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The Ultimate Web Testing Checklist


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A overview of our quick and simple web testing checklist, designed to help you maximise your digital performance and eliminate all of your web testing worries.

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The Ultimate Web Testing Checklist

  1. 1. Don’t Crack Under Pressure The ultimate checklist for a successful web launch Download the full ebook
  2. 2. The Ultimate Checklist For A Successful Launch The Strategy Functionality Stress Usability Security Localisation Accessibility Final Product Every online website launch is stressful. Why? Because every small detail needs to be examined, tested and analysed.Whether you’re launching a new app or upgrading your website, you need a solid web testing strategy to make sure your customers love your new offering. Download the full ebook
  3. 3. The Ultimate Checklist For A Successful Launch Functional testing ensures your website or app just works. But your online offering needs to “just work” across every device, browser, platform and operating system that your customers use and for every single part of every single page. FunctionalTesting Forms Re-directs 404 Error From start to finish, you must make sure each form is the right length, contains the right information and sends an automated response to the reader. Put redirects in place.This is particularly important if your URL structure is changing significantly to prevent broken links. Set up a custom 404 error page.This will encourage your customers to stay on your site because they will have more navigation opportunities. www.digivante.comDownload the full ebook
  4. 4. The Ultimate Checklist For A Successful Launch StressTesting Simulate the HTTP requests generated by a high volume of simultaneous users. You can test your web servers performance under normal and excessive loads until it breaks to see how much traffic your site can take, and which bugs are produced due to stress. www.digivante.comDownload the full ebook
  5. 5. The Ultimate Checklist For A Successful Launch If you are looking for widespread adoption for your website or mobile application, then you need to ensure a seamless user experience UsabilityTesting •Test your navigation. Make sure every single user journey works and it is easy to navigate across devices and browsers •Test your search functionality.You must give your users accurate results and provide relevant pages www.digivante.comDownload the full ebook
  6. 6. The Ultimate Checklist For A Successful Launch Security Does your website or mobile app keep customer data private? Confidentiality Can the data from your mobile site be trusted and verified? Integrity Authentication Does your mobile site verify that users are who they say they are? Does your application or website properly limit user privileges? Authorisation www.digivante.comDownload the full ebook
  7. 7. The Ultimate Checklist For A Successful Launch Localisation Internationalisation has torn down barriers to foreign markets. But there are challenges in adapting your website and apps to international standards. Translation • Orthography • Formatting • Special characters • Dialects • Terminology Payment • Visa • Paypal • American Express • WorldPay • Skrill • PayU • PayOne • Stripe International Performance • Browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Sea Monkey, Avant, Opera • Location: UK, USA, India, China, Brazil www.digivante.comDownload the full ebook
  8. 8. The Ultimate Checklist For A Successful Launch UsabilityTesting Tesco made their home grocery services accessible to blind customers and this returned an extra per year £13m revenue An estimated 7-21% of adults identify themselves as requiring additional accessibility features from websites and mobile applications. These include: • Audio Alerts • Audio andVisual Controls • Colour-coding • Fonts • Disable flashing, rotating or moving displays www.digivante.comDownload the full ebook
  9. 9. Don’t Crack Under Pressure The ultimate checklist for a successful web launch Download the full ebook