Jobs in kyiv


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Jobs in kyiv

  1. 1. For Constanta project
  2. 2. The oldest jobs are: husbandry; carpenter; baker; seamstress; potter; farmer; builder; doctor; smith.
  3. 3. We think the most modern jobs in my city are: designer, model, IT specialist, manager, rapper, sportsman.
  4. 4.  We think that people sell different things.  Doctors, Businessmen, Accountants, Lawyers, Teachers.
  5. 5.  The hardest job are miners and doctors, fire fighters, austronauts, steal melters,  easiest are some janitors, tasters  best-paid are dentists and politicians, auditors, judges.  worst-paid are cleaners and technical staff,  the most interesting are archeologists and surgeons some scientists.
  6. 6.  -What is/are the oldest job(s)? -I think it's a baker  -What is/are the most modern job(s) in the region where you live? -The most modern job is a web designer  -What do most people do for a living in your city? -The people do the industry development  -What are the hardest/easiest/best-paid/worst-paid/most interesting, etc., jobs in your area? -The hardest job is a miner.  the easiest job it's a security guard,  the best-paid job is a programmer,  the worst-paid job is a cleaner  And I think the most interesting jobs are an archeologist and a scientist.
  7. 7.  a footballer;  a psychologist;  a lawyer;  a journalist;  a doctor;  an ecologist;
  8. 8.  1) Housewife  2) Entepreneur  3) Banker,doctor