Lab safety


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Here is my powerpoint....Hope you all enjoy

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Lab safety

  1. 1. By: Brittany Tyminski
  2. 2.  Protocol for lab accident What NOT to wear in the lab How one should act when in a lab Housekeeping Safety/Warning Labels Safety Information Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Conclusion
  3. 3.  There are three main factors when reporting an incident or injury: first response: treating the injured person recording details of the incident (who, where, when, treatment) notifying the higher up person whether it be a boss, teacher etc...and allowing them to take care of the situation and decide what is going to happen next in the process
  4. 4.  Loose clothing Dangling jewelry Open toed shoes Hair down
  5. 5.  Be respectful of everyone Be respectful of the equipment Don’t fool around Don’t play with laboratory equipment Be extremely careful with sharps in the lab Be extremely careful when handling lab equipment Do NOT run in the lab
  6. 6.  Keep everything neat in the lab Clean the lab space thoroughly at the end of each lab session Dispose of objects in the proper places  Ex: sharps in the sharps container
  7. 7.  Each of the labels on the previous slide are used for various reasons in a lab. The labels are used to warn an individual of the potential safety hazard associated with the object.
  8. 8.  Each of the six labels on the previous slide correspond to the labels that would be located at the various locations in the lab. These labels will help an individual to locate a safety feature in the lab easier than if there was no helpful labels near the safety objects.
  9. 9.  The PPE equipment on the previous slide is some of the basic protective equipment that should be worn in the laboratory on a daily basis when using the lab. Four main PPE pieces that should be worn most of the time in a lab are the following: Safety goggles, lab coat, mask, and gloves.
  10. 10.  PPE includes body protection. The need for the different types of PPE is dependent upon the type of operations and the nature and quantity of the materials in use, and must be assessed on a case by case basis. Workers who rely on PPE must understand the function of, proper use, and limitations of the PPE being used.
  11. 11.  Lab safety is essential when using a laboratory Disposing of certain objects properly is extremely important Respecting others and the lab equipment are two very important factors for practicing lab safety
  12. 12. 1. Why is it so important to practice good safety in the laboratory?2. What is the first thing that should happen if an accident happens while in the lab?3. T/F. Wearing clogs in the laboratory is acceptable? Why/Why Not?4. Why is proper PPE important in the lab?5. What do you feel is the single most important thing about laboratory safety to remember?
  13. 13.  Signs.aspx _equipment.html ml waste.cfm Clothing-Hair-Sign/SAF-SKU-S-2651.aspx 229755368933181184
  14. 14.  7107.pdf manual/sec6c.htm
  15. 15.  Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoyed my power point! I wish you all the best in your future!