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Thrust augmentation


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small presentation by undergraduate student...

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Thrust augmentation

  2. 2. AIMAim of this presentation is give a briefintroduction about the thrust augmentation ingas turbine engines.2
  3. 3. What is thrust augmentation?3
  4. 4. Theory4
  5. 5. Methods of thrust augmentationWater InjectionAfter BurningAir Bleed off5
  6. 6. Water InjectionDone by increasingweight of air flowpassing through engine.Boosted 10% - 30% ofthrustMixture of De mineralwater and Alcohol6
  7. 7. Place of the Water InjectionFront of the CompressorAdded to the Diffuser7
  8. 8. 8
  10. 10. Use in Turbo Jets and Turbo fan engine types.Periodically increase in thrust.Much similar to Ramjet operationPrinciple of Afterburning is increasing exit air velocity.Cooperated with variable area exhaust nozzles.10
  11. 11. Specific RequirementsLarge Temperature RiseLow Dry LossWide Temperature Modulation11
  12. 12. Construction12
  13. 13. Construction cont.… Afterburner fuel pump Afterburner fuel control Pressurization valve Spray nozzles or Spray bars Ignition system Flame hoders Variable exhaust nozzle Connections Screech liner13
  14. 14. Ignition Systems Hot Streak ignitionTorch ignitionElectric Spark ignition14
  15. 15. Conclusion15
  16. 16. END 16