Know all about homeopathic remedies for dogs and cats


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Homeopathic remedies for dogs and cats are highly successful form of natural alternative treatment for pets. This natural treatment shows no side effects and heals the pet faster than conventional medications. The natural remedies prove highly effective for overall wellbeing of the pet.

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Know all about homeopathic remedies for dogs and cats

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  2. 2. Know All About Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs and Cats Just like humans, homeopathic medicines prove extremely safe and effective for dogs and cats. The best alternative to chemical treatments, this natural treatment has proved highly successful in curing pets from several diseases. Developed 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann, these treatments give great results in curing animals by focusing on correcting the pet’s immune system rather than just the disease. With least side effects, these medicines are highly popular amongst pet parents. Homeopathic remedies for dogs and cats involve stimulation of dog’s defense mechanism and strengthening their immune system. The treatment is a natural healing process that ensures to tune up the pet’s natural body rhythm and system back in order. It deals with giving small pellet doses of highly diluted individual remedies to the pet. Made up of various plants, minerals and animal materials, the remedies are easy to administer. What is the Difference between Conventional Medicines and Homeopathic Remedies for Cats and Dogs?  The two medicinal sciences are extremely different in their approach. While homeopathy is all about strengthening the pet’s immune system to combat diseases, allergies and illness causing agents, chemical treatments only give a ‘time being’ solution by curing the pet’s current health problem.  Homeopathy not only treats a specific disease but also reinforces the pet’s immune system to fight against the predisposition to the disease leaving little room for recurrence of the disease. This is highly beneficial for overall health and gives excellent results in the long run. As opposed to this, chemical treatments cure the disease instantly but do not build up the underlying defense mechanism of the pet’s body.  While chemical treatments contain added colors and harsh unnatural substances that have more chances of causing side effects, the homeopathic remedies show high margin of safety for young and aging dogs and cats.
  3. 3.  Homeopathic remedies for cats and dogs are prepared specifically for each pet by keeping his body behavior and immune system in mind. Unlike this, chemical treatments are more generic in nature and do not have an individual approach for the treatment.  When it is about the pet care budget, homeopathic remedies are cheaper than the chemical ones. This is a big relief for the pet parents as these natural treatments without any side effects give excellent healing even in a small budget. When Should One Opt for Homeopathic Medicine for the Pet? To prevent any chemicals from entering your pet’s system, just start using homeopathy when the pet is young at age. Homeopathic veterinarian should be contacted when your furry pal is a ‘toddler’. He will check the pet and perform diagnosis. The diagnosis is very simple yet elaborate. The vet asks you numerous questions to gauge the body behavior, immune system problems and the pet’s response to various circumstances like stress, change in environment etc. Based on the findings from all this, the vet designs a specific diluted remedy for the pet that stimulates the pet’s own body energy for natural healing. Given in small amounts these remedies are excellent for prevention and treatment. Which Health Problems Can Be Best Cured By Homeopathic Medicines? Homeopathy is a solution for all kinds of health problems faced by dogs and cats. Be it allergies or chronic diseases or routine cold, everything has a solution in Homeopathy. Still if one needs to speak categorically then it is absolutely correct to say that chronic illnesses like skin problems, gastric and intestinal problems, joint problems like arthritis, respiratory problems like asthma and many kinds of allergies are cured best by homeopathic remedies for dogs and cats. Statistically speaking, there are more than 2000 remedies for curing chronic to acute pet health problems. The remedies are also highly effective in curing injuries, lesions, acute diarrhea, animal bites, stings etc. The biggest advantage is
