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  1. 1. EvaluationFor my extended project I chose to create a study into the sociological characteristics and motivations behindbody art. This was a very challenging project to completeas I had carry out a lot of extensive research toprepare and complete theproject.Now I have completedmy project I feel that I did an exceptional job on achieving what I set out to. Afterresearching about each chapter of my project I felt more and more confident that I understood themotivations, relevance and also symbolic meanings of body art in many different cultures and societies.Because I understood the research that I found I was able to then put it into my own words and concentrateon the different chapters in detail. I was able to write about understanding addictions and motivations behindtattoos, understanding the relevance of bodyart within tribes and also understand the symbolic messages ofbody art in gang cultures.I think throughout the different stages of the project I performed well. However there were a few things that Istruggled with when writing my dissertation. During the research stages I was able to find information on eachof my chapters easily, at the beginning though I struggled with what to research having not thought of titlesfor my chapters. After I realised how in depth I wanted my research to be I was then able to easily findwebsites and books that I could research from. Also books were very difficult to find, The library at my collegedidn’t have very good books with factual information on body art, therefore I had to search the internet to findbooks that I could use. Lastly I found it difficult to put an argument together, I found myself just writing aboutfacts and statistics rather than creating an argument either for or against body art in different cultures.During the writing of the dissertation, I often confused myself as after saving the essay I found myself writingthe same things I already had said previously.In addition I found that if I had of researched gang culture tattoos and tribal body art first, then I would havehad better questions to ask and answer in the perceptions of tattoos part of my dissertation, this could havepotentially made everything a lot easier.Furthermore, having completed this project I have had time to think about what kinds of things I would dodifferently. Firstly I would do much more research in the time I allocated myself to complete the research, Ihad to do some extra research due to running out of aspects of each chapter to write about, which then gaveme less time to complete the dissertation itself. Also I would have referenced my dissertation as I wrote it. Byreferencing everything at the end I had to go back and find where and when I found each piece of information.This then gave me less time to work on my presentation. Another aspect I would do differently would be towrite and finish each chapter before I started the next. I found myself going back and adding things to eachchapter which slightly confused me at some points, as I didn’t know which part I was working on and whichpart I had actually finished.After finishing this project I have learnt many things about writing a dissertation. Firstly I have learnt that ittakes a lot of time and research to create one, researching is probably the most important part. Also primaryresearch is a very important part, as I need evidence of my own to back up my findings throughout.In addition working out how to structure a dissertation has been very useful to me. Having to structure itmeans that I am able to put extensive research into my own words and sum up everything I have learnt, whichwill be useful for me in university due to the fact I will probably be researching and writing essays on a regularbasis. Furthermore I have also learnt that researching isn’t just about picking random bits of information froma website or book. Researching should take up The most amount of time, and it should be extensive so that I
  2. 2. am able to get the right information that I need. Also I have learnt that researching from books is a lot morereliable than researching from the internet. A lot of websites on the internet tend to have the wronginformation or the information could just be a Persons opinion, therefore it is also important to check howreliable the sources are.