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Skills dev'


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Skills dev'

  1. 1. If you go to view, down to show and select grid, a grid will appear over your background.The purpose of the gridallows you to put yourwork on your page, andmake sure it is straight.Because it is notprofessional to havewriting and pictures not
  2. 2. I found a font of text that I wanted of ‘’ And pasted it Into my photo- shop document. I then found an Image of a Splash In wa- ter and placed this on my document also.I placed my image behind the writing thatI have chosen and made sure that thelayer of the splash image was behind thewriting.
  3. 3. By making the colour of thewriting green it is a brightercolour and is easydistinguishable in comparisonto the colour in thebackground of the writing.When I select colour range Iam able to take a sample ofthe green and select thewriting that is green.
  4. 4. After the words areselecting, they willappear to have‘marching ant’s aroundthem, which areflashing lines to let youknow that it ishighlighted. After this,put the splash imageover the writing andwhen you copy andpaste, the image willhave copied the splashinto the shape of thewriting.
  5. 5. I have to put a barcode in thebottom right hand corner to makethe magazine look more professionaland I have chosen a backgroundcolour that contrasts strongly withthe colour of the masthead and I’vealso made it this colour as it will suitthe theme of the magazine nicely asit is aimed towards young girls intopop and boy groups.
  6. 6. I have placed the imageof the boy group overthe front cover. Theyare individual images ofeach member in thegroup and I have placedthem over each other tomake the most of theroom I have available onmy front page.
  7. 7. I have added coverlines onto thefront cover toinform the readerof what isfeatured in themagazine. Theyhave been put inbright colour thatwill go nicely withthe house styleand are bright andnoticeable.
  8. 8. I have added a banner at the bottom of the page which will make it easier to read the extra cover stories featured. Normally the most exciting headlines would be in a box like this at the bottom of the page.I have also added a price at thetop of the page. This makes itlook more professional as anynormal magazine would beexpected to have a price on thecover.
  9. 9. It is important that allthe lines of the storesand pictures are in lineand not in differentsections as this makes amagazine look lessprofessional so if you gointo view at the top ofthe options bar ofphotoshop and clickextras, a grid will appearwhich will make it easyfor you to line yourimages and text up.
  10. 10. Once an appropriate colouris selected for my contentspage I can then start toadd images onto it. But, itis important that the colourscheme stay as relevant aspossible on your contents toyour front cover. This iswhy I chose a bright blue. Ithen began to addappropriate image to mycontents page, these wouldhave to be images thatwould relate to the storiesthat will be featuredthroughout the magazine.
  11. 11. It is often a nightmare when you decide what images you want together as a group, but when you want to slightly move them, they all move apart from each other. It is easy to fix this so that the images are bound together so they move together and can still be separated if you change your mind later.This can be done by holding control and selecting each piece youwant to link. Then by right clicking your mouse and selecting ‘linklayers’, these images are now bound together to move around as onelayer.
  12. 12. I have added bars onto the page to separate the images and the separate information. This will also give the page a sense of a structured layout and look more professional.I have also added the title‘contents’ so that it is easyto see what page it is andwhat purpose It serves.