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Science primary 6; Energy


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Science primary 6; Energy

  1. 1. ENERGY Living things and non-living things need energy
  2. 2. Energy to Living things need energy to carry out life processes grow move reproduce make food
  3. 3. Non-living things need energy to do work
  4. 4. Energy stored in most of energy resources Source of energy
  5. 5. Forms of energy Kinetic energy Potential energy Light energy Heat energy Sound energy Electrical energy
  6. 6. Kinetic energy is the form of energy a moving object possesses The faster an object move, the greater its kinetic energy
  7. 7. An object has potential energy when it stores energy Potential energy Chemical potential energy Gravitational potential energy Food, fuels, dry cells Object position - Object mass - Height from the ground stored in because of depend on
  8. 8. Light is a form of energy that allows us to see We can see object if it reflects light or if it source of light which then enters our eyes.
  9. 9. Plants use light energy to make food
  10. 10. Heat is form of energy that flows from a region of higher temperature to lower temperature Temperature is a measure of hotness or coldness an object Heat - the Sun - volcano - geyser - electrical appliances - burning fuels - to cook food - to boil water - to catch fire - to change states of matter source uses for
  11. 11. Sounds is a form of energy that can be detected by our ears sound communicationcan use can produced - human activities - musical instruments - speaker of music system
  12. 12. Why our ears can detect sound energy? Sound can travel through Air Solids Liquids
  13. 13. Electrical energy is energy stored in electric field Electric field Power station
  14. 14. How power station produced electricity?
  15. 15. Dry cells
  16. 16. Solar panel
  17. 17. Conversion of Energy Energy is used by transform its energy Chemical potential energy Electrical energy Light energy Heat energy
  18. 18. Energy can’t be created or destroyed, but Energy can be converted from one to another