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ZynxOrder at the 2016 Cerner Middle East Regional User Group

A short presentation by Mr Grant Goodman, Clinical Transformation Lead at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), on the benefits of integrating evidence-based order sets from ZynxOrder into Cerner Millennium.

HMC is the main provider of secondary and tertiary healthcare in Qatar and one of the leading hospital providers in the Middle East. In this presentation HMC describe why they chose ZynxOrder and how evidence-based order sets support their clinical transformation journey, helping to drive CPOE adoption and improve clinical outcomes.

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ZynxOrder at the 2016 Cerner Middle East Regional User Group

  1. 1. Hamad Medical Corporation Implementing Evidence-Based Order Sets to Drive CPOE Adoption and Improve Clinical Outcomes
  2. 2. Agenda Addressing IT Challenges The Zynx Solution Addressing Clinical Challenges Introduction to Hamad Medical Corporation Overview of Order Sets
  3. 3. HMC Introduction Grant Goodman Clinical Transformation Lead, HMC (May 2013 – May 2016)
  4. 4. Hamad Medical Corporation Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC): • The main provider of secondary and tertiary healthcare in Qatar. • Manages 8 hospitals • 5 specialist hospitals • 3 community hospitals • National Ambulance Service • Home care and residential care. The first healthcare system across the globe to have all its hospitals accredited by Joint Commission International under the Academic Medical Center accreditation program.
  5. 5. Order Sets Overview
  6. 6. Why Order Sets? Order Sets help to reduce unwarranted variation by ensuring all clinicians treat patients with the same clinical condition in a similar way according to Evidence-Based Best Practice • Avoids duplication of tests • Prevents over-ordering of drugs • Ensures appropriate interventions are prescribed first time Definition: noun | or·der·set | ˈȯr-dər-,ˈset 1. A list of evidence-based and/or practice-based actions for a specific disease, condition, problem or procedure carried out at specific points during patient care journey 2. Care protocol or bundle 3. Cerner PowerPlan
  7. 7. Electronic Evidence-Based Order Sets Effectiveness of Evidence-based Pneumonia CPOE Order Sets Measured by Health Outcomes Jacob Krive, Joel S. Shoolin, Steven D. Zink Online Journal of Public Health Informatics 2015 DOI: 10.5210/ojphi.v7i2.5527 Evidence-based ordering practices improved pneumonia outcomes: • Reduced Mortality • Reduced Readmissions • Reduced Length of Stay • Reduced Cost of Care
  8. 8. Zynx Health Order Set in Cerner
  9. 9. HMC Clinical Challenges
  10. 10. Clinical Challenges Producing Safe and Optimal Care
  11. 11. Our learnings Clinical Learnings More education on philosophy of evidence based order sets Proactive engagement with Physicians with rapid changes to order sets as required Review process leads to more robust order sets Our challenges Physicians pushed to include non evidence based orders into the order sets On implementation Physicians then complained that there were to many order components Review after some time saw closer alignment with evidence base with less order components Clinical engagement is paramount
  12. 12. HMC IT Challenges
  13. 13. HMC’s Transformation Journey HIMSS EMR Adoption Model
  14. 14. IT Challenges CPOE functionality enhanced by Zynx Order Sets Why use Zynx Order Sets? Zynx delivers a library of 500+ evidence-based templates Flexible SaaS-based solution, deployed quickly & securely Content management tools to support consensus building
  15. 15. The Project so far… Things we have done well: Zynx Order Sets and Care Plans integrated within Cerner across 8 hospitals and 22 clinics: • Rapid implementation capability: 240 Order Sets in 1 year • Results achieved through local expertise with on-site support from Zynx Health • Onsite multidisciplinary workshops to localise order set content • Clinical leadership / teamwork.
  16. 16. The Project so far… Opportunities for improvement: Driving end-user adoption of the new order sets: • Focused Change Management. • Consider using Favourites Folders for Order Sets NOT Order Sentences. • Training and communications. • Periodic review of Order Set content to ensure alignment with the evidence base. • Publish usage and outcomes (share benefits realisation).
  17. 17. ZynxOrder The Solution
  18. 18. What is the Zynx Solution? Continuous evidence surveillance of national guidelines, clinical research, and quality measures. Evidence search Appraise/Synthesise Publish Performance measures and high- impact interventions Evidence links in Cerner PowerPlans automatically direct to updated evidence summaries. Zynx has a team of clinicians that systematically search the latest guidelines Evidence is critically appraised and then classified/organized The evidence-based content is then published electronically
  19. 19. Why did HMC select Zynx? 19 KEY DIFFERENTIATORS Local Expertise & Proven Track Record • 13 hospitals & 62 clinics in the UAE • Over 1,600 hospitals in North America • Clinical experts based in Dubai High-level Support • On-site programme management and clinical engagement • Localization workshops Seamless Cerner Bi-directional Integration • Deployed by 130+ Cerner health systems • Originally a Cerner solution • SAAS solution, easy to deploy Best in “KLAS” Tooling • Solution specifically built to focus on improving outcomes • Intuitive Content Management tools to support collaboration and consensus building ZynxOrder & ZynxCare: #1 Order Set & Care Plan 2015/2016 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services
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