5 Tips for Adding Humour to Your Presentation


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Deciding whether to add humour to your presentation is a contentious topic. It’s considered risky by many and let’s face it: it takes a delicate hand to make it work.

What is said it a comedy club at 1am is unlikely to be repeated in the board room the next day. But using comic aspects as a value-add can help you engage your audience and make otherwise unremarkable topics memorable and interesting.

Use these 5 tips to add humour to your presentation the right way.

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5 Tips for Adding Humour to Your Presentation

  1. 1. TIPs for adding humour to your presentation 5
  2. 2. EFFECTIVE relief humour provides
  3. 3. Engages your audience
  4. 4. dry topics memorable makes &
  5. 5. and you don’t need to be to make it work a comedian
  6. 6. 1
  7. 7. People are taking time out to come and see you... ...and want something out of it.
  8. 8. Treat comic aspects as a value-add
  9. 9. Respect your audience 2
  10. 10. annoy or offend Don’t
  11. 11. cut it out immediately if you think something might, not work
  12. 12. Maintain your credibility make sure everyone’s on the same page
  13. 13. There are more of your audience than you, so missteps are hard to recover from
  14. 14. Use the right techniques 3
  15. 15. Professional presentations aren’t the place for gags and physical comedy;
  16. 16. Consider..... exaggeration
  17. 17. Puns wordplay
  18. 18. Visual humour
  19. 19. steal jokes from anywhere else NEVER
  20. 20. and mix it up with different types of humour
  21. 21. and keep your audience on their toes. Avoid becoming PREDICTABLE
  22. 22. Make sure it works 4 4
  23. 23. Your humour should be relevant... ...to your subject and audience.
  24. 24. Off-topic jokes cheapen your presentation and diminish your authority on a subject.and audience.
  25. 25. Industry ‘inside jokes’ generally go down well and demonstrate that you have a deep understanding of your field.
  26. 26. Know Where It’s Appropriate 5 5
  27. 27. has its place in professional presentations, humour
  28. 28. and it’s important to know where its appropriate.
  29. 29. play it straight if reporting on financial targets or pitching a new project to the higher-ups. For example:
  30. 30. Be a good judge!
  31. 31. For more presentation tips, visit the Buffalo7 blog: buffalo7.co.uk