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Mobile Apps for Shopping Malls

Malls, just like many other businesses - besides the regular communication channels - should reach out to their audience through mobile apps as well. Above the basic map, shop list, opening hours content there are several possible other, interactive, two way functions, which could help them to bring in more potential customers - into the mall and into the shops as well.

We've collected some mobile app function ideas for this in this deck - if you want to receive your personalised material, please, let us know.

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Mobile Apps for Shopping Malls

  1. 1. What kind of Mobile Apps should Malls introduce to their audience? prepared by Arworks:
  2. 2. Introduction Mobile and tablet applications are entering our life several ways in the past few years. Among others, B2C companies are using apps for promotional and communicational purposes taking advantage of their effectiveness. • users became open to the messages of the brand • intimate and trustworthy relationships develop between the brand and the user • brand loyalty increases in the customers … because mobile is the most personal platform to reach a greater audience.
  3. 3. Mall App Functions 1. Before entering the Mall ideas •“Come in” Message •Sales Notification •Best Choice •QR Easy Parking 2. Map related ideas • Shopper Route • Interactive Map • Must Visit • Find My Shopper Friend • Shop Selector • Evacuation Guide 3. Ideas to boost sales • Promotion Just For You • Christmas Shopping List • Family Rating • Frequent Shopper Program • Daily Offer • Recommendation • My Time To Shop • Food Court Surfer
  4. 4. We can develop an app with one or several of the functions in it. Please, check the descriptions of each function on the following slides.
  5. 5. 1. Before entering the Mall. These functions to be used at home, before arriving to the Mall.
  6. 6. "Come in” Message Message from the Mall. When the user drives nearby the Mall, s/he will receive a message from the app. „Come in, and find the best offers in our Mall.” Armani Come in now and buy, with 15% discount! Come in
  7. 7. Sales Notification A day before sales. A registered user will receive a push notification about the special offers in the Mall, one day earlier before they become public. Sales Day Tomorrow you will get 15% discount with the Mall app, open it for more information. Open
  8. 8. Best Choice Choose the shops at home easily. Shops are visible in the app, the users can choose from them at home through a Tinder like interface. When the user arrives in the Mall, the app will show him where the chosen shops are. Sound Design 1st Floor Hi-Fi Sound Equipment, Loudspeakers, etc
  9. 9. QR Easy Parking Find the car in the car park easily. Every parking place has a QR code. When the user scans it, it will show his/her parking place on an interactive parking map. When the users finished shopping, the app helps them to find the shortest way to the car. Parking QR Scanner Hold your phone on the QR code to detect the parking place.
  10. 10. 2. Map related ideas The core of the following functions is the map of the Mall
  11. 11. Shopper Route Go and shop as fast as you can. The user can create his own shopping routes and define shopping times for each store he wishes to visit. When he arrives to one of these shops, the app starts a countdown.
  12. 12. VR Interactive Map Map with 360° panoramic photos. The user can zoom in and zoom out on an interactive map. The map uses vectorgraphics, so the user can zoom endlessly like in Google Maps. The map can also be implemented in a VR viewer. There are dedicated points on the map, so if the user taps on one, the 360° panoramic photos are automatically shown.
  13. 13. Must Visit Find the shops that you want to visit. When the user arrives in the Mall, he receives shopping routes via the app and he can follow these routes to save time. Some route examples: the best home accessories, snow sports, creativity and hobby, gift for my wife…
  14. 14. Find My Shopper Friend Let’s shop together! The user can see if his/her Facebook friends are shopping nearby in the Mall. Shopper Friend Tom is shopping near to you! Do you want to meet him? Meet
  15. 15. Shop Selector What are you looking for? Every shop listed in the app has to fill a form about their product types, categories or brands. We integrate this information into the app: when the users search for a keyword, they will find the related shops. Tag Heuer 1st Floor Brand superstore. Select Shop Selector
  16. 16. Evacuation Guide Shortest route to the exit. When the user is in the Mall and has the app on his phone, a notification alerts him if an evacuation for any reason taking place. The app will show the shortest route out of the Mall. Evacuation Guide
  17. 17. 3. Ideas to boost sales These ideas deliver sales offers directly into the users hand.
  18. 18. Promotion Just For You Direct offers in the smartphone. When the user walks into the Mall with a selected interest list in the application, he receives special offers via the app. It works with iBeacon technology: Every 20th person who walks by the shop will receive a discount coupon for that shop.
  19. 19. Gift Shopping List Shared shopping lists. Shopping lists can be created and then shared with friends and family. They can put a tick next to an item so everyone can see the shopping progress. Shopping List Barbie Smart Watch Flower Ring Calendar Gift Share
  20. 20. Family Rating Shops by ages. Find the best shops in the mall according to the customer ages, desired activities and interests. The user can select the age of his/her children, then the app will show the best shops. Family Rating Gender Birth (Year) 1990 Interests Perfumes Fashion Sweets Electronics Gastro Jewelry Watches
  21. 21. Frequent Shopper Program Discounts at your fingertips. Every purchase means points for the user. After each purchase the user scans an iBeacon/QR code/personal code that is given to him by the cashier. After collecting certain amount of points, the user gets a discount.
  22. 22. Daily Offer App will show you the daily best priced product. When the user arrives in the Mall, the app shows him the daily offers available. The user can like or dislike the shown offers, like in Tinder. If the user likes an offer, he receives a coupon from that shop. Daily Offer
  23. 23. Recommendation The QR code will help to choose. Scan any product (or barcode) to get recommendations "people who bought this item also bought that...". The app can also display relevant product information or detailed user reviews if available. Recommendation Anna: My best skinny jeans ever, it suits me perfect.
  24. 24. My Time To Shop Book private shopping time. Registered shops can offer private shopping experiences. The user can book his private time with the app. Tag Heuer Book private shopping time Booking
  25. 25. Food Court Surfer Eat and rate to earn a prize. The user can select and rate all the restaurants in the Mall. The user, who tried and rated all the restaurants, can win a special gift from the Mall. Alibaba Pizza Ground Floor Italian Restaurant Eat one Pizza and get one for free! Rate
  26. 26. Concepts 1. Before entering the Mall ideas •“Come in” Message •Sales Notification •Best Choice •QR Easy Parking 2. Map related ideas • Shopper Route • Interactive Map • Must Visit • Find My Shopper Friend • Shop Selector • Evacuation Guide 3. Ideas to boost sales • Promotion Just For You • Christmas Shopping List • Family Rating • Frequent Shopper Program • Daily Offer • Recommendation • My Time To Shop • Food Court Surfer
  27. 27. This material is a quick overview only. The core ideas can be explored deeply, extended with social network, linked to an existing campaign, or to a reward mechanism etc - also any number of the functions can be integrated into one app. Please, contact us for a free demonstration or if you want us to deeper elaborate any of the ideas.