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Generating better leads over the web


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Generating better leads over the web is about using the web to reinforce your person to person sales process.

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Generating better leads over the web

  1. 1. Generating BetterLeads Over the WebPresenter: Bud Gibson,
  2. 2. Who here is in a leadgen business?
  3. 3. Lead gen: A human beingcloses the sale. Usuallyrequires customization.
  4. 4. Lead gen purchasedecisions are high involvement.
  5. 5. Your customers are at least researching you on the web. Itis a key part of your conversion funnel.
  6. 6. The conversion funnel Talk or trade show, blog post, networking group, display ad Become Aware General topic related searches Real world and targeted Research social media queries Company name search Product name search Compare Company x price Request a quote Purchase
  7. 7. Super Simple Strategy 1• Dominate the compare and purchase phases • Use PPC like Google AdWords (more control)• Measure your results in terms of leads, cost per lead, and cost per final sale. Refine.
  8. 8. What about the top ofthe funnel: awareness and research?
  9. 9. A list of questions• Who are your main customer types (personas)?• How do they find out about you?• What are their typical questions?• How long does it take them to close?• What is the average sale or size of opportunity?
  10. 10. Ex: Autowatch, Auto body repair• Body shop owner • Nationwide Insurance • Trade shows, • Contacts you after conferences, 20 group proof of concept • What is the cost? • Can you reduce How does this help customer turnover? my marketing? Can you help claims management? • 2 months to close on $200/month • 18 months to close subscription on 1800 body shops
  11. 11. Need two different website conversion funnels• Body shop • Nationwide • Clear explanation of • Enterprise caliber system benefits demo • Individual shop demo • Customer turnover case study • Real marketing success stories • Claims management case study • Web training • Proof you can scale
  12. 12. What this looks like
  13. 13. Key top of the funnel strategies• Get visitors to move from browsing to engagement (but keep that engagement low cost) • Interactive guides • chat and web conferencing • Appropriate social media connections (LinkedIn groups, other) • Mailing list (but meaningful emails, not SPAM)
  14. 14. The upshot• The bottom of the conversion funnel is the low hanging fruit• The top of the conversion funnel is harder but you must do it to get sales • Who is the customer? • How do you target them?
  15. 15. Learn More••, will be held again 11/16/2012• Ask me about hiring students: