and producer of envelopes. • Sustainable relationships. • Delivery reliability. • Service. • Well-known quality brands. • Customer focus.
  3. 3. BührmannUbbens PaperlinX BührmannUbbens is part of the PaperlinX concern since 2003. ● PPX turnover in 2008 AUD$ 7.5 billion (4.4 billion Euro). ● PPX volume in 2008 over 4 million tonnes of paper and packaging materials. ● 7,400 employees. ● Operates in 26 countries, of which 16 in Europe. Access to worldwide network and knowledge.
  4. 4. BührmannUbbens PaperlinX Europe Market share > 25% Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia. Market share > 10% Belgium, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia. Market share < 10% Spain, Poland, Denmark.
  5. 5. BührmannUbbens History 1820 Paper merchant M. Ubbens founded in Zutphen. 1866 G.H. Bührmann’s Paper Merchant founded in Amsterdam. 1963 Merger G.H. Bührmann’s and Lettergieterij Amsterdam v/h N. Tetterode: Bührmann-Tetterode. 1975 Merger M. Ubbens Paper Merchant and Bührmann: Bührmann-Ubbens Papier.
  6. 6. BührmannUbbens History 1988 Business unit Packaging added after integrating Bührmann-Vromen Verpakkingen. 2002 Acquisition of Krijt Krommenie: start of the business unit Sign & Display. 2003 BührmannUbbens becomes part of the PaperlinX group. 2006 Integration Proost en Brandt Packaging. 2008 Integration livingOffice Paper Services (Office Products). 2010 Integration Epacar Belgium
  7. 7. BührmannUbbens Organisation ● 15,000 products in stock ● Volume 181,000 tonnes/year ● Order lines 3,500 per day ● Warehouse capacity 65,000 pallet locations ● 550 Employees ● Turnover ± € 245,000,000 ● ISO 9001:2008 certified
  8. 8. BührmannUbbens Organisation BUSINESS UNITS Commercial Print Sign & Display Packaging Office Products Envelopes (production) ● Commercial units in specific segments, P&L responsible. ● Operated centrally from Zutphen. ● Local sales in Zutphen, Wormerveer, Rijen, Eindhoven, Utrecht. Belgium department in Kontich
  9. 9. BührmannUbbens BührmannUbbens Commercial Print PRODUCT FULL OF CHARACTER As independent merchant of paper and related products to the commercial print, office and display markets for the graphic industry we supply the widest, deepest stock PRODUCT RANGE Our portfolio ranges from graphic papers, and envelope production to signing materials and packaging solutions. MISSION In addition to offering high service, speed, reliability, creativity and professionalism, we consider quality to be our highest value.
  10. 10. BührmannUbbens BührmannUbbens Packaging PACKAGING IS A PROCESS BührmannUbbens Packaging holds a number 1 position as merchant of packaging materials and systems in the Benelux. PRODUCT RANGE Wrapping paper, transit boxes, plastics, pallet stabilisers, cardboard, filling-, stacking-, closing-, wrapping-, sending materials and machines. MISSION Total solution provider with the ease of one-stop-shopping. Lowest costs for your end of line packaging proces due to our analyses.
  11. 11. BührmannUbbens BührmannUbbens Sign & Display COLOURFUL COMMUNICATION BührmannUbbens Sign & Display is Europe's largest supplier of visual communication products. PRODUCT RANGE Adhesive Vinyl, Ink, Plastics, Systems, LED’s, Cardboard, Digital print media, including XL printersystems. MISSION Innovative one-stop-shop, that prioritises the quality of people, products and services above all.
  12. 12. BührmannUbbens BührmannUbbens Office Products BRINGS THE OFFICE TO LIVE: Office Products is one-stop-shop supplier for the contemporary office. PRODUCT RANGE: We offer a wide range of paper products, as well as concepts like CleverLine, Fastprint and yoyo. MISSION: Office Products offers added value by actively supporting you in your business process, by professional advise, our wide and deep stock, and our high quality and service level.
  13. 13. BührmannUbbens BührmannUbbens Envelopes FIRST IMPRESSION COUNTS Effective communication starts with BührmannUbbens Envelopes. More attention, more response, more profit. PRODUCTS ● Automatic insert, with or without address window(s). ● Environmentally friendly, with or without FSC label. ● Wide and deep product range from stock. ● Plain, offset printing, inner printing, outer printing. MISSION We deliver what you promise. Reliability, Quality, Flexibility.
  14. 14. BührmannUbbens 14 Turnover business units Commercial Print 47% Packaging 17% Office Products 18% Sign & Display 10,5% Envelopes 7,5%
  15. 15. BührmannUbbens Logistic key figures ● 90 dedicated trucks. ● 6500 tonnes a day. ● Ordered before 5.30 p.m., delivered tomorrow. ● To loading dock and 3rd floor office. ● Night distribution. ● Courier service. ● 1,540 drops per day. ● 3,500 order lines per day.
  16. 16. BührmannUbbens Logistic strenghts ● First time right. ● Widest and deepest stock. ● Customer specific deliveries. ● Predictability (fixed routes). ● Large scale. ● High service. ● 99.5% delivery reliability. You always have the right stock at the right time.
  17. 17. BührmannUbbens Know-how and service ● User friendly online ordering applications. ● Wide and deep product range, to fit customer needs. ● Nearly 190 years of experience, focus on market developments. Knowledge sharing with customers. BührmannUbbens Paperdesk Ensures that designers and advertisers always choose the products that fit their needs best. Technical Sales Service (TSS) Technical expertise to provide professional and timely problem solving for any problems that may arise when using our products.
  18. 18. BührmannUbbens Sustainability Our sustainable activities include those that care for: quality, environment, health and vitality of our company. ● FSC certified. ● As little waste as possible, e.g. by advising customers how to efficiently use our products. ● More effective transport management and waste reduction are continuous concerns. ● Sponsor of local culture and well-being. ● Using services of social employment facilities.
  19. 19. BührmannUbbens Synergy ONE-STOP-SHOP SUPPLIER Distinguishing by: ● Customer focus. ● Working together. ● Long term relationships. ● Quality and service. ● Know how. ● Highest delivery reliability. ● Worldwide network. ● Strong brands – our own brands. ● Widest and deepest product range.
  20. 20. BührmannUbbens Thank you for your attention