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Marketing campaign


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Marketing campaign

  1. 1. An American ‘Chick flick’ staring Jenifer Aniston By Kerry Bond
  2. 2. Press junketsPress junkets are an important part of helping to market a film. Beverly Hilton The Beverly Hilton Hotel located in Beverly Hills, California, is a great place for a press junket. The Beverly Hilton is a popular choice for many awards shows, charity benefits and entertainment and motion picture industry events, these’s events include such things as; The Golden Globes which are annually held here and also many other press junkets for films such as; New year’s Eve and ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’. Therefore this would be an ideal place and there are plenty of rooms that are spacious and comfortable for this kind of event. Also the Beverly Hilton is in America, which makes sense to place my press junkets there as the country of exhibition for my film is the USA.Newspaper/TV Channels I would inviteThe Times, The Hollywood Reporter – TA, 15-40. The TA varies for both. People who are interested in the Hollywood sceneMTV, E! – TA, 15-40 roughly.I have chosen this selection of Newspapers and Entertainment channels to attend the pres junkets as I believe they all appeal to my target audience. As well as this they will help to widen the publicity for the film because they are all very popular types of media which will mean more will hear about the film. Due to these being popular it will allow people to realise that the film is worth watching otherwise it wouldn’t be shown/talked about. I have included an newspaper in the UK so that people in the UK are able to hear about the film even though it is mainly based in America. Also E! And MTV are shown in the UK which will eventually lead to the word being spread throughout the UK creating more publicity for the film.
  3. 3. TrailerThe trailer for the Film is probably one of the most important aspects to help market the film. As the film is a 15 certificate the trailer has to be the same. Therefore the trailer will be shown in advert slots that are appropriate for people aged 15+. The best way to advertise the trailer is to choose adverts slots that are in- between programmes or at the start of films that relate or are similar to this ‘Chick Flick’.Advertising slots before Movies“He’s Just Not That Into You” – This film is of the ‘chick Flick’ genre therefore I feel that my Target audience will find it appealing, especially the older people in my target audience ,20-35 , As ‘He’s Just Not that Into You’ Is more for the mature audience.“Marley And Me”- By showing the trailer before “Marley And Me” it will encourage all of my target audience to want to see the new film.“The Break - up” – Ideally this would be the best film to show the advert before because it is most similar to the film. It also appeals to the younger generation as well as the older generation therefore helping bring more people to see the film.TV advert slotsThere are a wide range of didn’t TV advert slots that could potentially host the trailer, however the three that I find would be most ideal are:“Gilmore Girls – Gilmore girls is considered to be in the chick flick genre, therefore the audience would be interested in seeing a film of the same genre. It also appeals to the younger and older generation of my target audience.“Glee” – Glee is probably one of the best TV programmes to use for an advert slot. The target audience is PG however I feel that because this is such a popular programme a lot of people will see the trailer and want to watch the up coming film. Also Glee’s story lines are what draws women in, therefore a lot of women of all ages will be watch, this will encourage them to see the new film as it is of similar genre. “90210” –90210 has a certificate of 12. This means that it has the same target audience as the up coming film. In addition the cast and storylines attract women into watch this which will bring my target audience together and they will see the Trailer on the advert break and be persuaded to watch the film.
