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Citrix vision & strategy

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  • This presentation covers the Citrix vision and product strategy…Our vision for business and ITA high level overview of three clouds driving our strategy3. And the inspiration for our product strategy…
  • Three simple words are changing the world: Whatever, whenever, wherever. By freeing people from the limits of traditional computing, Citrix is providing better ways to do business, better ways to deliver IT services and better ways to work. 
  • Citrix has been in business since 1989 but has undergone a major transformation in the past 5 years. We have moved from tactical to strategic. We have shifted from remote access to “everywhere” access. We have evolved from being Windows app centric to enabling Web and SaaS apps and we are increasingly focused on cloud centric delivery.Along the way we have become the de facto leader in desktop virtualization. We are a strong #2 and growing in web collaboration. And we are the leading infrastructure provider for cloud computing.We believe we have the experience and position to lead the VIRTUAL COMPUTING revolution.
  • It all starts with our vision…we believe in a world where people can work and play from anywhere. Citrix is transforming the future of business by redefining the workplace. Work is no longer a 9-to-5 activity that happens only within the walls of the corporate office. Work is wherever inspiration happens, and people need 24/7 access to their apps, data, devices to be productive.
  • Today’s enterprise computing model is increasingly more complex and difficult to manage, particularly in a world that is changing fast. Building and maintaining individual components and striving for tighter control and integration across various silos is resulting in very high on-going IT maintenance costs, diminished security, and reduced user productivity. Our vision frees people from theconstraints of a more traditional enterprise computing model that many of our customers still adopt today….Our approach isenabling people to work and collaborate from anywhere and to access any IT service from any device. It is a new, more people centric approach that spans from desktop to datacenter. IT has the ability to centralize, virtualize and deliver apps, desktops and data with greater control, security, and efficiency and ultimately lower operating costs. Ultimately to transform today’s IT to a place where any data center becomes a delivery center and where all aspects of computing become cloud-based services.
  • This is all made possible with Citrix virtual computing.For the workforce, Citrix technology offers virtual workstyles withthe flexibility to balance work and life – the freedom to collaborate and work anywhere, on any device, on a schedule that fits the employee’s life. For the IT organization, Citrix technology enables a virtual datacenter – where computing resources are always available to users with the security, performance and control that IT requires. It is the foundation of the new people-centricIT – easier and simpler.For the business, Citrix provides the agility needed to seize new opportunities, deliver exceptional customer service and create a more efficient business – achieving the freedom employees want with the control IT requires.
  • This new approach where IT is an on demand service is very profound and is driving a fundamental reinvention of work, computing and business.So why reinvent now?
  • There are a number of significant trends taking place that are forcing IT to look for new solutions. More and more businesses reach across borders and operate globally. There are a profound number of geophysical and political disruptions facing the world economy. We see more and more industries facing consolidation to achieve greater scale and profitability. Security, compliance and privacy concerns and requirements being introduced, particularly for highly regulated industries such as healthcare and banking. And finally a new generation of workers, nearly 80 million by 2014, entering the job market which will force a new dynamic with a different set of expectations and workstyles.
  • But if we were to look at one trend anticipated to drive the most change it would be consumerization. Specifically the consumerization of IT. Analysts are stating that this will force more transformation than any other trend over the next 10 years.This is largely attributed to the new generation of people entering the workforce bringing their personal workspaces and identity with them wherever they go. Compounding this new workstyle is an explosion of more sophisticated consumer devices that are available from your local retailer at a low cost. These device capabilities far outreach enterprise IT computing capabilities and this is a significant change from years ago.
  • In a world where these forces are driving change, what we see happening is a major handoff between the personal, distributed computing era to a new cloud era. It will require new ways of doing things, a completely new mindset. In the PC era, many of you as IT professionals were operators who built your own infrastructure. You built many of your own applications. You built your own data centers and server capacity out. In the cloud era, many of those things, if not most of them, will be bought as opposed to you building it all internally. Rather you aggregate and orchestrate IT services by taking advantage of some of the elements of the cloud for more flexibility, elasticity and infinite capacity.
  • With this shift, IT can make the transition from building infrastructure that is locked down, more complex and difficult to scale quickly to a model where you opt-in and buy services from providers for elastic efficiency and where the costs are variable to respond to certain peak or business demands. Overall a much more flexible, simple and cost efficient way to deliver IT as a service to users on any device, anywhere with the security, control and performance required.Said another way, deliver a more user centric experience where the desktop becomes a personal workspace delivered as an on demand service, giving the ultimate flexibility and productivity to users and ultimately the business.
  • This shift will change our assumptions.Today’s exceptions will become the rule. Everyone will be mobile, working from personal devices through wireless connectivity. Accessing cloud data and apps, that are microcentric through app stores.This is a fundamental reinvention of work, compute and business.
  • So this new era, where everything changes, is defined by what we are calling the “3 PC” era. Three clouds – the personal cloud, private cloud and public cloud – all working together as a seamless, end-to-end system. People are at the front end in the personal cloud, sharing and working on any device, anywhere, accessing enterprise applications, desktops and services from the private cloud and leveraging the public cloud for infinite capacity and elastic efficiency.
  • From meetings to desktops to servers to clouds, Citrix is powering the next generation of computing. Let’s look at the technologies within each cloud that make up the virtual computing platform.At the front end is the Personal Cloud with Citrix Receiver to enable you to work everywhere. GoToMeeting to communicate and collaborate from anywhere, GoToAssist/Manage to support people wherever they are.What’s important is to have secure access to your apps, desktops and data and have them follow you around on any device. This is where the private cloud comes in with our flagship products. XenDesktop for the most complete desktop virtualization solution, going way beyond just VDI, to support the broadest array of users and scenarios – even the ability to deliver a virtual desktop to users who need to go offline with XenClient.And unparalleled leadership in the delivery of on-demand Windows, web and SaaS based apps with XenApp which is now fully integrated into our XenDesktop solution.Finally is the Public Cloud. This is about enabling IT to deliver any datacenter or any cloud based service in a transparent and secure fashion. XenServer for an enterprise-ready, cloud-proven server virtualization platform that is powering most of the world’s largest public clouds today.And CloudStack which is focused on “building and orchestrating” the cloud. It is not a traditional enterprise server virtualization platform with cloud management layered on top. It’s a powerful, lightweight, hypervisor-agnostic solution designed from the ground up to help you build clouds that are simple, automated, elastic, scalable and massively efficient.Bridging between the personal, private and public clouds is Networking. If you are building more traditional private clouds as an extension of your current enterprise server virtualization platform, we make it easy to connect to any external cloud offering with our innovative networking solutions –CloudGateway and CloudBridge. Both of these solutions are built on our powerful NetScaler SDX, MPX and VPX networking platforms, and are designed from the ground up to serve as a “service delivery fabric” for virtual datacenters and clouds. CloudGateway – sits at the “front door” of corporate datacenters giving IT an easy, unified way to orchestrate the delivery of any mix of SaaS, web and Windows apps to end users on any device.CloudBridge – sits at the “back door” of corporate datacenters, giving IT unlimited capacity by seamlessly and securely extending any datacenter to any external cloud service, regardless of hypervisor or platform.
  • Citrix is leading the charge and we are starting a conversation about the new IT, that begins with people and delivers the technology to bring business value in a world that’s all about the cloud.
  • Citrix vision & strategy

    1. 1. May 2012
    2. 2. $1.9B revenue in 20106,600 employees worldwide10,000+ partners in 100countries100% of Fortune 500250,000+ customers#1 Desktop & App virtualization75% of internet users80% of Public CloudsTop 5 SaaS vendor
    3. 3. A world where people can work or play from anywhere
    4. 4. lower better more cost security control deliver virtualize centralizePeople IT
    5. 5. virtual virtual workstyle datacenter s s virtual computingdata | meetings | support | clients | desktops | apps | networks | servers | clouds People IT
    6. 6. work compute business
    7. 7. • Globalization – interconnected & multipolar• Disruption – geophysical & geopol• Consolidation – reach, scale & pro• Regulation – security, compliance privacy• Generations – born digitals
    8. 8. Consumerization
    9. 9. PC Era Cloud Era
    10. 10. Empowe Aggregate & Build & r Deliver Connect
    11. 11. Receiver | ShareFile XenApp | XenDesktop | XenClient GoToMeeting | GoToMyPC | GoToManage XenServer | CloudStack | CloudPortal CloudGate CloudBrid way ge NetScaler Cloud NetworkingPowering virtual workstyles & cloud servicest a | m e e t i n g s | s u p p o r t | c l i e n t s | d e s k t o p s | a p p s | n e t wo r k s | s e r v e r s | c l