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Discovering the power of Pinterest for journalists.

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Buffy AndrewsPinterestDiscovering the power of Pinterest
  2. 2. What is it?• Social media tool that enables users to "pin" images, videos and other objects to boards• Includes social networking features Buffy Andrews
  3. 3. Why use it?• Great way to collect and organize content• Has staying power• Builds new audience• Generates interest in content Buffy Andrews• Extends shelf life of stories• Creates visual archive
  4. 4. Ways to use it• Showcase user-generated content• Use for news stories• Use for local events• Showcase local places Buffy Andrews• Showcase local products• Feature contest entries• Promote content• Contact board• Contests• Think outside the box
  5. 5. Showcase UGC• Readers love sharing photos Buffy Andrews
  6. 6. News stories • Weather photos make visually appealing boards Buffy Andrews
  7. 7. Events• Gettysburg re-enactment Buffy Andrews
  8. 8. Events• York Fair Buffy Andrews
  9. 9. Events• Parades, car shows and more Buffy Andrews
  10. 10. Highlight local goods• Products made locally Buffy Andrews
  11. 11. Showcase places• Museums• Libraries• Parks• Attractions Buffy Andrews• Turn into a visual travel guide
  12. 12. Contests• Pet contest• Show us your patriotic spirit Buffy Andrews
  13. 13. Contests • Sharp-dressed sneakers • Doing the Y Buffy Andrews
  14. 14. Promote content• Extends shelf life of stories• Reaches new audience• Links to stories online Buffy Andrews
  15. 15. Feature work• Pin work of graphic designer Buffy Andrews
  16. 16. Contact board• Pin staffer’s photos and include their contact info, social links• Pin websites and link to them Buffy Andrews
  17. 17. Try Pinterest board contest• Ask readers to create Pinterest board• All pins must come from your website(s)• They submit url of their board• You choose winner (ie. Board that has most pins) or select Buffy Andrews winner in random drawing of all entries• Great way to drive people to your site• Attract first timers and hopefully keep them
  18. 18. Pinterest contest board• Create board to promote contest and share entries Buffy Andrews
  19. 19. Happy pinning! Buffy Andrews
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