  4. 4. that homeopathy gives a much faster result in healing all these external health problems by creating a balance and harmony in the pet’s internal system. Popular Homeopathic Remedies for Cats and Dogs: Anxiety: This homeopathic remedy for dogs and cats is used for calming down the pet from all kinds of anxieties caused by excitement, fear, stress, separation and other reasons. This all-natural treatment is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats. Anxiety TFLN: This non-sedating homeopathic remedy calms down restless dogs by reducing stress created by specific phobias like fear due to loud noises, gunfire, fireworks, environmental changes etc. The quick acting remedy is also safe for pregnant and lactating female dogs. Digestive Upsets: A 100% natural remedy for cats and dogs suffering from digestive problems, gastric problems and bad breath. Feline anxiety relief: This oral remedy calms down cats and kittens from all kinds of acute and chronic anxieties. It is suitable for all breeds of cats and prevents stress symptoms like stress licking of the coat, urine making due to anxiety, hair pulling etc.
  5. 5. HP healing cream: The non-steroidal, anti-infective, side- effect free cream is a topical treatment for skin cuts, lesions, burns, bites, surgical wounds, bedsores and all kinds of external injuries in cats and dogs. Joint Stress: This remedy is best for treating cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs and hamsters for various kinds of joint problems including injuries, sore joints, arthritis, back pain, cervical stress and more. Leaks No More: The remedy is availed to lower down the symptoms of urinary inconsistencies in dogs and cats. It also helps neutered males and spayed females against the problem of leaking. Skin & Itch Relief: The remedy detoxifies the body of cats and dogs and proves to be perfect treatment for allergies due to grass, pollen or dust. It gives transient relief from hair loss, itching, scratching and gnawing. Travel Anxiety: Formulated for dogs, this homeopathic antidote for travel sickness gives quick relief from restlessness, vomiting, shivering and other symptoms shown by the pet while travelling.
  6. 6. How to Administer Homeopathic Medicines to Pets? Administration of homeopathic medicine is different from other contemporary methods of pet treatment. There are some ground rules to follow to get best results out of this natural treatment for dogs and cats. Some of the rules for administering homeopathic medicines are:  It is not advisable to give these medicines with food as the food will interfere with the medicine and dilute its effect. Therefore, all pet parents are advised to give homeopathic pellets at least an hour before and after feeding the pet.  Homeopathic healing process may show worsening of the symptoms. This is termed as homeopathic aggravation and is a routine part of the healing mechanism. Homeopaths consider these symptoms as normal as these subside in a short time and are actually symptoms of a faster recovery.  There are chances of discharges, which are a part of the healing process. When you administer homeopathic remedies for cats and dogs, the pet may show discharge from the eyes, skin and nose. Even if the pet suffers diarrhea then it is considered as a physical release of toxins. There may be behavioral changes as well but all these are routine methods of detoxification of the pet’s body.  Homeopathy should not be clubbed with any other conventional medication or natural remedies without the approval of the homeopath. Alternative therapies like acupuncture, massage, magnet therapy and chiropractic are used with homeopathy but practicing any of these on your pet is only your veterinary homeopath’s call. Thus, it should be done only with the consent of your pet’s homeopath.  There is a belief that vaccination interferes with the homeopathic treatment. While your pet is undergoing homeopathic treatment just make sure you do not vaccinate the pet without your vet’s approval. How Can One Find The Best Veterinary Homeopath?
  7. 7.  The best way to find the best veterinary homeopath for your pet is through your friends who are using this natural remedy for their pets. Ask them if it has benefitted their pets or not and get a direct feedback from them. This works well as you get suggestions from your trusted friends.  Ask your own vet as he has acquaintances with other practitioners in this field. Some vets also do certification in alternative therapies and may have got themselves educated in this holistic practice. If your vet knows homeopathy then he is the finest resource for treating your pet.  Internet is the best source to find anything and anyone on this planet. Find from the net but make sure to crosscheck the credentials and then choose the most experienced and successful veterinary homeopath for your pet. To sum up, homeopathy can work wonders for your pet. Only thing you need to know is the best veterinarian in this form of animal treatment. Therefore, if you are considering natural alternatives for your pet’s treatment then choosing homeopathy will not be disappointing at all.