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  1. 1. EvaluationFor my graphic narrative unit I had to plan, design and create a short comic that was 5 pages or morein length.During the planning of my comic I didn’t originally come up with a final ending to my narrative,therefore I chose to make my comic open so that I could keep adding to the story and it wouldn’tmatter as it doesn’t have an ending. Writing a collection of comics for my narrative would not beideal as the story isn’t long enough, therefore my comic is single stranded.It is also linear because it is continuous and is read horizontally across instead of any other way.My narrative is an anti-realist comic; this is because it is purely based on the supernatural world andmostly the devil therefore making it a fictional narrative. Throughout my comic there are manydifferent conflicts that the characters go through. At the beginning of the comic A child’s parentsbrutally murder her, or so they think they did. Other conflicts in the comic include, the little girlkilling many different people and also one of the female main characters dying. The main conflict inthe comic is where the main character tries to stop the little girl from killing many innocent people inthe underworld.There’s a very big climax nearing the finish of the comic where no one knows if they main characteris going to be killed or not, also the climax at the beginning of the narrative where the little girl’sparents are trying to murder her.Throughout my comic there is a very gloomy tone, there are no scenes of happiness or excitementdue to the nature of the narrative. The tone is mostly dark and sinister. I chose to not colour mycomic, I thought that by colouring it I would ruin the effect of gloominess that I was trying to create.However after finishing my comic I realise that I could have potentially coloured it and made it a lotbetter looking than it is, by using dark and gloomy colours. An important part of my comic wasmaking sure it had captions. I felt that my comic needed captions so that people would be able tounderstand what was going on and what each person was saying, regardless of how much was beingsaid.In my comic, I had a big issue of deciding whether the ‘devil child’ should be male or female. Afterthinking it through I decided to make the child female. I thought that by making the child female thatit would make the comic much more surprising for the readers as the child seems quite sweet andinnocent looking.At the planning stages of my comic I realised I may have an issue with people who are religious. Asmy comic has a lot to do with the devil and Satanism I felt that I should tone the narrative down sothat it didn’t offend too many people, as I was going to have a lot of reference to how religion isn’timportant and shouldn’t exist. Also I feel like people would have a problem with my comic becausethe way it is written makes it seem like is supports Satanism in some way. I tried to not make mycomic to offensive to people of other religions and also people who don’t believe in Satan, thereforeI had to cut out many bits of my original story in order to do this.The production process for my comic was quite lengthy, however whilst going through this process Ifelt that it went reasonably well. I first thought of three different ideas for my comic, which I had notrouble coming up with. After coming up with these ideas I then asked some people which one theythought was best, I wasn’t surprised at the outcome and was quite pleased at the one people had
  2. 2. chosen.I found storyboarding quite difficult as I had to actually think of what kind of backgrounds I wantedand how I wanted the characters to look like. Also I find drawing very difficult therefore I chose todraw stick people for my storyboards so that I could show the potential and it didn’t have to be amaster piece.I managed my time quite well I think, I spent around the same time planning and designing my comicas actually drawing and making it which worked out pretty well for me as I was able to get it finishedby the deadline. Also when I was planning my comic I made sure that I listened to the feedback thatI received from my peers and my teacher so that I was able to make my comic to reasonablestandard. I only completed some rough drafts of the comic so I was able to get feedback on those.