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Buffy Andrews of Buffy's World presents on Social Media and Advertising at PNA Advertising Conference 2012.

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  1. 1. Social media Buffy Andrewsand advertisingHow to incorporate social media into your advertising strategy
  2. 2. Social media• Perhaps the most important tool in your marketing toolbox• New word-of-mouth advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, review sites, etc.)• Efficient, allows you to connect with people interested in your Buffy Andrews brand, product, etc.• Helps you respond to criticism/provide better customer service• Find out what your customers/readers want (focus group)• Gives small guys a chance. Now they can compete with the big guys
  3. 3. We can…• Deliver eyeballs across multiple social media channels• Help brands build social media presence• Help advertisers connect with consumers• Spread advertiser’s message and engage Buffy Andrews in direct conversations with consumers• Increase consumer brand loyalty
  4. 4. What’s needed• Partnership between marketing/advertising and editorial (Editorial creates great products but does advertising know about them?)• Everyone needs to be on board and understand how social media works. Those who are most successful are those who Buffy Andrews live it day in and day out.
  5. 5. Buffy Andrews
  6. 6. Facebook contests• Utilize our Facebook contests to grow advertiser’s Facebook fan base, increase its web traffic, grow its database and drive attention to its business.• We offer multiple options for social media contests, each Buffy Andrews includes varying levels of the following elements: Facebook posts promoting contest Tweets promoting contest Targeted Facebook display ad campaign E-mail blast to promotional opt-in database
  7. 7. Build your Facebook presence• Advertisers can leverage our vast social media expertise to build their Facebook presence and grow their business.• Our Facebook “build-out” packages give advertisers the flexibility and scalability to properly represent their business on Facebook.• Each package includes varying levels of the following elements: Facebook timeline: creative design & build-out Content curation Twitter integration YouTube integration Facebook display ad campaign Facebook accelerator Reporting and analytics
  8. 8. Status updates • We help an advertiser stay connected with its fan base by featuring status updates on its Facebook timelines. • These status updates drive interactivity with its fans, and provide information about its business.
  9. 9. Timeline monitoring andcommunity interaction • We monitor an advertiser’s Facebook timeline, and help guide community interaction with its fan base. • We’ll carefully review questions and comments from the community, and post responses.
  10. 10. Cross-promotion posting • We handle cross-posting of an advertiser’s Facebook timeline, driving engagement and exposure of its company brand. • We’ll post to pages where *Quantity of monthly cross-posts is dependant upon package level its customers are likely to be, and do so multiple times each month!
  11. 11. Sponsored blog posts• Blog format allows readers to interact, share and be inspired• Weekly blog post by advertiser• Link to blog post on category tab• Social media promotion each time new blog is posted• E-newsletter will refer readers to your post at least 1x/month
  12. 12. E-newsletters• Smart and FlipSide e-newsletters distributed each week• Delivered to thousands of southcentral PA residents• Filled with weekly don’t miss opportunities such as contests, events, important news and information• Two ad positions available: • 300 x 250 • 728 x 90
  13. 13. Pinterest• Sponsored boards, sponsor pins Buffy Andrews
  14. 14. Sharp-dressed shoes contest Buffy Andrews
  15. 15. Buffy Andrews
  16. 16. Buffy Andrews
  17. 17. Back-to-school Instagram photo contest Buffy Andrews
  18. 18. Buffy Andrews
  19. 19. Think outside the boxUse Geofeedia to find content Buffy Andrews
  20. 20. Use Storify to curate content Buffy Andrews
  21. 21. Pin content to Pinterest board (board sponsor, pin) Buffy Andrews
  22. 22. Turn content into slideshow via Storify (incorporate ad slide) Buffy Andrews
  23. 23. Pre-roll videos ads Buffy Andrews
  24. 24. Buffy Andrews
  25. 25. Events• Steal idea from radio and do remotes at area businesses using newspaper brands and personalities (ie. Smart, Buffy’s World)• Business pays for event (ie. Spa Day at Heritage Hills) and media company promotes via all social networking channels, in print, etc. Buffy Andrews
  26. 26. Sell in advance for events• Sporting events (ie. Penn State football, high school football, Revs games, etc.)• Entertainment events (ie. Concerts)• Annual events (ie. York Fair, high school graduations) Buffy Andrews• Weather (ie. Snowstorms) Have Storify prepared, save in draft, add photos
  27. 27. Guerrilla marketing• Think about audience. Who would be interested in the content. ie. Starbucks coffee sleeves craft• Use Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, etc. to connect with people who might be interested in your content. Buffy Andrews
  28. 28. Challenges: Metrics• Understand that metrics are different when it comes to social media. You are building relationships and it builds over time• Harder to link social media to sales• Can look at number of comments, shares, tweets, +1s, Buffy Andrews Facebook likes, Klout scores (measures online influence), etc.• Benefits of social media build over time.
  29. 29. Tips• Play where the consumers play• Don’t be afraid to try new things and fail• Use social media tools to help manage daily social media activities. We use HootSuite and TweetDeck. Buffy Andrews
  30. 30. Follow me• Buffy’s World:• Buffy’s Write Zone: Buffy Andrews• Author website:• Twitter:• Facebook:• Google+: 6475852585/posts
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  32. 32. Contact Buffy AndrewsAssistant Managing Editor Features and Niche PubsSocial Media Coordinator Buffy Andrews York Daily Record Email: Buffy@ydrcom Phone: 717-771-2052