  4. 4. PostersThere are many different ways in which to help market a film, Posters are one of the most effective ways. I think that billboards will be the most effective way of displaying these posters. Billboards are huge and more than likely a lot of people take interest in what is displayed on them. These billboards will be placed in busy city centres all over America to gain the most publicity, also one or two in London so that the UK can hear about the film.I will also post a large amount of posters in the subways around New York. Almost 6.5 million people use New York’s subway system every day. It is one of the ten busiest systems in the whole world. The subway system encompasses about 230 miles of routes and has about 470 passenger stations. Therefore a lot of people tend to look at posters whilst waiting for a tube or train, this will help gain an audience. Also Posters will be place in a lot of the metro stations around America.A billboard that was created for the film ‘Marley And Me’ Helped out the gross income for the film due to the amount of people seeing the poster.According to The Arbitron Outdoor Study (2005), people spending more time driving in our cars and walking in our cities than ever before. Therefore in greater numbers and for longer periods, America is exposed to outdoor advertisements.Most, if not all films generally use posters as part of their marketing campaign. Films such as, Marley and Me, He’s Just Not That Into You and also The Break-up all used posters around America to promote the films. As a result of this all three movies came in with a very high Box office rating:The Break- up - Gross: $118,683,135 (USA) (3 September 2006)Marley And Me - Gross: $244,082,376 (Worldwide) (3 May 2009)He’s Just Not that Into You - Gross: $165,033,701 (Worldwide) (13 May 2009)
  5. 5. Viral CampaignViral Campaigns are an ideal way of getting marketing a product. Due to the rise in people using social networks and the internet in general, viral campaigns are most likely to be seen by millions of people each day. WORLD INTERNET USAGE AND POPULATION STATISTICS December 31, 2011 Internet Population Internet Users Penetration Growth Users % World Regions Users ( 2011 Est.) Latest Data (% Population) 2000-2011 of Table Dec. 31, 2000 Africa 1,037,524,058 4,514,400 139,875,242 13.5 % 2,988.4 % 6.2 % Asia 3,879,740,877 114,304,000 1,016,799,076 26.2 % 789.6 % 44.8 % Europe 816,426,346 105,096,093 500,723,686 61.3 % 376.4 % 22.1 % Middle East 216,258,843 3,284,800 77,020,995 35.6 % 2,244.8 % 3.4 % North America 347,394,870 108,096,800 273,067,546 78.6 % 152.6 % 12.0 % Latin America / Carib. 597,283,165 18,068,919 235,819,740 39.5 % 1,205.1 % 10.4 % Oceania / Australia 35,426,995 7,620,480 23,927,457 67.5 % 214.0 % 1.1 % WORLD TOTAL 6,930,055,154 360,985,492 2,267,233,742 32.7 % 528.1 % 100.0 %The internet is available to most people around the world. Also millions of people at every age are using social networking sites which means, guaranteed, a high percentage of my target audience would see the viral campaign. There are endless ways to advertise on the internet and these ways will always be seen by someone. I will create a website for the films which allows people to voice their opinion on the film, see trailers and posters for the film and also see any interviews with cast and crew members that they might find interesting. This website can be accessed by clicking on an interactive poster that will be advertised on many different websites. Due to the website being interactive it will be easy for anyone in the age range of my target audience to find the website easy and accessible. Included in the website will be the release dates and cinema listings for the film in both America and the UK, however the website will be available to America before the UK, due to the film being released there much before being released in the UK.
  6. 6. Due to the large amount of interactive campaigns that can be posted virally, it is the best and most eye catching way to advertise and create a marketing campaign for a film.Other films such as; Marley and Me, He’s Just Not That Into You and The Break-up were all virally advertised. Trailers for the films were posted on site such as YouTube. YouTube generates around 3 billion hits a day, this will be extremely good for a viral campaign as there will be millions on people seeing the trailer on YouTube if it is advertised properly. With most of my target audience being women and all being old enough to go on the internet, Viral campaigns are more likely to be seen. If women are checking movies trailers for other chick flicks on YouTube they are most likely to see the trailer for the new film on the ‘Related videos’ section.I think another good way to advertise this film is to make it able to download from ITunes. The film Marley And Me, through this way of advertising and many other ways, this film was able to get a gross profit of $244,082,376 world wide.
  7. 7. MerchandisingMerchandising is a very successful way of promoting a film. Because the target audience for my film is 15-60 most of the younger generation for my target audience will be interested in buying merchandise from the film. This film is very hard to create merchandise for however.The best way to market the film would be through t-shirts and also Cards and Crafts. A survey I did showed that these to methods of merchandising were the most popular, people would most likely buy these kinds of merchandise over any other.