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Codex terrans

  1. 1. Terrans
  2. 2. The TerransThe terrans are a young technology species frequently purified by the protoss) whilewith psionic potential. The terrans of the facing the Sons of Korhal. The SonsKoprulu Sector descend from the survivors eventually destroyed the Confederacy byof a 23rd century colonization mission from using emitters to summon a wave of zergEarth. Compared to the protoss and zerg, upon the heavily-populated Tarsonis andthe terrans are highly factionalized and created a new government to rule theendure frequent wars amongst themselves terrans called the Terran Dominion, rulingin addition to the more recent conflicts from the world of Korhal.with their alien neighbors. Unknown to the terrans of the KopruluThe term terran generally refers to the Sector, the humans of Earth were aware ofhumans descending from the survivors of their existence. However, no interferencethe "Long Sleep" and consequently to the came from Earth until the discovery of thehuman inhabitants of the Koprulu Sector. alien invaders, sparking panic. to theThe term may be used synonymously with damage it had taken, Mengsk was forcedhuman and terrans of the Sector may to assemble a coalition of "special interestextend its meaning to encompass those groups". The attempt failed. Kerrigannot descending from the "Long Sleep". allowed the Dominion to survive, however. Four years later the Dominion became theOverview strongest terran force in the KopruluThe terrans are physically similar to Sector, vying with the Kel-Morian Combinehumans of the twenty-first century, but are and the Umojan Protectorate for influence.slowly evolving into a psionically potent Kerrigan launched a major attack againstrace although they are still generations the Dominion, resulting in "billions" offrom reaching their full potential. The terran casualties. The new Earthgenetic basis was brought from Earth government, the United Earth Directorate,during the "Long Sleep". At present, only a dispatched an Expeditionary Fleet to takesmall number possess psionic powers. control of the sector and defeat the aliens. After approximately six months of stability,While technologically more advanced than the Dominion came under attack by thetheir twenty-first century counterparts UED. The Dominion was quickly countered.many technologies remain familiar rather However, they proved useful to Infestedthan exotic. For example, bullets, rockets, Kerrigan, the leader of approximately halfand missiles remain prominent in the of the Zerg Swarm, who was engaged in aterran arsenal, while energy comes from civil war with the rest of the zerg... whichmined fuels and nuclear sources. the UED had taken control of. Striking an unlikely alliance with Dominion emperor Arcturus Mengsk, with whom she sharedTerran history an adversarial relationship, they defeatedThe terrans arrived in the Koprulu Sector the UED forces on Korhal. Kerrigan quicklyvia super carriers circa 2300, landing on betrayed her former ally before going on tothree separate planets—Tarsonis, Moria defeat the rest of the UED fleet. Theand Umoja. They were cut off from Earth. Dominion launched a counterattack against the zerg when Kerrigan was in a weakPrior to the Great War, the terrans were position, but duedivided into three factions in the KopruluSector, each based on one of the originalsettled planets— the Terran Confederacy, PhysiologyKel-Morian Combine and Umojan Physically, terrans are much the same asProtectorate. The Confederacy was the they were half a millennia ago, standing atstrongest faction. 1.5-1.8m on average and having a wide variety of physical features (pigmentation,During the Great War the Terran eye color, etc.). Genetic material hasConfederacy, experimenting with psi remained within in the gene pool, blondemitter technology, bore the brunt of hair and blue eyes still occurring naturally,attacks by the zerg (infested planets were despite being carried by recessive genes.
  3. 3. Due to advances in medical science, Terran Factionshuman life expectancy has been extended The terrans are a heavily factionalizedto at least 150 years, without any mental species, with many different governmentsdegradation. and even more groups trying to overthrow said governments. The three dominantPhysically, terrans are inferior to races factions in the Koprulu Sector are the Kel-such as the zerg and protoss and for all Morian Combine, Terran Dominion and theintents and purposes, mentally as well. Umojan Protectorate, the Dominion havingHowever, terrans are known for their taken the place of the now defunct Terrantenacity and ability to adapt to harsh Confederacy. Earth and its colonies arecircumstances. In addition, terrans are controlled solely by the United Earthonly a few steps away from developing into Directorate.a formidable psionic power. Terran space also have a significantBeliefs number of pirate militias the most famousBefore the founding of the United Powers being Raynors Raiders, which have causedLeague, terrans possessed a diversity of conflict with the Terran Confederacy andbeliefs; beliefs that were subsequently the Terran Dominion. The Confederacyrepressed. This remained true with the considered the Kel-Morian Combine andTerran Confederacy, which had limited the Umojan Protectorate to be piratetolerance for "other faiths." However, a few militias, as well.planets in the Koprulu Sector, notably theFringe Worlds, have resurrected old Earth Terran Technologyreligions, Christianity among them, in The terrans have greatly advanced theiraddition to creating cults, the Church of technology since the 21st century. TheBesainted Pelagius being one example. For descendants of the Long Sleep have themore agnostic societies, some terrans still ability to create space stations, modifybelieve in the existence of a monotheistic memories, teleportation technology, anddeity, though others are distinctively embark on faster than light travel andskeptical. communication holograms.Despite fragments of Earths history being Terrans have developed advanced weaponsabsent from terran records, some ancient of war, such as the battle cruiser, siegemythologies are still remembered. These tank, nuclear weapons, Ion Cannons,include tales of various after lives and their effective spacecraft, such as the Wraith,dark alternatives, including Hell, Tartarus the Viking and the science vessel, andand Sheol. "Warrior women" are recently the powerful Thor. Some of theirremembered from at least one mythology combat ships and even troops have accessalso. to cloaking devices.One belief, or rather hope that has Militarily, terrans have developed theremained more-or-less constant for ability to quickly repair their vehicles andhumanity is a fascination with the structures in the field. The key in terranexistence of other sentient life -- a hope warfare is their flexibility. Their primarythat remained unfulfilled until contact was structures are equipped with jet enginesmade with the protoss and zerg. The rulers which enable flight to other places.of the United Powers League were of adifferent mindset than their Koprulu Terrans have access to artificial intelligencecounterparts, demonstrating a purely that is widespread in use and is reasonablymilitaristic and xenophobic approach to the sophisticated, at least in software. Thediscovery of alien species. Adjutants seems to be the most widespread artificial intelligence of the terrans.
  4. 4. Forces of the TerransThis section of the supplement details the Unique Equipmentforces used by the Terrans – their weapons Some items of Terran Wargear are uniqueand the units you can choose. Each entry to particular units, while more than onedescribes the unit and gives the rules to unit uses others. If an item is unique, it isuse them in your of Warhammer 40,000. detailed in the entry for its owning unit; otherwise it is detailed in the wargearThe Forces of the Terrans section describes section.all of the troops and vehicles fielded by theTerrans. The Terran armory, includingdetails and rules for all the advanced anddeadly weapons used by the Terran,follows immediately afterwards. Terran Special Rules The units in the Terran army use a number of special rules that are common to more than one Terran unit. Given here are the details of those rules. Nuclear Strike Most Terran units have the authority to call down a bombardment from a Strike Cruiser. This ability can be used once per game per unit in their Shooting phase, providing that the unit did not move in the preceding Movement phase (though they may later assault if the controlling player wishes). Calling down a Nuclear Strike otherwise counts as firing a ranged weapon and uses the following profile: Range Str AP Special Unlimited 10 1 Ordnance 1, Barrage "You called down the thunder, now reap the whirlwind."
