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Brandul personal în Social Media


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Prezentare susţinută în cadrul Social Media Summer Camp, un eveniment organizat de revista BIZ. Prezentarea detaliată este aici:

Brandul personal în Social Media

  1. 1. “social media can help you build connections that pay off in terms of opportunities and offers”
  2. 2. Just like you do it in real life COMMUNICATING
  3. 3. It has a wider distributionand accelerated cause and effect
  4. 4. At this momment, do you communicateaccordingly to your perception about how you are?
  5. 5. Perception is not an expectation!
  6. 6. So, don’t try to meet people expectationMake a reference from their perception to measure your communication skills
  7. 7. Properly communicated skillsare your personal brand that puts you “in the right tribe in the right industry in the right entourage in the right job” – Seth Godin