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How travel bloggers are shaping the future of destination marketing


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Slides from my recent talk at Tourism Challenges conference in Lisbon about how travel bloggers are shaping the future of destination marketing.

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How travel bloggers are shaping the future of destination marketing

  1. 1. Best Blogger Cases How travel bloggers are shaping the future of destination marketing How travel bloggers are shaping the future of destination marketing @BudgetTraveller @portugaltc #PTTC15 Kash Bhattacharya
  2. 2. 2 Blogging at for 5 years Featured in the Guardian, NY Times, CNN, Lonely Planet & Vanity Fair. 1.36 million people have come to my site for travel inspiration. I wrote a guide to Luxury Hostels which you can download for FREE from my blog. iAmbassador : network of the world’s leading travel bloggers. Award winning digital travel marketeer, creator of #Blogville, #Blogmanay & #MustLoveFestivals I am also the blogger outreach expert for the destination marketing agency, Toposophy BudgetTraveller @BudgetTraveller @portugaltc #PTTC15
  3. 3. 3 @BudgetTraveller @portugaltc #PTTC15 WYSTC Millennial Traveller report ( 66% of millennials use travel blogs when planning their trips.
  4. 4. @BudgetTraveller @portugaltc #PTTC15 Who are the influencers in travel?
  5. 5. 8@BudgetTraveller @PortugalTC #PTTC15 New generation of travellers New media needs… New rules of engagement. Challenge conventional wisdom. Experiment
  6. 6. 10 @BudgetTraveller @PortugalTC #PTTC15 #Blogville Emilia Romagna 120 bloggers invited. 500 blogposts 7000 photos/videos shared Over 1m visitors to the different posts. Publication of 2 BlogVille eBooks Twitter: over 180m impressions and 20m people reached with #BlogVille hashtag Long tail effect- Still blog posts, tweets, photos and videos being published
  7. 7. Travel is an emotional sell Give bloggers the trust to build an emotional relationship with your brand 7 @BudgetTraveller @PortugalTC #PTTC15
  8. 8. 9 @BudgetTraveller @PortugalTC #PTTC15 Work with the right & professional bloggers Network of the world’s leading travel bloggers. Over 70 bloggers from all the key markets plus we work with Global Bloggers Network. Download the white paper on blogger-brand relationships
  9. 9. @BudgetTraveller @PortugalTC #PTTC15
  10. 10. Video Notte delle Luci, Puglia. Steve Kennedy Bridges and Balloons @BudgetTraveller @PortugalTC #PTTC15
  11. 11. Digital storytelling project about cool, quirky festivals Digital storytelling project about cool, quirky festivals Digital storytelling project ( with 16 top travel bloggers covering 40 of Europe’s coolest and quirkiest festivals. Developed in partnership with Expedia. Working with 9 tourism boards (Austria, Germany, Hague, Rotterdam, Finland, Slovenia, Ireland, Puglia, Malta) + Meininger Hotels & Generator Hostels 126 blog posts published which have received 1/2 million views so far. April 2015: Must Love Festivals 2014 e-book to be sent out to Expedia’s database. Project going global this year with new partners that include Canada, Latvia and Poland. @BudgetTraveller @PortugalTC #PTTC15
  12. 12. 12 WHERE WAS THIS PICTURE TAKEN? BONUS POINTS IF YOU CAN NAME THE EVENT Invite audience for questions. @BudgetTraveller @PortugalTC #PTTC15
  13. 13. 13 @BudgetTraveller @PortugalTC #PTTC15 #BLOGMANA Y
  14. 14. 14@BudgetTraveller @PortugalTC #PTTC15 SHETLAND PONIES IN CARDIGANS
  15. 15. 15 1. Increase online awareness of #Blogmanay 2. Target was to reach 1 million accounts 3. Create targeted digital content for use for all partners 100 high quality photographs. 2 videos. 500 Instagram photos 4. Increase digital footprint of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 14 deep links to Edinburgh’s Hogmanay website and to Visit Scotland @BudgetTraveller @Portugaltc #PTTC15 #Blogmanay Have some set goals: Don’t go into deliverable overload
  16. 16. 16 Results 1.#Blogmanay generated 80 million impressions/opportunities to see reaching estimated 4 million people. 2.9,000 tweets, 70 blog posts ( + links) 3.Facebook followers increased 61% to 11226. 4.Twitter followers increased 101% to 5008 followers. 5.On Instagram, the campaign produced 1248 photographs (over- exceeding target by 120%) producing 29,757 likes and comments and garnering 1.15 million impressions. 6.Database increased 50% from 80000 to 120000. @BudgetTraveller @PortugalTC #PTTC15
  17. 17. 17 Japan Revealed First time JNTO has worked with bloggers for a campaign for their European markets @BudgetTraveller @PortugalTC #PTTC15
  18. 18. 18 Japan RevealedAim: To increase the number of foreign visitors to Japan to 20 million by 2020. Three videos were created by Lonely Planet to introduce Japan in the eyes of the consumers in Europe. Videos are being aired on BBC World News, Euronews and National Geographic. Aim was that by watching the bloggers’ videos this target market would get a feel for what they too could experience of Japan’s rich culture. Short term target: Feb. 1 – Feb 26 Numbers of visitors on the campaign website are 121,694. Numbers of people apply for campaign is 9,790 The videos have reached roughly 50k people so far on Lonely Planet's Facebook and YouTube channels, with over 7000 views collectively on YouTube and 15,000 for the trailer on Facebook. Long term target: Number of arrivals from each market. @BudgetTraveller @PortugalTC #PTTC15
  19. 19. Let’s talk! Let’s talk! Let’s talk! E-mail Twitter @budgettraveller Instagram @BudgetTraveller @Portugaltc #PTTC15