  5. 5. TERRAN GHOSTSGhosts were chosen from psychically-giftedindividuals who were quarantined by the TerranConfederacy and trained from infancy to channeltheir psionic energies to augment their naturalphysical strength and endurance. Conscripts whosuccessfully completed the Ghost Programsrigorous training and augmentations then servedas commandos and assassins.Ghosts are trained in target shooting, close-quarters combat (martial arts and possibly othertechniques) and vehicular expertise. Ghosts arealso trained to move quickly and are desensitizedto combat; an example would be SarahKerrigans training, who had a gun placed to herhead by a guard and was ordered to kill theguard before he killed her. Kerrigan wassubjected to this training at age twelve.Ghosts were frequently tasked to locate targetsfor and provide targeting for tactical nuclearstrikes. Their reconnaissance role was aided bycybernetic enhancements to their eyes.Ghosts 150 pointsHQ: A Ghost is an HQ choice for a Terran Army WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Psi-Round: Ghost 5 5 4 4 2 5 3 10 4+ ▪ During the player’s Shooting Phase the Ghost may opt to use a Psi-Round: Make a psychic test prior to shooting but after selecting aUnit Composition: target: If successful, the Psi-Round will inflict▪ 1 Ghost Instant Death as well as ignoring any invulnerable saves.Unit Type:▪ Infantry EMP Round: ▪ During the player’s Shooting Phase the GhostWargear: may opt to use a EMP Round: An EMP round▪ Sniper Rifle acts as a normal sniper rifle against vehicles,▪ Psi-Round except it has an armor penetration value of 3D6▪ EMP Round (with no base strength).▪ Personal Cloaking▪ Carapace Armour Personal Cloaking:▪ Psi-tracker ▪ Each time an enemy unit fires at a unit of▪ Neural Shredder Ghosts it must check if it can see them. Roll 3D6 and multiply the result by 3, giving aSpecial Rules: number between 9 and 56. This is the number▪ Psyker of inches the Ghosts can be spotted at, and if▪ Independent Character the unit is within this range then firing is▪ Nuclear Strike conducted normally. A unit which fails to detect Ghosts misses its chance to fire at an alternative target in the confusion.
  6. 6. TERRAN GOLIATHSThe goliath was originally manufactured by LarsCorp Technologies for the Kel-Morian Combine.The Combine was using it by 2480.The goliath was intended for the infantry supportrole, especially in urban environments. Thewalker became widespread throughout theKoprulu Sector when the blueprints were stolenby corporate spies and sold to Confederateinterests. The Confederacy was using goliaths by2485 at the Battle of Noranda Glacier on OnuruSigma, which began the Guild Wars.The Confederacy placed goliaths in theConfederate Armored Vehicle Corps, pilotsrequiring a PEB (Preferred Experience Base) ofsix months combat experience to be trained intheir use. Not that goliaths were entirelyconfined to a single corps however, being foundwithin many Confederate units and oftenattached to mechanized infantry. As such,Goliaths became well known throughout theKoprulu Sector.Terran Goliaths 45 points per modelElites: A Marauder squad is an Elites choice for a Terran Army Armour WS BS Front Side Rear I A Goliath 3 4 11 11 10 3 1Unit Composition:▪ 3-5 Terran GoliathsUnit Type:▪ Vehicle (Walker)Wargear:▪ Autocannon▪ Two Hellfire AA-Missile Launchers
  7. 7. TERRAN MARAUDERSThe marauder is equipped with dual missilelaunchers that are effective against armoredtargets and slows the speed of enemy units.Slowed units are briefly covered in purple light.The marauder can only slow one opponent at atime.Terran Marauders 40 points per modelElites: A Marauder squad is an Elites choice for a Terran Army WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Options: Marauder 3 4 4 4 2 4 1 8 2+ ▪ The entire squad may exchange their Grenade Launchers for two Missile Launchers for +5 points per model.Unit Composition:▪ 3-5 Terran MaraudersUnit Type:▪ InfantryWargear:▪ 2 Grenade Launchers▪ Marauder Armor▪ Offensive Grenades▪ StimPacks▪ Targeter
