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VR and AR solutions for the real estate sector by ARworks


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Business where it's not possible to show the offered product in real life could profit from the latest mobile technologies of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Please, find some core ideas on how to show your office or residential building to your potential customer on exhibitions or one-to-one meetings.

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VR and AR solutions for the real estate sector by ARworks

  1. 1. prepared by ARworks Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions for the Real Estate sector
  2. 2. Introduction It may be difficult to grab the attention of the potential tenants or investors if they are spread out in different geographic locations. On the following pages, we would like to demonstrate you, how cutting edge mobile technologies can help to solve this problem. We picked the most prominent approaches for demonstration purposes. Each approach can be further developed due to your specific needs and goals – these are only the core ideas.
  3. 3. Concepts Play Brochure App Virtual tour New Building 9000 sqm Live Mock Up (AR view) Surround Them (VR experience)
  4. 4. Concepts In these core ideas you will find different devices, content and technology – all of which can be ”mixed-and-matched” together in order to create a large variety of solutions.
  5. 5. 1. Surround Them - VR experience This content is helpful if you want to show the project in close-to-reality form, especially for future projects. This can incorporate 360° panoramic pictures, videos or 360° recreated environment (using 3D models). Users can enjoy the content using their own mobile devices anywhere with or without a VR Glass, or at a specific event (e.g.: malls). Various uses: Users can see the planned environment around themselves. It feels as if the user would be on the location for real. - Events (iPads and TV screens operated by hostess). - At home (public app, users own mobile device) - Location based content (App will notify the user in specific locations)
  6. 6. 2. Live Mock Up - AR view Augmented Reality content brings the user close to reality as the building appears in front of them in real life, almost as a touchable environment. Apart from 3D objects, we can use animations, effects, videos and sound played on the markerprint. This can be almost any printed material: - Company brochure or existing magazine ad - Billboards, printed graphics, or company logo, etc.. Various usage: With the help of a printed material and a mobile device, users will see the buildings come to life in front of them in 3D. - At home or office (public app on users own phone) - Events (pre-installed tablets) - Specific locations (wherever the printout is) New Building 9000 sqm
  7. 7. 3. Virtual Tour The content can be: - A virtual hostess guiding you through the journey - High resolution and complex 3D models - Video game-like free roam of the premises either in 360° video or panoramic photos, or 3D virtual environment - Video inserts on the highlights - Hotspots carrying additional information - Timeline view of the building phases and future plans - Multimedia content and web links Point of contacts: A comprehensive 3D free walkaround with text/photo/video materials and any type of business proposal - Events (Touchscreens or tablets – can be automated or operated by hostess)
  8. 8. 4. Brochure App Deliver the relevant information that the users need with a complex multimedia experience. It can include: - Text, voice, 3D models, regular and panoramic videos/ photos - GPS, QR code, or iBeacon triggering content at dedicated areas - Data (size, availability, price, etc…) can be changed remotely real time Point of contacts: 21st century Brochure Apps provide a full multi-media experience with extended and personalized information. - Anywhere (public app, users own mobile device) - Events operated by hostess, or automated (Touchscreens or tablets)
  9. 9. 5. Play Demonstration is turned into fun if users can interact with the content. Ideas can be controlled with gestures: - Sim city type of games (build up the environment, or alter existing ones) - be involved in point-of-sales situations (e.g. malls, exhibitions) - Quiz or trivia questions can be raised Point of contacts: We allow users to play with and within the buildings. Through gamification, users are more easily involved in the experience. - Anywhere (public app, users own mobile device) - Events - Touchscreens or tablets
  10. 10. Summary Nearly any content and any output can be mixed and matched for the best result IDEA (using various technologies VR, AR, touch control, GPS, etc…) Touchscreen Pre-installed mobile devices VR display 3D models 360°panoramic videos or photos Multimedia content User’s mobile devices
  11. 11. Delivering the idea ARworks provides a full service approach for developing and delivering the concept - Idea development/specification - Content development – 360 Video shooting, 3D modelling - UI/UX Design - App Programming - Uploading, maintaining and monitoring Typical development time, depending on the complexity, is 6-8 weeks. Time can be shortened If we can get usable 3D models of the buildings.
  12. 12. Next steps We wanted to give you an overview of some of our ideas and solutions. Please contact us, if you want us to elaborate any of the ideas deeper or you need any other type of mobile solutions.