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Create your own blog or website with


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Workshop slides on creating a blog or website with

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Create your own blog or website with

  1. 1. http://bryonytaylor.comBuild your own website orblog using wordpress.comCranmer Hall/Wesley StudyCentreMay 2013
  2. 2. http://bryonytaylor.comWhat’s a blog?Contractionof web-log– it’s like anonlinejournalMydefinition:a placeonlinewhere youcan putstuff!
  3. 3. http://bryonytaylor.comWhy blog?You could have all sorts of reasons to blog: forCPD, to have a resource to return to, to share whatyou’re learning with others, for fun, to shareexpertise, to keep in touch with friends & family, for
  4. 4. http://bryonytaylor.comCreate your blog – step 1• Think of a name (this will be the url &your username• Think of a title (you can change the titlelater)• Visit and sign up• Click on confirmation email to complete
  5. 5. http://bryonytaylor.comCreate your blog – step 2Familiarise yourself with the ‘dashboard’, save yourusername and password somewhere
  6. 6. http://bryonytaylor.comCreate your blog – step 3Go to ‘Appearance’ first to get your site looking howyou want it.
  7. 7. http://bryonytaylor.comCreate your blog – step 4Choose a theme – this is how your site will look.Experiment with different looks. You can changeyour theme at any time.
  8. 8. http://bryonytaylor.comCreate your blog – step 5Add a header picture if you wish. Go to ‘Header’ tochange the header image.
  9. 9. http://bryonytaylor.comCreate your blog – step 6Choose your ‘widgets’. ‘Drag’ which widgets youwant to appear in your sidebar. Keep checking yoursite to see how they look until you’re happy.Dashboard viewLooks like this on blog
  10. 10. http://bryonytaylor.comCreate your blog – step 7Create a custom menu – can add external links
  11. 11. http://bryonytaylor.comCreate your blog – step 8Add pages (you can add content to your pages later).You may wish to edit the dummy ‘about’ page sothat your visitors know what they’re looking at.
  12. 12. http://bryonytaylor.comCreate your blog – step 9Choose whether you want your home page to be‘static’ (ie. Stays the same) or for it to show yourlatest blog post.If you want to have a static home page(rather than your most recent blog postappearing on the home page) follow thesesteps:Create a new blank page and call it‘Blog’, save itGo to ‘Settings’ and ‘Reading’. Choose whichpage you want as the ‘static’ page andchoose ‘blog’ for where your blog posts willgo – don’t forget to save!
  13. 13. http://bryonytaylor.comCreate your blog – step 10Connect your social media accounts.Link your social media profiles to your blog –this means whenever you publish a new blogpost it will automatically go to twitter,facebook, linkedin etc.Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Sharing’.Click on the relevant links on ‘Publicize’ tolink your accounts.
  14. 14. http://bryonytaylor.comCreate your blog – step 11Add sharing buttons so people can share yourcontent on social networks. Go to ‘Settings’ and‘Sharing’ and drag and drop the services you want.
  15. 15. http://bryonytaylor.comCreate your blog – step 12Write your first blog post – edit the dummy postcreated for you called ‘Hello World’.Work out how to add a link, image and video andedit the text. It works much like Word.
  16. 16. http://bryonytaylor.comCreate your blog – step 13Add tags and categories to your post. Decide whenyou want the post to publish and schedule.
  17. 17.• Always include animage in your post(ensure it is royaltyfree - & for freeimages)• Connect to Twitterand Facebook to getmore hits• Always reply tocomments (unlessobviously spam)Some quick tips on blogging• Split long posts upinto separate posts –max length 500 words• A blog post could justbe an image or video –it needn’t be long!• Read other blogs forinspiration andrespond• Post regularly• Be topical• Have fun!
  18. 18. http://bryonytaylor.comMy 3 golden rules:Don’t be afraid!Go for it, don’t be timid, you justhave to give it a try.Don’t be stupid!Don’t write anything you’d beembarrassed for a loved one or yourboss to read!Be yourself!Be authentic, people can spot a fake.
  19. 19. http://bryonytaylor.comThanks. Keep in touch! http://bryonytaylor.comI’m @vahva on Twitter bryony.taylor@gmail.com & http://seedresources.comfor extra help and resources