  8. 8. TERRAN MARINESMarines compose the bulk of most terran front-line forces, ranging from officially government-sanctioned units and local militias to renegadesand mercenaries. Koprulu Sector marines aregenerally equipped with powered armor suits andrapid-fire C-14 rifles. The suit provides full life-support and NBC protection, allowing marines todeploy into environments that would otherwisebe inimical to human life.Despite such material investment into eachmarine, they tend to have extremely shortcombat lives. To improve their effectiveness andodds of survival, many marines make heavy useof StimPacks.Firebats are "armored assault troopers". Firebatsare often attached to provide support for marinesquads. They are typically armed with dual arm-mounted flame throwers and wear armor similarto those used by marines, except heavier andproviding additional resistance to heat andflame.Terran Marines 12 points per modelTroops: A Terran Marine squad is a Troops choice for a Terran Army. Squads entering play via DeepStrike are an Elite choice for a Terran Army. WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Options: Marine 3 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 3+ ▪ The entire squad may be armed with Sergeant 3 4 3 3 1 3 2 8 3+ Ballistic Alloy Combat Shields for +10 points per model. Officer 3 4 3 3 2 4 3 9 3+ ▪ Up to two Marines may exchange their C- 14 Rifle for one of the following: - Grenade Launcher…+5 points per modelUnit Composition: - Missile Launcher….+10 points per model▪ 4-19 Terran Marines ▪ Up to half of the squad may be upgraded▪ 1 Sergeant to Firebats for +5 points per model, exchanging their C-14 Rifle for dualUnit Type: flamers.▪ Infantry Character:Wargear: ▪ The sergeant may be given any of the▪ C-14 Rifle following:▪ Powered Armour - Auspex…………………………………….+2 points▪ Offensive Grenades - Bionics……………………………………+10 points▪ StimPacks ▪ One sergeant per army may be upgraded▪ Targeter to an Officer for +80 points. An Officer is an HQ choice, rather than a Troops unit,Special Rules: and his squad counts as a retinue in all▪ Nuclear Strike (Officer Only) regards.▪ Independent Character (Officer Only)▪ Deep Strike
  9. 9. TERRAN MEDICSHistorically Confederate marine forces sufferedhigh casualties, but retained their strengththrough aggressive recruitment practices.Confederate medics remained at bases to carefor wounded soldiers but were sometimesattached to squads/platoons. Confederate medicshad a distinct appearance (white armor with ared cross). Raynors Raiders medics operated onthe front lines, at least on some occasions.As conflict escalated to include the protoss andzerg, marine losses became prohibitive. TheUnited Earth Directorate pacification fleetincluded combat medics in its front lines.Recruitment for medics drew in mostly women.The UEDs technological prowess included thefield of medical science. Medic tools have beenexpanded to chemical modifiers increasingmarine survival rates and the use of nano-conveyed anesthetic and attenuated lasers tocarry out on-site surgery. However, casualtieswill still occur and for dying marines, medicsadminister a drug known as the "Final Protocol."Terran Medics 45 points per modelMedics do not occupy a slot on the Force Organization Chart, but are chosen as a Troopschoice. They cannot hold ground or contest objectives. WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Medic 3 4 4 5 1 4 1 8 3+Unit Composition:▪ 1 Terran MedicUnit Type:▪ InfantryWargear:▪ Grenade Launcher▪ Powered Armour▪ Offensive Grenades▪ Ballistic Alloy Combat Shield ▪▪ Med-StimsSpecial Rules:▪ Independent Character
  10. 10. HELLION SQUADRONThe Hellion is a four-wheeled buggy-like vehicle.Like the vulture it fills the fast-attack, anti-infantry role. Unlike the vulture, it is armed witha flamethrower.The fast movement speed of the Hellion allows itto quickly chase down retreating opponents, orto readily escape an unfavorable situation. Unlikethe Vulture, the Hellion cannot attack while onthe move and must stop before the attack cancommence.The mounted flamethrower deals an area ofeffect in a straight line and is ideal for taking outlight armored units. Combine this with the quickspeed and increased range, the Hellion can easilyperform hit and run tactics on a much slowerenemy group.Hellion Squadron 35 points per modelFast Attack: A Hellion squadron is a Fast Attack choice for a Terran Army Armour BS Front Side Rear Hellion 4 10 10 10Unit Composition:▪ 1-3 HellionsUnit Type:▪ Vehicle Squadron (Fast, Open-topped)Wargear:▪ Heavy Flamer▪ High Capacity Barrels
