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History of combinatorial testing


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Published in: Technology, Education

History of combinatorial testing

  1. 1. HISTORY OF SOFTWARE TESTINGHISTORY OF SOFTWARE TESTING History of Combinatorial Testing 1950 1960 1970 1980 ‘85 1990 ‘95 2000 ‘05 2010 (1983~)1984: Orthogonal array (199x~)2004: Orthogonal Array (1957: Decision table) / Combination Table (HAYST method) [Satoh, Shimokawa] [Akiyama(Fuji Xerox)] ~1967: Equivalence partitioning, Boundary value analysis Fujitsu 1987: Test Case Design Support System [Tatsumi] 1970: Cause Effect Graph 1998: IPO 2007: FireEye 2009:ACTS [Elmendorf] [Lei, Tai] (IPOG) [Lei, Kuhn] (1983~)1985: Orthogonal Latin Squares [R. Mandl] Combinatorial techniques 2000: CTE XL (198x~)1992: OATS [Daimler Chrystler] [Brownlie, Prowse, Phadke] AT&T, Bellcore (1990~)1994: CATS 2000: Covering arrays [Sherwood] [Williams] (1992~)1994: AETG (2000~)2004: PICT [Cohen, et. al] [Microsoft] (1976: Test Factor Analysis 1988: Category-partition method Input condition Method) [Fujitsu] [Ostrand, Balcer] analysis techniques 1993: Classification-tree method [Grochtmann, Grimm] (C) K. Tatsumi 2012