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Pets 2014


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IEARN project 2014

Published in: Education
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Pets 2014

  1. 1. IeARN 2014 Pets
  2. 2. Having a pet at home is very cool! But the animals in the house have their own pros and cons.
  3. 3. GOOD THINGS (UKRAINE) [+] Pets act on the human condition [+] When an animal is living with a man for a long time it even becoming like him [+] Pet care produces independence [+] Animals are protected from the weather in the homes of their owners [+] Animals are not in danger. [+] Animals do not die of hunger [+] You can learn more interesting about your small friend
  4. 4. BAD THINGS (UKRAINE) However, there are some bad things about it, too. [-] Wool throughout the apartment (if you have a dog or cat) [-] Property damage [-] Pet's life is very short [-] To feed an animal needs a lot of money [-] Animals can never go back to the wild [-] You can catch allergies.
  5. 5. GOOD THINGS (PAKISTAN) [+] A pet will make you laugh [+] Pets are very intelligence [+] Pets look after themselves [+] You can talk with your pet (for example, with parrot) [+] You can educate your pet [+] You can spend a lot of time with your pet
  6. 6. BAD THINGS (PAKISTAN) [-] You can get bitten by your pet [-] Pets are very noisy [-] Sometimes, pets are making a mess [-] A lot of broken things
  7. 7. GOOD THINGS (SLOVENIA) [+] Pets can be your best friends [+] Pets love children [+] Pets can play with children [+] Pets understand what people say to them
  8. 8. BAD THINGS (SLOVENIA) [-] When your pets become older, they can’t play with you and family [-] Some pets can be very hairy [-] Pets can easily harm themselves
  9. 9. GOOD THINGS (TAIWAN) [+] Having animals as pets can accompany us and we won't be bored. [+]Having animals as pets can let us understand the importance of life.
  10. 10. BAD THINGS (TAIWAN) [-] Pets should live in their native habitat
  11. 11. GOOD THINGS (USA) [+] Pets are good company, they show responsibility, they can make you happy when you’re sad, and you can play with them
  12. 12. BAD THINGS (USA) [-] You have to clean up after your pet [-] Pets can tear up your carpet or furniture and chew up your stuff
  13. 13. PHOTOS (UKRAINE)
  15. 15. PHOTOS (TAIWAN)
  16. 16. PHOTOS (USA)
  17. 17. PHOTOS (JORDAN)
  18. 18. IS IT CRUEL TO KEEP ANIMALS AS PETS? - Yes (15%) - No (55%) - Not sure (30%)
  19. 19. Made by Oleksiy Teterya, Sofia Nosyhina, Zhenya Chaly, Dasha Vernigora, Nastia Ratkivska, Masha Kosmidailo, Daniel Netrevosko Thank you for watching