  11. 11. TERRAN REAPERSReapers specialize in hit-and-run, close-quarterscombat. They are more mobile than marines astheir jet packs allow them to surmount obstaclesindependently. Reapers are clad in self-containedbody suits, and are armed with dual P-45"Scythe" gauss pistols and deuterium-eightdemolition charges.Reapers are drawn from marine recruits thatcould not be successfully subjugated by neuralresocialization. These resistant recruits tend tobe among the most hardened of criminals, andare sent instead to the "Icehouse" in the Torussystem to be inducted into the Reaper Corps.Reaper recruits are chemically altered to makethem even more aggressive before beingsubjected to brutal training in close-quarterscombat and the use of their jet packs.While theoretically a reaper who survives twoyears of duty will be pardoned and released backto civilian life, in its five years of operation theReaper Corps has yet to have a single recruitsurvive for more than six months.Reapers 18 points per modelFast Attack: Reapers are a Fast Attack choice for a Terran Army WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv D8 Charge: Reaper 4 4 4 4 1 3 1 8 3+ ▪ The reaper throws a demolition charge on the ground. If the charge is not destroyed within Sergeant 4 4 4 4 1 3 2 9 3+ five seconds, it detonates damaging friendly and hostile ground units and buildings in theUnit Composition: vicinity. A red timer bar shows how long until it▪ 9-20 Reapers detonates. A Reaper squad may throw their▪ 1 Sergeant charges, counting as a single demo charge in the Shooting Phase.Unit Type:▪ Jump InfantryWargear:▪ Powered Armour▪ Dual Pistols▪ D8 Charges▪ StimPacks▪ Offensive GrenadesCharacter:▪ The sergeant may be given any of thefollowing:- Auspex…………………………………….+2 points- Bionics……………………………………+10 points
  12. 12. VULTURE SQUADRONIn use by 2478, the vulture is a lightly-armoredone-man hover bike primarily used for scoutingand patrol, designed with speed and reliability inmind. Its limited gravity hover technology allowsthe bike to travel over rough terrain with littleloss of traction or speed, and reach speeds up to230 miles per hour; an onboard computer andsensors mounted in the "nose" of the cr aft keepit at a steady pace for most of the time. Thesefeatures make the vulture suitable for patrollingthe vast wildernesses typically found aroundterran colonies. They produce a humming whineas they move.Vultures are ill suited for heavy combat, giventheir light frame. However, they make excellentskirmishers, especially against lightly armoredtargets. Vultures are also tasked with scavenging("scavenger hover bike" is a term occasionallyused). In some occasions, vultures may beformed into small squadrons, usually attached tomechanized infantry. Given the speed at whichthe bikes move however, it is difficult to maintaincohesion The vultures driver seat can beenclosed depending on model, customization, oroperating environment and can be configured forsomeone to ride shotgun.Vulture Squadron 15 points per modelFast Attack: A Vulture squadron is a Fast Attack choice for a Terran Army WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Vulture 3 3 3 4 1 3 1 7 4+ Sergeant 3 3 3 4 1 3 2 8 4+Unit Composition:▪ 4-10 Vultures▪ 1 SergeantUnit Type:▪ JetbikesWargear:▪ Spider Mines▪ Grenade LauncherCharacter:▪ The sergeant may be given any of the following:- Auspex…………………………………….+2 points- Bionics……………………………………+10 points
  13. 13. TERRAN BANSHEEThe Banshee is a terran aircraft designed byProcyon Industries in response to the TerranDominions requirement for a dedicated groundattack aircraft. Experience had shown that it wasunlikely that adapting an existing design wouldprove satisfactory. Thus, Procyon designed anentirely new craft.The design was heavily optimized for its intendedrole. Armament was limited to air-to-groundBacklash cluster rockets, eschewing any anti-aircraft weapons. As the Banshee was neverintended to operate outside of an atmosphere,only relatively low-thrust turbofans were fitted,wholly unable to achieve escape velocity, butmuch cheaper than engines capable of achievingspace flight. Later Banshees were fitted withcloaking devices taken from Wraiths.The Banshee has proven successful in service.Easily transported from world to world, itsmobility and firepower has proven most useful,especially in inhospitable terrain and againsthostile irregular forces. The Banshee has alsoacquired a reputation as a Dominion terrorweapon, a result of a significant number ofcivilians being killed by Banshees employed inurban combat.Banshee Gunship 150 points per modelHeavy Support: A Banshee is a Heavy Support choice for a Terran Army Armour BS Front Side Rear Banshee 4 12 11 10Unit Composition:▪ 1 BansheeUnit Type:▪ Vehicle (Skimmer, Fast)Wargear:▪ 2 Missile Launchers▪ Cloaking Field
  14. 14. SIEGE TANKThe dual-mode siege tank concept was aresponse to the Guild Wars and the goliath. Priorto the war, work had progressed on a static "finaldefense" cannon. However, the conflictdemonstrated the need for mobility and as aresult an effort was made to make the cannonmore mobile. The solution was creative. Anexisting tank design was modified so that it couldoperate as a conventional tank in addition tobeing able to deploy the cannon and become astatic artillery emplacement at will. Mobile siegetanks were in existence by 2480, several yearsbefore the official beginning of the Guild Wars.Siege tanks function in two modes. First is the"tank" or "assault mode" in which the vehiclemay be used in the familiar armored support roleusing relative light weapons. The second is themore radical "siege mode" in which the vehiclebecomes a static emplacement able to deploy amuch more powerful and longer ranged weapon.Siege Tank 120 pointsHeavy Support: Siege Tanks are a Heavy Support choice for a Terran Army Armour Siege Mode: BS Front Side Rear ▪ A Siege Tank may enter its Siege Mode during Siege Tank 4 14 12 10 the Movement Phase. Once initiated, the Siege Tank may not move, becoming an immobileUnit Composition: vehicle. During the Shooting phase its main▪ 1 Siege Tank battle canon may fire indirectly as if it were a barrage weapon.Unit Type:▪ Vehicle (Tank)Wargear:▪ Battle CannonSpecial Rules:▪ Siege Mode
  15. 15. Terran WargearThis section of lists the deadly weapons and equipment used by Terran armies, along with allthe details you’ll need for using them in your games of Warhammer 40,000. Note thatweapons and equipment that may be used by more than one type of model or unit aredetailed here, while equipment that is unique to a single model or unit is detailed in theappropriate entry in the Forces section.Ranged Weapons Missile Launcher: ▪ The missile launcher is a favored weaponC-14 Rifle: amongst heavy weapons teams due to the▪ The C-14 Impaler gauss rifle is the terran tactical flexibility afforded by a range ofstandard issue weapon to marines of the warheads. Each time the missile launcherConfederate Marine Corps and the fires, the controlling player can decideDominion Marine Corps, and is common which round is being used.throughout the Koprulu Sector. In use by2478, the C-14 fires hypersonic 8 mm. Frag Grenadearmor-piercing metal "spikes" which may Range Str AP Specialpenetrate two inches of steel plating? The 48” 4 6 Heavy 1, Blastweapon is fully automatic with a rate of fireof 30 rounds per second. Fully automaticfire is discouraged under most conditions. Krak GrenadeInstead a capacitor system is used to fire Range Str AP Specialthe weapon in short bursts, conservingammunition and minimizing power 48” 8 3 Heavy 1requirements and has the following profile: Heavy Flamer:Range Str AP Special ▪ The heavy flamer is the weapon of choice 24” 4 5 Rapid Fire for sweeping fortifications clear and purging the ranks of the enemy.Dual Flamers: Range Str AP Special▪ Dual Flamers are wrist mounted weapons.They are twin-linked and have the Template 5 4 Assault 1following profile: Demo Charge:Range Str AP Special ▪ Small, compact, but extremelyTemplate 4 5 Assault 1 destructive, demolition charges are used to destroy fortifications and enemy armor emplacements.Grenade Launcher:Grenade Launchers are versatile, man- Range Str AP Specialportable weapons capable of firing a rangeof deadly rounds. Each time the grenade 6” 8 2 Assault 1, Largelauncher fires, the controlling player can Blast, One Shot Onlydecide which round is being used: Dual Pistols:Frag Grenade ▪ Used as the primary weapon of the Reapers, they count as twin-linked andRange Str AP Special have the following profile: 24” 3 6 Assault 1, Blast Range Str AP SpecialKrak Grenade 12” 4 5 PistolRange Str AP Special 24” 6 4 Assault 1
  16. 16. Neural Shredder: Med-Stims:▪ The Neural shredder uses the Flame ▪ Med-Stims is a catch-all phrase used totemplate and is fired just like a flame describe the medicinal concoctions andweapon. Roll to wound as follows: the tools used by Terran medics on the battleneural shredder has Strength 8 but, rather field. They confer the Feel No Painthan using the targets’ Toughness values, universal special rule to any unit the Medictheir Leadership is used. Other than this, is attached to, including the medic herself.the To Wound chart is used as normal. Aroll of a 1 always fails to inflict a wound. Psi-tracker:Against vehicles, roll a D3 on the Glancing ▪ If a model has a psi-tracker, one roll toHits table, as the crew’s brains are partially hit made by any model in the Terran armyprotected by the vehicle’s armour. The may be re-rolled once per Shooting phase,Neural shredder has the following profile: so long as the target is a Psyker, or is a squad with a Psyker attached to it.Range Str AP SpecialTemplate X 1 Assault 1 Targeter: ▪ Models equipped with a targeter are allowed to pre-measure the range to a target before they decide who to shoot atArmour in the Shooting phase. After you have used a targeter then any Guess range weaponsCarapace Armour: may not be fired that turn.▪ Carapace armour is made up of largerigid plates of armaplas or ceramite Spider Mines:molded to fit the wearer. A model with ▪ Spider mines count as Defensivecarapace armour has an armour save of grenades in all regards.4+. Auspex:Powered Armour: ▪ An auspex is a short-ranged scanner used▪ Made from thick ceramite plates and to detect hidden enemy troops. If enemyelectronically motivated fibre bundles, infiltrators set up within 4D6” of a modelpower armour is amongst the best with an auspex, then that model is allowedprotective armour available to the Terrans. to take a ‘free’ shot at them (or sound theA model with powered armour has an alarm in a Raid scenario). If the model isarmour save of 3+. part of a unit then the whole unit may shoot. These shots are taken before theMarauder Armour: battle begins, and may cause the▪ Due to the powerful exoskeleton and infiltrators to fall back. The normalpower sources built into their armour, shooting rules apply.models in Marauder armour have therelentless universal special rule and has anarmour save of 2+.Other EquipmentBallistic Alloy Combat Shield▪ The Ballistic Alloy Combat Shield is awidely used shield distributed amongstTerran Marines. It increases the toughnessof the Marines by 1StimPacks:▪ StimPacks increase the combat efficiencyof Terran Marines exponentially. The unitmay use StimPacks at the start of anyassault phase and will benefit from theFurious Charge universal special rule forthat turn but each model takes a S1 hitwith no saves of any kind allowed
  17. 17. Bionics: Cloaking Field:▪ Bionics allows a character who has ▪ Cloaking Fields count as Smokesuffered a crippling injury to return to Launchers in all regards.service. To represent this, if a model withbionics is killed, instead of removing it,place the model on its side. Roll a D6 atthe start of the next turn. On the roll of a 6the model is stood back up with onewound, but on any other result it isremoved as a casualty.Vehicle ArmouryHellfire AA Missile Launcher:▪ Hellfire missiles are a terran explosiveprojectile used as standard anti-airarmament for goliaths.Range Str AP Special 48” 8 1 Assault 1, MeltaBattle Cannon:▪ The main armament on the siege tankhas the following profile:Range Str AP Special 48” 8 3 Ordnance 1High Capacity Barrels:▪ The installation of high capacity barrelson a Hellion allows it maintain a constanttorrent of flame. It may reroll all rolls towound.Autocannon:▪ Autocannons fire large caliber, highvelocity shells at a prodigious rate. Theyare the heavy weapon of choice forcommanders facing large infantryformations and lightly armored vehicles. Ithas the following profile:Range Str AP Special 48” 7 4 Heavy 2Heavy Flamer:▪ The heavy flamer is the weapon of choicefor sweeping fortifications clear andpurging the ranks of the enemy.Range Str AP SpecialTemplate 5 4 Assault 1